One for All turns your iPad into a giant universal TV remote with Nevo

One for All, known for a range of universal TV remotes has expanded its range to now include the iPad with the Nevo WiFi bridge and accompanying application. Also compatible with Android tablets, the Nevo gives you the biggest universal remote you could probably want in your home.

The WiFi bridge element is placed somewhere in the same room as your TV – or other compatible home entertainment equipment – and receives the signal from your iPad and then turns it into a friendlier Infra Red signal. If you're using a compatible set-top box or TV you also get an interactive programming guide. Two weeks of information can be stored here complete with photos and cast information.

The Nevo costs £59 with a free download for the app, and is available from a variety of retailers. Is an iPad sized TV remote something for you?

Source: One for All

Richard Devine

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goodevening says:

I don't think it would be a bad thing considering I am usually watching tv while I am using my iPad.

acondax says:

I have dedicated apps to control my Panasonic TV and WD Live media player. The thing is that none of those apps are able to power the devices ON. I wonder if this universal remote app can handle that. Otherwise, needing my remote controls to turn on the devices defeated the purpose in my opinion.

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Becjr says:

This looks like a poorly designed GUI. I don't feel like it would give me any advantage over just picking up my TV remote.

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zdn1042 says:

A bit too pricey for me for just a TV remote. Sure, looking at the program guide on your iPad seems pretty neat but I usually have some food while watching. A greasy remote, I can live with it, but a greasy iPad is a big no-no.

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CORYK333 says:

Healthier foods are another option.......... ;)

zdn1042 says:

Or I just stick with the greasy remote... Thank you for your suggestion, though.

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Antoine Mompremier says:

watch on remote control on the galaxy devices is the best, you can turn on the tv and let you know what's going on your TV and you don't need Internet for that, IR blaster built with the device is great

steel713 says:

That is cool. Nevo has a great app on its hands. Will it be a big hit here in the US? You can use your iPad for everything else might as well use it for a big ass remote.

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cdpinker says:

Good to see another entry into this category but I'm on the fence about this particular one. Just placing physical buttons onto a screen is the bare minimum of implementations, and lacks any kind of creative thought or acknowledgement of the new type of input device being used. If you compare to something like the iOS Remote app for Apple TV, the Sky iOS app, or Rowmote Pro, you'll see modern UIs with gesture controls that feel far more native to mobile devices. With them, you don't have to stare at the interface to see what button you are pressing.

This will appeal to people who shop in Currys and Dixons, and is probably who it is marketed at.

asuperstarr says:

This is cool. But my cable app does the same thing. Thanks for the review!

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Donna Green-Wiedeman says:

i already have various remotes on my iPhone. which is such a great idea. Im never without my remote. my husband wants to hog the remote ? oh well ill use my phone. lol

BeyondtheTech says:

If Apple will allow different things to launch from the lock screen, even when the device is locked, I can see using apps like these on the fly to replace the regular remote. Otherwise, it's one too many steps in to get at it.

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Rick Carter says:

Does this work with the IPad Air (since it has a different connection....lightening)?