US online iPad orders now shipping in 3-4 weeks, in-store supplies low

US online iPad orders now shipping in 3-4 weeks, in-store supplies low

After shipping almost immediately, then in a matter of days, then a week, Apple has again update their [iPad 2](] ordering page -- this time to 3-4 weeks. Many of you have told us that iPad 2 was selling out at Apple stores and other retailers yesterday as well. Sounds like supplies really might have been constrained again this year.

With international rollout set to begin on March 25 -- unless Apple delays it like last year -- does that mean American's who want their iPad 2s sooner rather than later might drive to Canada or fly out to the UK or Australia? Oh, the irony...

Are you still trying to get an iPad 2? Let us know where you are and if they have stock!

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US online iPad orders now shipping in 3-4 weeks, in-store supplies low


Flash memory is expected to see shortages in a week or two due to the earthquake, might push release dates even further back.

Went to San Francisco's Stonestown Apple Store this morning and was told they are out of stock and will not receive another shipment until mid-morning on Monday, 3/14.

At 8:00pm last night the Seattle apple store said they only had Verizon wifi/3Gs in stock. Existing AT&T customers seem to be just wanting to add on to their data plans.

I ordered mine at 1:04am yesterday (16GB wifi black) and have received my shipping notice for delivery on March 17th. Woo hoo!

Nothing available in South Florida at all. Walmart and Target stores received 6 units per store. That was it. Best Buy was sold out in 20 minutes with low stock as well. I should have ordered mine online, but thought I would luck out. Now it's 3-5 weeks "processing" time. I'm not waiting 3-5 weeks. I think Apple should have planned this a bit better.

Um, actually, it would be assumed that yes, you are. Unless you turn up as one of the first few in line on a day they get a new shipment, there is nothing you could possibly do to avoid a several week wait, no matter how entitled you feel. This is to be expected with an Apple product release by now anyway.

First Colony Mall had only wi-fi iPads available. However I have to admit that my i4 retina display has spoiled me and I couldn't believe how pixilated the iPad looked to me. I'll regrettably pass.

I'm in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The Apple store at Deer Park sold out in about 22 minutes. I was about 30 people away from the "end of the line". Unfortunately, I have about $450 in apple gift cards, so Target, Best Buy, and Wal are not options for me.

Glad I got my order placed when it was just 3-5 days. Demand definitely outstripping supply in the near term.

I ordered mine yesterday at about 7:30 am and got a ship date of 4/1... Just as a piece of personal research, I went this afternoon to 2 Wal-Marts. 2-Targets. 1 Best-Buy, 1 AT&T store and finally to the Apple store here in SOUTH Southern Orange county (CA).. between noon and 1:30 pm pacific time... NOTHING...ALL GONE...NADA... And some VERY irritated folks everywhere...

For those of you who are lucky enough to have Micro Centers in their area, the one in Chicago had stock this afternoon. 32GB Wifi in White and 16 GB AT&T version. Most people didn't know they had them...

Here in Fort Worth, they sold out in line at the Best buy. Talked to a few buddies and they said the same all around DFW

Can't find any in New Jersey. Oh well... Most stores said they expect more on Monday, but I'll believe it when I see it.

So jealous I was at the mall over here in Buffalo and this guy in the food court had one. I was tempted to ask him to play with it for a minute or two. I'm upset I don't have money. But when I do get some, that iPad 2 (3G 64GB) will be all mines!

I'm glad I went early. I was the first person the get one at my Best Buy.
Posted from my iPad 2. :P

I placed my order on, Order Date: Mar 12, 2011 at 11:20 AM PDT. I talked to an Apple Customer Service Rep, and she told me that my order will be shipped on April 11, 2011 and i will receive it April 14, 2011..The count down starts.

I ordered the day of launch (online @ Apple) and will not receive it until April 6th. This was after I was told it would take 3-5 days from an Apple rep. shrug