Pad & Quill announces Aria case for iPad mini

Pad & Quill announces Aria case for iPad mini

Pad & Quill, purveyors of fine, old world cases for latest, high-tech Apple gear, have announced their newest addition, the Aria case for the iPad mini. Here's what Brian Holmes of Pad & Quill told us about Aria:

The Aria is constructed with American Top Grain leather, robust stitiching, hand finished wood and our signature 'bookmark' The spine wrap cleverly disguises a crease that allows the case to prop in multiple angels!

Unlike the original P&Q series, where moleskin made for hipster chic, the Aria, like their other recent leather-ware, has an older-world vibe, like the tomes found in limited edition bookshops or wizard's towers.

To see more photos, color options, and details, and to grab one of your very own, hit the link below.

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Pad & Quill announces Aria case for iPad mini