Pad & Quill iPhone and iPad cases: Labor Day giveaway!

Pad & Quill make some of the finest hand-crafted cases ever to grace the iPhone and iPad and just to put the perfect topped on the Labor Day weekend, they want to give some away to our fantastic iMore readers.

If you love the moleskin look, if you like nothing better than to swathe your metal and glass in wood and leather, if you absolute love it when the most advanced computing platforms on the planet are beautifully balanced with the very best of out-world binding, then you'll love Pad & Quill

Here's how to enter:

  1. Go to Pad & Quill's iPhone page or Pad & Quill's iPad page.
  2. Look at the list of cases for your device.
  3. Copy the URL (link) for the specific case you like best.
  4. Paste the URL (link) in the comments below.
  5. Tell us what made you pick it!

And that's it! We'll pick four (4) winners and Pad & Quill will send the winners the case they picked!

Giveaway starts now. Winners will be announced Monday, September 10, 2012. Good luck and get entering!

Courtesy: Pad & Quill

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Reader comments

Pad & Quill iPhone and iPad cases: Labor Day giveaway!



Oh boy where do I start.
1. I love the book look, I've compared this to so many different brands and this product just looks awesome and is designed so well (not to mention one of the only ones made in the USA)
2. I love the true leather look on the outside and the unique colors on the inside (blue being my favorite)
3. The wood cutout just looks like it was made from great quality wood and fits the iPad better than any of the other brands
4. The sound Channel is such a simple idea but truly brilliant, I've been finding different ways to make that effect with my iPad since no other case has that
5. The magnetic on/off features really shows how PQ tries to fully utilize all the features on the iPad, the only other case that I found that uses that feature is the Apple Smart cover.
Overall this product looks FANTASIC and SOPHISTICATED, and is brilliantly designed. JOB WELL DONE PQ

Hello iMore world...
So did anyone actually win the case they commented about? I see that it says that they'll announce the winners but I don't see it anywhere. Can one still post for a chance to win?


Most ridiculous editor who doesn't follow up on her write up, announcement made a week after, what a joke editor? and on separate page?