Why I'm passing on the iPad 2

The iPad 2 is out and while many have figured out what iPad 2 they should buy or whether or not they should upgrade from the original iPad, I've decided to pass on the iPad 2. That's right, unlike most of our staff, I plan on sticking with my original iPad. Hit the break to hear my reasons for not jumping on the iPad 2 bandwagon.

It isn't my main device

I know a lot of users can get away with just an iPad. This simply isn't a viable solution for me. I have two devices that are vital for me. The first is my actual Mac. The iPad 2 still can't replace it. I spend a lot of time writing, uploading images, working in Creative Suite, and editing video. While I may be able to write and edit video on an iPad, I can't do a lot of the functions I do everyday. Not to mention I can whip out an article on my Mac a lot faster than I can on the iPad. It's more than usable but for lengthy pieces, an iPad just won't do.

Until the iPad can stand on its own without relying on a physical computer, it shouldn't be considered a replacement even for the modest user. Apple does claim it's an "in between" to be fair. I guess I just haven't found an "in between" use for it yet within my own ecosystem.

My second essential device is my iPhone. I depend on it to conduct business on a daily basis. It also does most of the basic functions an iPad can do. Sure the iPad is more comfortable to type on and you have the advantage of having a larger screen but it essentially runs the same software. While I may "prefer" reading news feeds and books on my iPad due to the better screen real estate, my iPhone gets the job done just as well. The difference is I could do without the iPad, but I can't do without my iPhone.

I'm not a heavy gamer

I know there are a lot of hardcore iOS gamers out there. From what I've read and seen, the iPad 2 is aimed at you. The graphics improvements and speed enhancements seem to put it over the edge when it comes to gaming. My idea of gaming is playing Tiny Wings and Angry Birds. While Infinity Blade and other games look awesome on the iPad 2, I just never really sit down to play them all the way through. Heck, I'm a huge Harry Potter freak and I've yet to even finish Lego Harry Potter. So for me, the gaming improvements aren't a huge selling point. Angry Birds works just fine on my original iPad.

Wait, my iPhone 4 already does that

Like many of you, I also own an iPhone 4. Apple has added FaceTime to the iPad 2. While that's all good and fine, my iPhone already does it. I barely use it now so I don't see this being a feature I would necessarily jump up and down over. And all the features of iOS 4.3, yeah I can have those too. I actually still find myself picking up my iPhone a lot more than I do the iPad. I really only use the iPad when I want to read lengthy content or watch a video. On our recent trip to Florida, it was definitely more enjoyable watching movies on the iPad during our flight than on a tiny 3.5" screen. But again, my original iPad plays movies just fine.

There's a jailbreak for that!

Come on, you knew I was going to say it at some point! And in this case, the one feature I would actually find useful I already have on my original iPad. That feature would be display mirroring. There's a nifty little jailbreak app called Display Out that will give the original iPad this capability. Jailbroken iPads have had this capability since just shortly after the launch of the original iPad. You don't need an iPad 2 if you're willing to jailbreak.

The original version can be had on the cheap

If the differences between the first generation iPad and the iPad 2 aren't a huge deal to you, you can pick up an original iPad at an amazing price. Not only did Apple drop the prices by $100, but tons of people are trying to off them all over the internet. Apple also has refurbs available online that are another $70 off the original price. Now we're talking almost $200 off the original price.

We had one iPad in our home for almost a year now. It's always worked out alright as both of us work opposite schedules. Plus we both have iPhone 4s. If one of us is on the iPad, the other just jumps on one of the many other devices we have floating around. We each have our own pages on it with our own folders. It's always worked out just fine but now I'm actually thinking of picking up another one. In the Chicago area, I've seen 64GB wifi models of the original IPad going for as little as $450 on sites such as Craigslist. And most are in mint condition, if not almost brand new. These are devices people paid $700+ for not even a year ago. So if the new features of the iPad 2 aren't terribly important to you, you may save quite a bit of cash picking up a lightly used original iPad from someone locally. The iPad 2 may have an edge but no one can deny that the original iPad is still a very capable device.


I guess my main point is that I really haven't found a compelling reason to upgrade to the iPad 2. A higher resolution display or a higher storage capacity may have convinced me. I already assumed we wouldn't see a resolution increase just yet. Display cost is still an issue which would make it hard for Apple to stay at the same price points. Not to mention formatting issues for already existing applications. I'm hoping for iPad 3 we will get both of these things. But until that time, I'll stick with the original.

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Allyson Kazmucha

Senior editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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Why I'm passing on the iPad 2


My sentiments exactly, Allyson, especially this one...
"The difference is I could do without the iPad, but I can’t do without my iPhone."

I could see this being very true for me when I get one. My wife and I rely heavily on our IPhones. iPad great but not required.

I'm not one to tell people how to manage their finances, but I would hope folks without disposable income would go through this process as well. No one "needs" an iPad. Of course I bought the 2nd one and still own the first. I'm trying to find something useful for the slow antiquated piece of junk. Maybe I can make an end table out of it :)

The way Apple is rocking the upgrade cycle it almost seems intended for users to skip generations. And that's definitely what I will be doing. I'm sure smart covers will still be around when I come to get an iPad 3. Or maybe 4, and they'll be even smarter!

Its thinner, lighter, and faster. Plus, the magic cases are awesome. Don't be so cheap and upgrade.

Not enough reasons to upgrade for me. The camera was the main reason for me, but after owning the iPad 2for less than an hour I returned it. Camera was awful and was the only thing that would have made the upgrade worth it.

It's always easy to say don't be cheap but you have to take into consideration that some people just don't have the income to refresh their iPhones and iPads every year.

Spot on with this article. The improvements seem to be mostly aimed at graphics. I don't really play that much games on my iPad and you probably won't notice any great improvements to apps like Flipboard and Osfoora.
And like she said, I can do without my iPad but not without my iPhone.

Not to be rude but what is the point of this article? To make al the non iPad 2 buyers feel better? Most people come here for iOS device information. This blog post seems really out of place to me.

I agree. Maybe the article should have been more about why he wasn't upgrading because of the differences between iPad1 and iPad2.
Instead it comes off showing, the well known differences between the home computer and the iPhone4 and the iPad2.

So, no post is valid unless it has a defenitely fanboysh tone? This was a fair and level headed assessment of the upgrade from iPad to iPad 2, just the kind of stuff I expect to see on a website like this. If it makes some upset, me thinks your criticism should be directed at Apple for making half-baked products to justify a yearly "revolution".

This was a great and very well timed piece. People have these questions out there and walking through the reasoning someone isn't upgrading is very important. I have yet to buy an IPad. I am preparing to take the plunge. This gave me some interesting perspective on why and why not to buy the device.

I totally agree with this article. I passed on iPad and iPad 2. Not until it can stand on it's own legs will it ever get my attention. Thank God for the MacBook Air!!

I'm actually serious getting the Mac book air now that I returned my ipad. I wonder if there is a USB Ethernet dongle for it. That would seal the deal for me.

This is a fair article with a title that is accurate but "link bait" nonetheless.
I would never argue with anyone that is choosing to keep their current iPad, buy the iPad 2, or even buy a competitor's slate.
What I would say is that the need to update to an iPad two would depend the most on the apps that are being used by the individual. If you don't open a lot of pages on Safari, or generally use the device for e-mail--no need to update. If you are a gamer, or you are a person that uses graphically intensive apps (even apps like ForScore) it could well make sense to update your iPad if you can get anything (I think you can) for your current iPad.

Completely agree. No retina display, no upgrade for me. With the exception of some slight under the hood tweaks and dropping a tad of weight, the iPad 2 is a device I can live without. Now keep in mind, for me I've upgraded to EVERY NEW IOS device for the past 3 years. This will be the 1st time that I've passed. I'm so disappointed...hoping the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 step it up. My iPhone 4 is so awesome, I'm not sure that the 5 won't be the iPad 2 equivalent. It's gonna be hard to make the iPhone 5 truly stand out.

Stop holding your iPad right to your face like a blind man and the current display will look wonderful. Quit your bitching about the display.

Aren't we the elitist! Stop knocking people down because their opinion differs from yours. The article is spot-on, whether you can recognize that or not.

I must say that i disagree, a retina display side-by-side a non retina shows a very clear difference. Unless you get 4-5 feet from it. Unfortunately, my arms aren't quite THAT long... I'm waiting for a retina display too!

I don't agree with most of this and it's not because I'm a brand new ipad2 buyer. It's never meant to replace a laptop or desktop unless you are a someone not very tech heavy. It's been said over & over by Jobs and others that it's more an "in between" choice. In my case a netbook replacement. All my heavy work is on my PC desktop. How many times on my iphone4 have I said..wow if only this were "bigger". I don't want a kindle but I love to read. I'm a "medium" gamer but normally only if I'm on a plane or waiting around. The whole itunes thing is an annoyance to some but don't forget without it you don't have a very good "back-up" system so for that I don't really mind having it for so many years with all the iphones. I just got a small capacity ipad2 so that when ipad3 comes out I can easily pass this one on to my college kid. :D

To be perfectly, honest, every point you just made was nearly identical to the points of Allyson. For many people who were not iPad 1 owners, it makes a lot of sense to pay the extra $100 for the iPad 2. However, this article is about why she isn't upgrading to iPad 2 from iPad 1, not why she wouldn't buy an iPad 2 over an iPad 1. To us, the difference between iPad 1 and 2 isn't $100, it's $500, since we already bought the first gen.

I too debated getting the newest iPad but I was unwilling to shell out the 750 dollars it would cost for the version i wanted. There was not enough compelling upgrades. I held one at Best But and while it is nice to hold I use it for mostly watching media and surfing the net. And while the new iPad does load pages faster in Safari I am sure I will not miss the 1-2 extra seconds it took my iPad to load the same pages.

I found myself going on a 5 day-decision-making state last week, wether to buy iPad 1 or 2, I own an iPod Touch 4th Gen, and it pretty much does everything the iPad 2 does plus, it fits in my pocket :) so I decided to buy the refurbished iPad 1 for $349 (16GB Wi-Fi only), instead of the iPad 2, $499. Yeah when your 19, $150 is lots of money. so I'm thrilled to read this and see that I'm not the only one that went through the same "analyzing" process, and ended up with the same conclusion. Thanks Tipb

I have a Notebook PC, I have a desktop PC & I have my iPhone. What possible reason could I have to own an ipad, or any tablet for that matter?

An iPad has a different user experience than any laptop or netbook for starters. The amount of available apps for users who consume information are vast as well. It's just a different experience than a smaller laptop. I findy iPad to be very useful for note taking in meetings as well as reading my news or scanning twitter with Flipboard.

It's different? That's like saying that just because you already eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you should also have "tea" and supper because they're a different experience. Now while you could exchange supper for lunch quite easily (or supper for dinner, depending on where you live), you still can't exchange an iPad for a desktop.
Maybe you should grab an Android phone, too, cause it's a different user experience.

Bender my point, which you missed completly, is I have no need for a fourth device. My current crop of devices meet all my needs.

So, Kate, anybody who has a different view than you shouldn't post? C'mon. Differences are what makes the world go around. I have an iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone and I've learned to do exactly what Allyson suggests -- skip a generation or two between upgrades. And it's reassuring to hear that many others are practicing the same with good results. I find Allyson's post one of the more interesting I've seen recently, and am very grateful that she seeded similar responses from others who do the same thing.

"Apple seems to be marketing the iPad as a computer replacement for light to medium users." Really, how do you figure? They seem to have made it pretty clear that this was for use between a smartphone and a computer even when it was first announced. Many if not all of the apps are intended to be used along with some desktop counterpart...
I think you are obviously justified in your decision, but the iPad isn't intended for your purposes.

Apple last week said that iPad is more than just consumption as they discovered by the success of the first generation. Apple did not say that it will replace Mac computer at all. Many people have use apps that allow to create and do work. iPad 2 will allow video conference and do presentations even better. So it can be used by sales people for work easily. I'm using my iPad now and before.

Allyson has always been the Debbie Downer of this site. Go get yourself a Xoom already and join Android central!

Why? Because I jailbreak, dont follow apple blindly, and have my own opinions?
Your comment shows your maturity level. Also the fact that you have no ability to think for yourself. Good job.

I actually do. I just don't feel the need to buy every product they come out with. Only the ones that suit me.
I do not own a PC. But I own a 27" quad core iMac, a MacBook, an appleTV, I've had every generation of iPhone, as well as purchased them for my girlfriend every year, an iPad, and I'm looking at buying a new 15" MacBook Pro.
If I disliked apple products, I don't think I'd have all those things, do you?

I think I sit with Allyson. My Steve-Jobs-is-God friends all find it hilarious that I love Apple products, yet am so critical of Steve Jobs and Apple's actions toward the consumer. My criticisms usually don't keep me from buying their products...they just allow me to make decisions as an informed consumer, rather than blindly pulling out my wallet.

I'm one of the people over the last few days who bought an original iPad.
I actually bought a refurbished model through the Apple store and I can safely say I love it and have no regrets buying it instead of iPad 2.

I don't get serious gaming on this machine. First, the games are very shallow compared to their PC counterparts. Second, and maybe I'm clinging to the past, but nothing can replace a keyboard and mouse for FPS games. Maybe I can see some action games or role playing games but I've used a controller for so long I guess I'm ignorant. Any recommendations you have found that port well to the iPad?

I'm the same way. I really can't get into iOS games. The closest thing I've found that you may enjoy is chaos rings

While the article does "make sense" (for some people) in a way it almost reads, to me, as a "no iPad all together" article rather then a "not upgrading to an iPad 2" piece. It also, for me, comes of as a paper witten by the author in defense of not getting and iPad 2 as opposed to not actually wanting one. Feels, to me, like the author is doing everything in their power to talk themselves into the desicion of not getting one rather then genuinely not wanting one.

Actually, I can see why you would have picked that up about not having one all together.
I honestly do not use the iPad very often. It's never been a huge device for me. I don't know why. I just always find myself reaching for my iPhone or MacBook instead.
If I wanted one, I have the disposable income to get one. I just really don't.

@Sammy I wasn't trying to be rude or obnoxious. It's more of a content thing and not a difference of opinion thing. So she didn't buy an iPad 2. She did an internal assessment of the value and decided not to upgrade. This is a process that every single person who has ever decided to buy something goes through. Why post it? For example, would you care about my reasoning behind not buying expensive designer jeans? Nope. Same concept. If the point of it is to give all the non ipad2 buyers a place to rationalize their decision - I feel that discussion is better suited for the forums. Keep the device news/information to the main page and the personal why I did this or that off of it.

@Baba Booey
if you don't have something constructive to say, don't say it at all. and do not insult other members just to insult them.
thanks, ally :)

@Kate At the risk of being called a hater I must agree with you. This seems to me like it should have been a forum post. I'd really rather the articles about the iPad on the main page be technical. Unless someone is making a bold statement about something like the stupid comparison about something like the stupidity of saying that Google is winning when they can't show you 1 android phone that's outselling the 1 iPhone. Anyway. This was pretty useless info as far as I'm concerned but anybody who's basing their decision to upgrade on another persons needs is probably not gonna have the since to click a forum link so maybe it should be here where they can find it. Who know?! Anyway. I also agree that nobody should be looking at this as a computer replacement. I know that I can't. I produce/compose music and even though I can't wait to compose from the comfort of my couch or bed, I know that I need way more power to finish it all up. But they didn't make the iPad for you throw away your iMac and put dreamweaver or Photoshop on it. Its not here for that. And if people need a forum post on the front page to tell them the opposite then I don't know if I wanna have a conversation with them. They probably just like shiny things. Or maybe they've decided that this shiny thing can wait?

How is this article any different than the many fluff pieces that Rene writes, which aren't news at all...and are strictly his opinion? As a potential iPad buyer (not sure if I will spring for the 1 or 2 yet), I found Allyson's piece very informative, and has swayed the needle a little more back to the "buy an iPad1 and save a bit of money" side for me.

The fact everyone here is having the discussion is very telling in itself........keep iPad 1 or upgrade? Minimal talk of not wanting either device.
Outlook not looking too good for Xoom and Samsumg Tab.

I think after reading the comments here about tbe authors motive to post why they arent upgrading is being missed by most of you. Apple has an amazing ability to get people excited to buy anything new. A million articles
Came out pointing out why you should buy one. So this author is explaining why they didnt follow the fanboy sheep mentality most of you have and i think you feel a need to rationalize your purchase. If you enjoy your new toy good for you. I myself wont upgrade until they improve the screen and put in better cameras than a dollar vga front facer. Come on apple you can do better than that

I think it's a great article. I'm a creative director ( been on macs since the 80s) and I waited in line for the 2. I skipped the first iPad and thought the 2 would be a big difference, and it wasn't. But, ( the big but) I love the 2. I use to spend my weekends catching up at work or doing freelance. Now later in my career, I'm trying to spend more time at night and weekends not thinking about work. For that, I love the pad. The thought of booting up a laptop and clicking around to get places, ugh! I just lift the cover of the pad and move around effortlessly. I guess I use it more for reading and news, a little gaming and some emails... love it. At work I live in the CS world. Imaging, design, etc. But after work. I'm all about lifestyle. Love the 2!

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The only point I don't agree with is the Dispaly Out Jailbreak mod. I've used my original iPad to teach material in my science classes, and was excited to launch The Elements after I JB and installed Display Out. It was a mixed experience. When it worked, the video and moving elements were choppy and jumped a lot. The kids still enjoyed it, but it wasn't the best experience and about half the time I'd have to reboot the iPad to get it to work.
I'm very excited to start using my new iPad 2 for my classes. From what I've seen on my TV at home, it's a much better experience.

I just throw my iPhone 4 under my Elmo document camera when I want to show my students something. Why bother with more cables.

The new MacBook pro is extremely powerful. However, that much power is not needed. iPad 1 can replace basic use and it can be activated at the apple store or Bestbuy. iPad 1 is what most casual users do: browse, email, do pages, do numbers, do keynote, and light gaming. It is evolving and becoming more useful in serious work place: sales force, medical field, schools, law firms, congress. iPad 2 is more powerful but not quite there. Maybe iOS 5 will help us cross the line between casual to moderate power user. iMovie is a start. Maybe a more robust editing too will come out. It is up to developers now. Chair entertainment said iPad 2 has graphic power close to xbox 360. So, we will see even stronger games. In conclusion, iPad 2 can replace most casual users, some moderate users and a few beaver users pending on users' needs. iPad 3 or 4 will be the true heavy users dream device, but laptops will still evolve but slower.

What happens when your iPad crashes or starts being glitchy after you get home?
You just start clean? Lose everything? Thats what will happen with no backups on a computer.
Oh wait, if your iPad starts acting funny or crashes, you can't even restore it without a computer. So not having a computer and owning an iPad is not smart.

Still my voice of reason says skip this one. My impulse voice says GET IT!!! Really, I just can't justify it from my daily use which is mostly reading the news. Which by the way the news apps are much better that the websites. And gaming I just love playing card games, chess and monopoly. My wife has also an iPad and prefers playing angry birds on the iPhone. I also prefer FaceTime on the iPhone and it is not that we use that much. Can't do without the iPhone but probably will skip iPad 2.

It is obvious that if Jobs poops in an apple box, shrink wraps it and releases it as the next revolutionary magical poop in a box, there will be lines around the block. I for one, upgrade every two years. If you take a look at all Apple products for the last ten years or so, each one has a major update every other year. The yearly updates are just bs to sell more units. So Im waiting for iPad 3 and iPhone 6.

If they would have also added flash and usb I would be trading up. Not worth upgrade to me right now

I agree. I've been traveling this week and using my ipad a lot more than normal. The lack of Flash has really been noticeable. Don't need it much, but when I do and its not there, it's really annoying.

I used Skyfire. It was good for video, but waiting for the conversion process was a pain. Other Flash content still wasn't avaialbe of course. I'll be as happy as anyone once HTML 5 fully displaces Flash, but it's no where near that point, and I don't like my web experience disminished because of one man's quirkiness.

It's only a matter of time. When iPad 1 was launched, only 10% of web content was in HTML form. The number is now 60%.
The question is this......is it worth it for a company to be dedicated to Flash and ignore the so called "Apple factor"? I would say no....

Last night I was using my moms iPad 1 and it was just fine, if you have the first one I'd say wait for ipad 3, just get the hdmi adapter, it's sweet.

Fantastic article. I too have a Mac (MacBook Pro) and iPhone 4 (jailbroken of course). Just like you, I'm passing on the iPad 2. I want to like it and all and could certainly have a good time messing around with it for an afternoon but at the end of the day I don't really need it. I need the go-everywhere portability and phone function of the iPhone and the heavy lifting is done on my MacBook. And, like you, the games I play (DoodleJump, Angry Birds) work fine on the iPhone.
So, no iPad 2 for me this time around.
--Rob Terry

Thanks! I was trying to look at it from a bit of a practical standpoint.
While I'm an Apple fan, I am also cheap. The iPhone is a bit easier for me to swallow every year since I'm always eligible every 12 months. I only pay 199/299 for the new version. And when I sell my last year's model, I typically make money back upgrading. I haven't paid for an iPhone since I purchased the first generation.
But I do pride myself on trying to be rational and smart with my purchasing decisions. Most of my friends will tell you I'm extremely cheap. I'm finally upgrading my white Macbook from 2007 to a Pro. And it will break my hand to hand them my debit card for that purchase. I don't typically buy every product apple releases. Mainly based on the reason that I probably don't "need it" and don't want to spend money I don't "need" to spend. But some may also tell you I'm too cheap in the first place ;)

Wonder what the ratio of people who did or did not upgrade from iPad 1 to iPad 2 vs the people who did or did not upgrade from 3G to 3GS or 3GS to iPhone 4. Very very similar situation, I'm sure there are quite a few people who yelled "hellz ya I'm upgrading to the 3GS, more speed and stuff makes it a no brainer!" but are saying "iPad 2 is not worth it, nothing really changed". Wonder why? Funny stuff!

You probably have a valid point. I still think the 3G to the 3GS was a larger upgrade than people give it credit. For me, it was the 32GB capacity. I was dying under 16GB and that was my main reason. Storage alone may have been a reason for quite a few iPhone 3GS adopters. But other than that, yep, you're about right.

In most cases the iPhone is used more often than an iPad, so a performance boost is more appreciated on the iPhone over the iPad.

I am in totally agreement with this article. I'm bypassing the iPad 2 and sticking with my JB iPad 1. Heres hoping for iPad 3 or 4 with better resolution and bigger storage.

I'll join the chorus. Each individual needs to make their own informed choice based on their use case and their finances. I didn't get the original iPad because I couldn't see how it would improve my productivity and I didn't have time or money for more entertainment.
With apps like MobileNoter, Remote Desktop, Quickoffice and Sharepoint access, I've passed my netbook to a colleague and will use my equipment budget for the iPad 2. I certainly need my desktop and smartphone more, but for carrying around the office to meetings, the iPad 2 w/Zaggmate will be better and more versatile than a netbook.
I do think many people overestimate their computing needs or their time to consume entertainment. For many, $500 is a good deal of money and one ought to think carefully. I probably wouldn't get it if it was my own money because there are so many other entertainment things I rather spend my money on and when I'm not at work, I can see myself lugging even a lightweight tablet when my phone does 90% of the same stuff.

Good post. It's nice to see some balance, and it's certainly helpful to see your reasoning. However, I don't think Apple is marketing the iPad as a replacement for anything. They want you to have a desktop/notebook as well, so the part about iTunes misses the mark. Besides, the first iPad and the iPad 2 are identical in that regard, so it comes off more as a rant against iTunes dependence—which I can understand, but isn't relevant to the headline. Same thing with the iPhone versus iPad stuff. Much of your reasoning is very good, but you should have limited it to only the iPad upgrade decision.

Great article. It would be nicer to have an iPad while sitting on the couch but my laptop fills the bill. iPhones and iPads are usually one rev behind being truly great. For example if iPad 2 was the first release it would have really been impressive (despite the camera). But Apple has to worry about competing with iPhone, that's why it was slower and no phone. The 3G iPads are connected to the cellular network but aren't phones... why not? Because it would hurt iPhone sales. iPad is really a cross-over device without the over (phone). If I had an extra $700 I might buy one, but not a lot if people have that cash just laying around these days. But most fanboys push it as a must have upgrade. Good article, fair and balanced.

I updated my wording a bit about the iPad replacing a computer. A few of you brought up valid points. They do consider it an inbetween but marketing somewhat says something different. either way, I updated the last part of that section a bit to show my view a bit better.

Great article, and many great points. I love my iPhone and my new MacBook Pro and can't find a need for a iPad and many of the reasons you listed are why. I live in a small apartment in NY and my laptop is always on and I always have my iPhone with me.

I didn't buy the original iPad 1 because I was skeptical about its adoption, and I was fully wrong about that. It's been a massive success.
I'm not buying the iPad 2 because I have an iPhone 4 permanently glued to my side and my macbook pro serves for all of my word processing and other "computer needs".
I very likely WILL buy an iPad 3. It should be the best form factor yet, it will probably have a 'retina display' (which is one thing I think the iPad 2 should've had for sure), and I really think it'll be a long lasting product based on the paradigm shift.

Brava. It had to be said on this site. While Apple made a compelling and industry leading product even better they did not improve it that much beyond the original. I'd compare this to going from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS. Some folks needed the extra speed but others saw the networks as the same, the capability as essentially the same and no compelling feature to make a user take pause.
That said, is there a chance for iOS5 to add those missing features? Sure, but until Apple comes out with them the justification does not change and the needle doesn't move.
This device is more of a think twice product for those without an iPad. Especially, if you are concerned about the device specs and capability of launch products offered by the competition. Clearly, Apple is glad to have sold 16 million first gen devices but is looking to secure even more new customers in the next 12 months.

I really don't see any value in one person's opinion of why they've chosen not to buy a product. It's the same reason I don't watch FOX News or MSNBC.
This should be in the forums.
There are countless reasons for some people to upgrade, and countless reasons for some people not to upgrade. Why are the reasons of one lone person, out of billions of others, supposed to be important to me?

I get your point, but I also think this is an editorial that also tells the story about what the iPad 2 doesn't do for you. And, this is a blog so there are plenty of editorial pieces, which makes it fun to debate.

Well then move on to another post. Reading about other peoples reasoning and experience with a device is important to me at least. Helps me decide whether to buy new IPhone 4s or get an IPad 2 for my wife and son.

I kind of thought an editorial type article was about opinion. Just because it's on the front page doesn't mean it has to be an unbiased report of some doohickey. Allyson is doing an editorial about a product/choice that is fully within the realm of what TiPb is focused on. I don't have a problem with it. Now if it had been an opinion on why Mac & Cheese is better than steak, then I think that would be beyond the scope of TiPb's front page.

I agree with you to some degree but at the same time he is a tech dude. We all should expect him to get one to hear his opinion on it.. Listening to his opinion why not to get one doesn't do me or help my case in anyway to get one ect... I think he is in the wrong.. I don't want any more reviews from him on the iPad 2 anymore!

You DO realize I am a girl right? I wrote this article. I do not do reviews on the iPad 2. I wrote this as an editorial on why I didn't upgrade. Most of our staff DID upgrade. I was the only one that really chose not to I believe. There are several of us on staff. Not ALL of us has to have every device to be able to cover reviews. Most of us typically do when it comes to iPhones, but with iPads, we don't need 10 people for that ;)

Don't feed the trolls, Allyson. Great editorial. I don't think that Apple genuinely expects the majority of users to upgrade to the iPad 2. One of the benefits of the iOS ecosystem is that last year's device rarely feels old enough to require a replacement. I would argue that is by design - since most of the meaningful changes are in the operating system, which, for the most part, finds its way onto the last generation device anyway. That said, I think the iPad 2 is a very compelling buy for a person who did not buy the original iPad - not to mention from a hardware-to-price standpoint it blows the competition out of the water, which will ensure that Apple remains the dominant player in the market.

@fastlane You obviously doesn't understand the point of an editorial comment (emphasis on the word 'comment'). The intent is not to persuade the reader (you) to agree with their position, it is simply to state it. Whether you choose to agree with it or not is irrelevant to the writer.
As a point of fact, I DO agree with the writer, pretty much for the reasons cited. The iPad is better than my iPhone for certain things, but it still can't compare with a laptop or desktop computer. I don't see the advantage to FaceTiming on a larger screen, taking pictures with an iPad would be silly, and gaming is a non-issue for me as well. So I saved 150$ and bought an 'old' iPad instead of the new iPad 2.

I'm actually really torn here. I have an iPad and a iPhone 4 and really don't use the iPad much. My biggest complaint about the iPad is that it is slow rendering pages in Safari, and I hate the checkerboarding. I also feel like the iPad is kind of clunky to type on and slow compared to the iPhone 4. I'm seriously considering the MacBook Air instead of the iPad 2.

Thanks Joe, you convinced me to avoid the temptation to run out and grab a 1st gen cheap. I always thought it was underpowered. It will be the 2 or nothing.

the ipad 1 will be much faster on safari with iOS 4.3. don't dismiss ipad 1 until you see it with iOS4. i find mine is fast...

I had the iPad 1 for about 4 weeks. I got rid of it. I recently got a Macbook Air. Far better choice, and the weight difference is negligible. I think the MBA is actually lighter than the original iPad.

you thought wrong on that. if you got the 11" MBA that is 2.3 lbs. iPad1 is 1.5 lbs. the difference of weight is there.

Although the iPad may be lighter than the MBA, the way it is distributed, and the way one holds and interacts with each, can easily make the MBA's "real world" weight lighter.

16a19235fbVery nice post. I just stumbled upon your wobleg and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case Ie28099ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon! 187

Most people upgrade their desktops/laptops every 3 to 5 years. You don't need to upgrade every year just to run Microsoft Office and browse the web. At the moment, the performance increases each year are more tangIble in tablets compared to desktops/laptops, and it is not surprising to see the upgrade cycle to be more frequent. Most people use their iPad to browse the net and play Angry Birds, and they are not missing out on upgrading.

I believe the biggest story of iPad 2 is the fact that you can buy an iPad 1 refurb for from Apple for $350. This puts the iPad 1 in impulse buy territory...

I completely agree. I actually just picked up a 32GB refurb. Looks like the 16GB ones sold out or they pulled them. But $429 for a 32GB is an amazing deal and you're right, it brings iPads down to price points where normal everyday people won't have such a hard time finally pulling the trigger. Apple wants market saturation, and they'll likely get it with the original iPad price points.

Hey guy,
I'm all for pounding articles on this site which aren't proofread before posting, contain complete falsehoods, countries that don't exist, etc. But layoff someone's looks, will ya?

Didn't want to offend you, if I did my apology..
Anyway as I said for a cheaper price I will "maybe" go for an iPad and wait for the iPad 3...

This is just what it is an opinion to as to why not to have an iPad 2 no more no less to argue and try to slam on some is beyond childish is ou don't like what ur reading skip the page or move on by instead slamming the editor its an opinion grow up people. Great work ally

The main reason I upgraded my iPad is because my wife had just bought me the iPad 1 in the middle of February for our anniversary and as excited as I was to get one of these bad ass devices, I knew that the iPad 2 was just around the corner. So not even 2 weeks after getting my iPad when Apple announced the iPad 2 I started to drool just a little. I convinced my wife to let me return the iPad (even though she engraved it for our anniversary, Apple still refunded it), I then waited in the line at launch day and got my iPad 2.
I think that Ally is pretty spot on with this post. It is nice to have Safari running smoother and faster, quicker loading of games (I almost never play games on my iPhone 4 now cause of this bad boy), and the lighter, slimmer, two (crappy, but decent for what they are used or needed for) cameras.
I think it is what Rene said when they were still speculating on weather it was going to be a upgrade like the 3GS was to the iPhone 4 or what the 3G was to the 3GS.
This device is great, and for those of us who waited to see how the tablet/iPad market responded this last year, it is a great first tablet.
If I had bought an iPad 6 months ago I would still be very happy with that device and wait for the 3rd generation to make my next upgrade, and give my wife the hand me down iPad 1.
Anyways, that's my 2 cents worth, I am with Rene and Seth Clifford when I say that typing on this thing is quite a magical experience. I like it better than an actual keyboard, and it's a lot quieter.
I <3 TIPB!!!
Chris J

The MB Air is certainly a great device,it combines the advantages of netbooks (size, weight) with speed, battery capacity and form factor you are used to from regular Apple laptops, albeit it a hefty price. But in reality the choice is not between MB Air and ipad. A keyboard device and a touch sensitive display are really totally different. Sure I can watch movies and surf websites on both, but on the ipad it is more comfortable and the battery wont crap out. And yes, you can write emails and edit movies on the ipad, but really that is often easier and much faster on a keyboard and mouse driven device.
As for the ipad 2, it is really an ipad 1.75, lots of evolution (thinner, lighter, faster, cameras) but otherwise it is exactly like the ipad1. A real innovation would be an all stand-alone ipad, no itunes or pc necessary. Maybe even a retina display (pricey it will be), because really, if you own an iphone4, graphics on the ipad suck in comparison, especially for games...

Matt. I gotta disagree with you on this one to a certain extent. When I first got my iPad, I stopped using my MBP as the primary 'untethered' machine. The iPad was/is that cool. But I made the mistake of wandering through the Apple Store and fell in love with the Air (13"). It was the perfect combination between the MBP and iPad. Light, fast, great battery, good screen. Plus typing is easy. Sure, it's not touch screen, but that's mostly just navigation for me.
So, in my case, the iPad replaced a laptop and has since been replaced by another, better laptop. The iPad is now used primarily as an Angry Birds/Cut The Rope/etc. toy for the kids.
Agree with the editorial. iPad 2 is a half-step forward. They're going to have to blow my sox off (as they did with the first iPad and then the Air) for me to buy another. And I can't wait. :-)

While I can see some of her points. I upgraded for more memory(32GB) and handing my 1st gen 16 gigger down to my girl and simply cause I have the cash to do so. Does anyone know what ally does for a living? Just wondering.

I worked in the finance accounting field (on a corporate level) from the time I graduated college until recently. I now own my own business focusing on iOS device repair, development, and consulting with 2 other people. I also contract for a few large companies on the side.

@EricSchmidt Did I say she couldn't afford one? I typed I am upgrading to give my girl my old one and cause of memory upgrade and I have the extra money to do it. What does that have to do with ally? If she wanted one I'm she would have got one on day one like myself. Grow up.

No, you are being far too gracious. He clearly implied you were not getting an iPad 2 because (unlike him, natch) you don't have the cash to do so. A cheap shot from a self-important brat.

You should be fired from this website I don't want to read articles on the iPad 2 from someone who doesn't own one. That said I know you will buy one anyway therefore this article is retarded because as soon as they put features into th os that the iPad can't handle you will upgrade and I will laugh because you could have just gotten one right away and had so much more use for it rather than waiting 6 months and then selling it 6 months later to buy an iPad 3 after you figure out that you just can't resist it

Hmm. I wasn't writing about iPad 2 features. I gave my opinion. Which I'm allowed to have. I'll get a new iPad when they release the next one.

One of the main points-of-discussion about iPad 2 is whether to buy one. By definition, that's not a question that should only be answered by those who have already purchased one.
It's not just your point that's weak. It's also the way you chose to express it.
Bring your game up. Grow up. Or move on.

@tom Grow up. If she's happy with the old one and don't want the new one that's her choice. You her to have one so bad buy her one. Till then lay off her.

OK! I read your article and I went and bought a 32gb 1st Gen WiFi Ipad. If you really think of it, in a non consumer freak way, it makes sense. Just like i did not buy a 3GS Iphone when I had the 3G. Thanx

Coo' reasons. Pretty much the same reason I don't plan on getting one. I don't see the need or use to for one in my daily life either.

I think the sheer number of comments show how valid this post is, good for you Allyson. It is also emblematic of the quasi-religious feeling people seem to have over Apple products and the above reproach status that is being imposed. I for one hope that we never succumb to the sheep mentality of putting any product above fair criticism.

Agreed, not much of an upgrade from the original iPad.
Then again, I do not own an original upgrade and the iPad will replace the need to carry out my laptop. I just use browsing, reading pdfs and writing while on the go.
Whilst a MacBook Air will mostly do the job, the laptop form factor isn't as good as an iPad in terms of portability (more like usability on the go) and battery life, and it also more expensive. And at the MacBook Air price, I'll go for a far more powerful MacBook Pro.
Nothing, of course, will replace my iMac, as it is still the motherload of all my real computing needs.

Thanks for your comments Allyson I think this was a well thought out article. I had already decided to wait to upgrade for iPad 3 like you. There was just not enough with iPad 2 for me to buy it. Some of those comments against you are just fan boy rants because you did not hail the iPad 2 has coming down form Mount Sinai. If I did not have an iPad I would opt for iPad 2 for $100. I also don't do gaming so for me it was not necessary.

I am with you...not getting another IPad till the 3rd generation comes out. I am pretty happy with my 64gb wifi/3G IPad. BTW, where did you get that background for your IPad at?

I agree with the reasons for not upgrading (and for these reasons and more I will continue using my iPad 1) but it's weird that a writer for a website solely devoted to iPads, iPhones and iPods isn't going to upgrade her iPad.
I assume there will be an iPad 2 at her disposal for learning purposes but I would think that having the newest Apple iOS device for your everyday use would be important. Make them buy you one!

Most of our staff actually got iPad 2s (I think all but me actually).
It wasn't a money issue with me but a "need" issue. Most regular visitors could probably tell you I don't do a whole lot of iPad coverage to begin with. Most of the stuff I write is focused on iPhone and jailbreaking (and some AppleTV stuff where appropriate). We typically tend to stick to our interests for the most part. I think blogs get better articles and quality content when their writers are actually passionate about what they write about.
I wouldn't call myself passionate about the iPad ;) I do love my iPhone and jailbreaking though. There are quite a few staff members (Like chad, leanna, and rene) that do LOVE their iPads. I'll leave most reviews and tips up to them. Maybe I'll "love" the 3, but for now, I'll stick with making a bulk of my articles focus on iPhone and jailbreak :)
Will I be in line for the iPhone 5? You can almost count on it ;)

That makes a lot of sense. I mean if you are not passionate about something- why give it your energy? It's interesting how you compare the iPad with the iPhone the way you do. I feel the same way. I am trying to simplify my life and the stuff I own and I find that having both the iPad and iPhone 4 is redundant. Nothing wrong with owning both and they both have something unique to offer but for me I will likely wait for the iPad 3 next year and about that time I will switch to a cheap, basic phone and plan with Virgin Mobile. I found out that I am a fan of iOS as much as the devices itself so to have one, well used iOS device with no service plan will be my future way of enjoying it.
Thanks for the great, thought provoking article! It is an example of why TiPb has become my favorite Apple/tech website!

Thanks! I definitely know what you mean. Sometimes I'll be on my iPad, hear a tweet come in on my iPhone and I physically get up and get my iPhone. The thought that I can just open twitter on my iPad hasn't sunk in.
Old habits die hard!

I totally agree with Allyson. I skipped the ipad 2. Why? Because ipad 1 is working quite fine for me. Why would I upgrade something I just bought in JUNE?

I think this is a great piece and provides an unbiased point of view that represents plenty of iPad 1.0 owners. well done. That said, not sure what all the complaining in the comments is about... there's bigger fish to fry out there (i.e. get a life)

Don't really see the point of this EDIT> to be honest but agree that Allyson can share her opinion on the iPad2 if she want.
I have a Mac and an iPhone 4 and have thought about getting an iPad for a long time, but as Allyson said for a cheaper price I may go for an iPad.

iPad seems blurry to me now that i am used to the awesome retina display on the 4. throw in the retina display and i'll consider.

Thank you, Allyson for confirming the reasons that I have yet to purchase an iPad. I was going to wait on iPad 2 but once it rolled around, I kept thinking, why? It isn't yet capable of doing what my Mac does and anything else, my iPhone 3GS can handle. I think I'll just save my money to get the iPhone 5 without a contract when that hits.
I really appreciate getting another point of view on this matter. Keep up the great work.

I agree with this article 100%. After playing with the iPad 2 I realized that as far as my purposes are concerned it felt like nothing more than my ipad with an extra app (facetime/photobooth). Those apps in itself are not enough of a reason for my to go out and spend more money on a product that is virtually the same as the iPad I just purchased 6 months ago.

I'm with Allyson on this, though I couldn't buy an iPad2 yet even if I wanted to upgrade from my iPad as I'm in Scotland. I'm currently on a train journey from Lille, France to Aberdeen and have been using my iPad almost continuously for seven hours (still showing 63% battery). I didnt bring my Macbook Pro though I always used to lug it about with it's charger and extra batteries. The only downside is that my typing speed is drastically slowed because I am holding it in one hand and typing with one finger instead of touch typing. Maybe the flat backed iPad2 would improve my ability to touch type on the virtual keyboard. No, I have just realised that the iPad is quite stable but that I picked it up to avoid reflections as the sun was shining.
Just realised I can't scroll down in the text box, having gone up to add a comment in the first paragraph, so this may look a bit odd, withbthe end in the middle. Apple, can you please add cursor keys to cope with text input boxes without scroll bars?
If you don''t already have an iPad, a clean, used one would be a good buy but an iPad2 would give you a little more for a good deal more money. If you do have one, wait till iPad3 comes out with a retina display and more memory unless you want the benefits of higher performance gaming.
The end though there is more below as explained.
I've replied to a stream of emails, visited dozens of websites and absorbed information from them and written a report in Pages. I'm not into gaming and I can't think of a single iPad2 feature which would make me want to take the financial hit involved in upgrading in 11 days time. Maybe video mirroring on the basis that I don't know what I'd do with it since I couldn't have it, not being willing to risk jailbreaking

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