Penultimate talks iPad stylus

Rene and I are at Macworld 2012 and had the pleasure of talking to Penultimate developer Ben Zotto. You, the iMore nation, asked us to ask Ben his thoughts on styli for the iPad, so we did! Check out the video above for Ben's insights on the personal decision of choosing a stylus.

Here's a list of the ones he mentioned:

What's your favorite stylus to use with Penultimate?

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

Pizzanaut says:

Adonit Jot Pro - nothing better.

Gage says:

That's great to hear. That's my cousin's company!

Alli says:

Tell your cousin I love his product! I recently did a review on my blog. Definitely my preferred stylus.

doublebullout says:

Absolutely agree with this. I've tried several different styli. Rubber tips drag too much, and brush tips are terrible for taking notes because you can't see where you're writing. The clear tip on the Jot Pro is perfect.

Luis says:

Ur the reason i bought it,heard it from you.

Winski says:

I had first hand experience with two of these this week. Based on a write-up on journalling over at the Gadgeteer last week, I ordered the Pogo Sketch Pro and the Wacom Bamboo. When I received them, the Pogo would not work AT ALL on an IPad with the Zagg screen protector installed. The Wacom is still working fine as the credit should be processing at Amazon for the Pogo.
It also does ok with the Penultimate software... Penultimate also has Evernote integration so for me, this combo is a no-brainer. It's the screen protector that a lot of these stylus guys just happen to not mention..

mike loewenberg says:

i love the alupen. read my blog post on it here:
that post is also published in the latest issue of iBusiness magazine!

Ardi says:

Same. I tried Pogo Sketch, Targus, Griffin, and finally settled with AluPen. I think it has the much required wieighty feeling to it, it feels like you're holding an actual pen. Very smooth and accurate.

akdj says:

Sorry to revive a year old discussion...just curious where you were able to try the styli? I bought a Bamboo from Best I'm really, really enjoying Penultimate lately. Just not sure I want to inbox the case I'm not happy with it. I can't draw stick people well. It's only for note art at all. Do Apple stores have them out and available to play with? Or are there other retailers that allow 'testing'?
Thanks Ardi