New, miniature iPhone and iPad Dock connector cable possibly caught on camera

Photo shows what could be new sync cable for next gen iOS devices

Veister, a company specializing in USB cables, has posted a photo to their Twitter account of what could be the sync cable for the next generation of iOS devices and revised versions of current products that will work in conjunction with the much expected micro dock connector.

New mini dock sync cable photo leak

The cable in question could be what we'll see ship with the next generation iPhone. How many pins the dock will have is still up for debate but most sources claim 8 or 9 pins even though this would greatly reduce backwards compatibility with current accessories.

Regardless, we should find out in a little under a month from now when Apple is expected to make an official announcement.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

New, miniature iPhone and iPad Dock connector cable possibly caught on camera


If companies would always prioritize backwards compatibility technology it'd keep technological progress behind. I'm glad Apple's moving forward with this.

@ z3on re: "I'm glad Apple's moving forward with this."

Me too. Can't wait for the new iPhone, dock connector, etc.

If it's anything other than the industry standard micro USB, then it's a slap in the face to all iUsers. I'm sick of all the proprietary iCrap. Reminds me of when Sony pulled this.

USB 3 wouldn't matter. Most iOS devices have Flash memory that has a Read speed of around 20MB/sec and Write speed of around 10MB/sec. USB 2.0 is 480Megabits/sec, or around 60MB/sec, so the current crop of iOS devices are not even maxing out USB 2.0.

I wonder how soon there will be a Thunderbolt cable option (especially if the phone has inductive recharging capability)!

Long term, the docking cable will be for charging the phone when an inductive station is not available. Eventually, there will be little need for a cable because of inductive charging and data transfers between devices via high speed Bluetooth or wifi.

faster speed cables would mean nothing without a faster speed storage medium in the device. As I said in a previous comment above, the current crop of iOS devices barely every scratch the surface of the bandwidth available in USB 2.0, so Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 are just overkill.