Physical rotation lock button back on the iPad... For Jailbreakers

NoMute for iPad brings the physical rotation lock back to the iPad. With so many people upset at Apple for changing the function of the physical switch on the iPad from rotation lock to mute, it wasn't difficult to predict a jailbreak solution was on its way. Remember that if you still want to quickly mute your iPad just simply hold down the volume down button for a second and it will quickly jump to full mute.

NoMute for iPad is available on Cydia for free. Worth a download? Let us know what you think below!

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Reader comments

Physical rotation lock button back on the iPad... For Jailbreakers


Well that's a pretty good solution for those out there that love the hardware orientation lock. You can't argue with free so sounds good. I think it's much less of a concern about JBing an iPad because the battery last longer than the phone and it isn't a necessity like A PHONE. I personally don't understand the need for the orientation lock and prefer it as a mute switch but that's personal bias.

Isn't the jailbreak for iPad 4.2.1 tethered at this point? Once it becomes untethered, I can see some jailbreaking for this reason only.

On my iPad, the hardware switch mutes it, bu adjusting the volume control turns the audio back on. To re-mute I have to flick the switch back to "audio on" then back to "audio off". Am I alone in experiencing this? How could Apple have screwed something so simple up, and not caught it?

I've just installed it, and it just works, nothing more to say about it. and about JBing, yeah, it's awful that i will have to connect the iPad to the mac every time I need the reboot but it is a personal decision.

The hardware mute switch on the iPad only mutes the System sounds, like alert sounds, notifications, etc. It does not mute music playback, sound effects in games, etc.

@Rob Exactly!! If only it DID WHAT IT SHOULD and mute the WHOLE DEVICE it would be somewhat usefull. But, as it is, it is a stupid buton worth nothing. ROTATION LOCK BACK, PLEASE!!

I don't like jailbreaking but I may do so just for this. Apple should include an option but knowing jobs that'll never happen.

Thank you again jailbreak community.
Actually if apple put a couple more hard buttons on the devices we wouldn't be arguing over this stuff.

I think it's great, I was going to get it yesterday, but wasn't sure if I wanted to trust it yet. I would have jailbrome just for it had I not already intended to do so. I'm semi tethers too, so it's all good for me, hopefully I reJB WITH greenpois0n when it comes out and get it all over again, since my app backup won't work for nothing. Strangely I got to keep all my ihslo apps from prior jb, but nothng else

On my iPad the switch was a rotation lock. But I recently updated the software and now it's a mute switch! Does anyone know how to fix this?! I think They should put the option of both in the settings.

I installed it, it works, but it's a little buggy.
For example, when I unlock in portrait mode, switch to landscape and relock it, it quickly switches to portrait, and back to landscape then it will lock. Not the biggest issue in the world, but it's wierd and looks and feels buggy when it happens. I'm actually uninstalling it for that reason, it would serve better as a mute button :(