Former President George W. Bush -- addicted to iPad

Laura Bush told Yahoo! News that her husband, former US President, George W. Bush, is an “addicted” iPad user.

He reads the Wall Street Journal on it in the morning before the paper even is thrown

Scrabble is the one that George now seems to be playing constantly. Like, I'm trying to get his attention; 'I'm still here.'

As for Mrs. Bush herself, she currently owns a Kindle, but hopes to get an iPad for her birthday.

Could iPad be the one device that unites people and parties? Let us know in comments!


by George Lim

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Reader comments

Former President George W. Bush -- addicted to iPad


I didn't think he even knew how to use Now he can explore all those tubes on the Internets

Ummm, she can't just go out and buy one?
Oh wait, Bush screwed up our economy...of course they don't know how to use or manage money!

Since everybody is being political here, its a good thing Obama doesn't make those of us who work for a living buy an ipad for the lazy ones...because we have to share the wealth...

Rip on W all you want, the fact is he has an undergrad degree from Yale and an MBA from Harvard, how many of you can say that? Yes, he got in because of his last name, but the last name didn't do the coursework.
Though the media tried hard to hide it, the fact is W had better grades than both Kerry and Gore. So if W is dumb, what does that make the two of them?

No, you screwed up the economy by putting all that porn on your credit card that you couldn't pay for!

A babies and women murder is addicted to iPad ro whatever.Why this is a news!
This guy is a scum.
Shame on you Tipb.

I wonder if Santa Claus will use an iPad this year? He can also drop one off to her. I think the iPad can bring all sorts of people together.

@ Kafka, the big O favors partial birth abortion and opposed a bill to protect those born alive after failed abortions. Who's the baby murder?

Wow - I did not think TiPb readers were this swayed by the media. You mean to tell me after the time we have had with Obama you want to yell at Bush! Obama has spent and wasted more money in the time he has been in office than Bush every did! Every hear of bailout? Use your brain not what the media tells you. I will agree with George above - now do you want us all that are working to buy you something that you of course deserve. GET A JOB!

WTH Kafka? Babies murderer is the one we have in the presidency now trying to approve a bunch of pro-abortion laws. And for the news, I just don't think it's a big deal. A lot of ppl has iPads.

o come on!
no one was being "political". some people made jokes about Bush's history of weird wordplay, being out of touch with technology [remember the "internets" debate comment] and perceived lack of intelligence [i don't think he's dumb, but he did come across as a bit of a doof, even if he probably wasn't].
it's like people calling obama aloof and a bit elitist and long winded and liking to listen to himself speak. all things that are probably a little bit true, and exaggerated for the purposes of humour. just like with W.
or poking fun at clinton for not being able to keep his zipper up, being a hound dog and what not.
it is fun to poke fun at political leaders as public figures from all sides of the political spectrum. when did some gentle ribbing become interpreted as a "political" attack.
i wish we could all lighten up a little bit on not be so knee-jerk partisan about this stuff.

It's funny that all conservatives assume that liberals are "lazy" or "don't have work". That just shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the Democratic platform. Put down the bibles for a few and read a real book.
Also, iPad rules so it's no wonder bush enjoys his. I'm on mine constantly too and my girlfriend hates it!

I am ashamed that Bush use our awesome product. I will make sure that he will not get the iPad2.

@George're as ignorant as I thought you were. Since when have you heard of people who work actually being told that they had to go to a store and buy anything for people who don't have or can't find a job? Is that what your being told by your little friends? Maybe if you give us some of what you made in stolen oil since the war started the entire nation could have an iPad.

The Bible is a real book jackass. That just goes to show your fundamental lack of understanding. Bush is intelligent just not a good public speaker. There were things that he did that I'm not happy about (not tough enough on immigration and the patriot act), but he was 100x the president Obama is. Mike is right about people being swayed by the media. That's how Imam Hussein Obama got elected.
At least you know where Bush stood on the issues. If people knew and paid attention to where Obama and his cronies stood from the beginning maybe this country would be in better shape right now.
Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing their idiot.

@Anonymous how long should we have spent on being upset about the lost jobs and homes and the suicides? How many days should we be upset about our troops being sent to kill and fill your pockets? Give me an exact number. Should the Jewish community have gotten over Hitler by now too? Wow.

Even though @Tre describes me to a T or an L, his point is so well needed right now. So, how many folks are leaving hateful comments from their iPads eh? :-)

Lot of people are being racist here. Kind of sad. Obama is our president no manner how much you hate it.
I'm just glad we got rid of republicans. 8 years was too much.
Now just pray we wont get Sarah pailn in office. 2012 doomsday may actully come true.

Tre wins the comment war.
In the future "Staff" might want to consider disabling comments on anything involving political figures for their articles. At least until the partisan divide dies away. Which will happen when the media stops getting such high ratings from giving polarizing figures a soapbox...

Nothing makes me laugh harder than middle class people making $100k a year thinking their rich and the dems are going to take all their money. Your the ones that need the redistribution! Hahaha. Meenwhile the folks actually with the money are educated and democrat. Ironic don't you think?

@Mike Did you actually say that Democrats should put the Bible down? Did you forget about the millions of Church people that Bush made personal speeches and promises to. Did you forget that they put him in office? Wow. And you think that we've had a hard time with Obama? You wanna talk about the bailout? You do know that Bush wrote the first Bailout check right? He did it to try to plug the hole that he put in our economy. Now if I slap a lump on the side of your head would you blame the doctor because that's what your doing to Obama. There are several conservative republicans who will give you a clue. Obama is trying to fix what Bush did to OUR great nation. There is no scenario where fixing takes as long as smashing. If a tornado smashes your house in 2 minutes how many minutes will go into rebuilding that? Way more than two my friend. Also if you take all the money that we spent on this war that Bush started with every country except the one that attacked us on 9/11(Saudi Arabia) then you will have the bailout money times 10!! Now YOU go and read something Sarah Palin!

Its pretty pathetic to see so many people insulting Obama especially because he has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with this article. I was never really a Bush supporter, but I do believe it is extremely childish to say hateful things about our former president no matter how much you disagreed with him. I still respect him as our former leader and as a person. And I'm glad he likes the ipad!

Wow, is this how people get down in Apple land? Add some politics to the equation and you all show all kinds of demons. I'll definitely have to reconsider my previous assumptions regarding Apple customers.

No doubt W is eager to see the Rangers get turned into burnt Texas Toast crumbs in 4 games. That's what brooms are for: sweeping.

@George: Based on the style of your writing, I'd say you're part of the lower middle class - the very people who stand to benefit from any "share the wealth" scheme that may or may not actually exist.

i would like to point out that i am not the rob that still seems to be buying porn. i am the rob that blows coke off......err....was inquiring about coke on an ipad.

@Tre - I'd love to dive into this debate with a bunch of comments, but I agree I agree - until el Jobso runs for office or releases a solution that allows people to iVote from home, politics isn't iDevice related.

As George would say "this iPad isn't rocket surgery. I understoodafied that. It helps me to thinkifacate."

Tome posts, "How’s that Hope and Change working out for all you Bush-hating drones?!"
There in lies the real problem with our system. People are so easily swayed by catch phrases and also have terrible short-sightedness for results.

They should make an iPad app where it shows you how much coke to form into a line to get a good hit. You could adjust the size of the line depending on how effed up you want to be. Could the iPad touchscreen also be used as a scale to weigh out ganja? I don't think so but it would sure be handy. Just sayin

@Farmdreads is that really relevant to this story whatsoever? I mean, honestly -- Why?... "Just sayin".

@jeff Higgins, you are so far off. Seems like you are profiling me. I know the word "profiling" is a dirty word for you liberal hypocrites. So practice what you preach!
Bush didn't have the highest iq, granted, but he was 1000 times the man and a president that Barack hussein Osama will ever be.

Well hope and change is actually working here after devastating 2008-2009... And I'm living in deep south. Hate to say but rapture ain't probably gonna happen.

It's so funny and cool how we talk about are presidents!!!!!!!!!!!! There not really in charge...a group of 40 rich men are the ones that are in charge of America and the world!!!

@IRoo are any of these posts relevant to this story? All people are doing are going back and forth about how bad of a president Bush and Obama are, which are ALL JUST OPINIONS!! I'm just trying to throw some humor into a pointless thread. Sorry if your humor level is too low to find it funny. I'll keep my posts plain and boring in the future. No let me get back to my book about an invisible guy in the sky and his zombie son. Good day.

Well there are worse addictions. I spend a great deal of time on my iPad. But if Laura was there I would totally hit that instead. BTW Laura you can play Scrabble either trading the iPad back and forth or by using two iPod touches as letter racks.
As to the politics, President Bush really didn't spin out until Rumsfield left. He spent like a drunken sailor, and picked one too many fights but on the whole we did OK. So now we have this other guy in there that makes Bush look like a miser. Like Bush in Iraq, President Obama has blown all his political capital on a healthcare policy that demands huge outlays with no end in sight.
I can accept both might have needed doing, if done correctly, but we just don't have the cash.

Where the hell is Rene? He is usually all over these offensive and rude posts like a bat out of hell. Must be on vacation.

It's because bush is an idiot. Ipads are only for illiterates and computer idiots

If Bush can use an iPad, then the iPad will be HUGELY SUCCESSFUL!
If Bush can use an iPad, then the user interface is so good, an idiot can use it
We already know that 1 y.o. kids can use the iPad.
This goes to show you how good the iPad is compared to the competition.