Prototype of Amazon's smartphone leaks out, could make iOS 7 parallax look tame by comparison

Amazon smartphone

Today we're getting our first look at what may well be Amazon's first foray into the smartphone arena, courtesy of a scoop from BGR. What we see here is a prototype, BGR writes, and clearly shows some of the interesting hardware features. A series of cameras on the front of the 4.7-inch device are said to be of the infrared variety, used to track your face and eyes to change how things look on the display, giving a 3D effect without the usual 3D hangups.

We've previously seen 3D display devices die on the vine, some years ago, not really making it past a single generation of phones and tablets.

There's also supposed to be a 13-megapixel rear camera and a traditional front-facing camera as well.

Rumors of an Amazon smartphone have circulated for years — as early as 2012, actually. The Wall Street Journal last week reported that some sort of 3D phone would be ready to ship in September.

Source: BGR

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Reader comments

Prototype of Amazon's smartphone leaks out, could make iOS 7 parallax look tame by comparison


this is exactly what i (and a number of other bloggers on this site) said at the time ios7 was released,

why did apple go flat for the design of ios7, why didn't they say to microsoft "fair enough ms, you'll go flat, we'll go 3d, or something like that", this type of innovation is what we expect from apple, not from the likes of amazon

Really? Seems like every time I come to any Apple centric forum people are hating on the whole parallax thing in iOS 7. Now Amazon is rumored to put 3D in a phone and it's like the collets thing ever? Didn't HTC already do 3D with the Evo? Are they still even making 3D phones?

How am I hating on the parallax effect, it's was an opinion I was commenting on with the general direction apple took after ms did the flat theme, NOT a comment on the parallexing effect!!! AND a fare few people said the same on why apple went flat so I wasn't hating on the parallax effect. Get your facts right before you make a comment, and the last time I checked this is a blog where people state their opinions so... Stop trolling

And in response to your questions, do you think you know more than the business analysts at amazon???

But their OS will still be an android fork (without google support) and that's what is off-putting for me.

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3D is pretty stupid in a movie theater too, except maybe for Gravity and that might only be due to me trippin on shrooms at the time.

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Seems kind of funny to me that if this exact same leak had been about the iPhone iMore wouldn't have posted it.

Tracking eye position could enable the phone to appear transparent by scaling the image from the rear camera appropriately. Also could be used to unlock the phone without a pass code since the phone can map your face in 3D.

ugh... 3D?... It was cool on the 3DS for a week and on the Evo 3D years ago with maybe one movie, but don't start beating that dead horse again. The market has spoken and 3D is not what consumers want.