Prudent parenting in the age of digital photography

David Barnard of App Cubby has a great post up, sharing his thoughts on how to responsibly handle things like GPS geo-location information in photos, to protect his children's privacy while not giving into technophobia or paranoia.

What’s even more alarming is that most of my photos are taken with an iPhone, which means they have GPS data embedded. I’ve always been leery of the cost and security implications of backing up photos online, so short of my computer having been hacked none of those photos have ever been exposed online. But now with iCloud and other automatic backup solutions, any photo I take is uploaded almost instantly.

We've posted a tip on how to disable geo-location from the Camera app and strip GPS data from old photos, if that's what you choose to do. Give David's post a good read before you make up your mind though.

Source: App Cubby

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Prudent parenting in the age of digital photography