PSA: The new iPad won't do FaceTime over LTE

FaceTime on the iPad

Attention avid video callers: according to early reviews, the new 3rd-generation iPad won't be able to make FaceTime calls over LTE. Given how popular we're all expecting the new iPad to be, I wouldn't be surprised if carriers put the lock-down on FaceTime in order to keep their LTE networks speedy. Alternatively, Apple may have set a high bar for FaceTime performance, and aren't 100% confident that LTE isn't reliable enough, even with its high transfer speeds when you've got coverage.

The funny thing is, you could use an iPhone as a portable hotspot to get FaceTime on the new iPad, or vice versa if you're packing an iPhone 4 and an LTE iPad with hotspot enabled. In any case, for the vast majority of iPad fans this is not going to be a dealbreaker. Anyone who's really dying for video calling through a cellular network can always pick up the Skype app for iPad.

Source: The Verge

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Reader comments

PSA: The new iPad won't do FaceTime over LTE


While i'm sure Tango might be on par or even superior, the problem is getting people you know to install it, set up an account, etc. With facetime, that headache is eliminated in that it's already built in and easy to use.

With Tango there is no headache, you just type your number and thats it, I would say its actually easier since it also separates who has tango and who doesnt have tango

"Alternatively, Apple may have set a high bar for FaceTime performance, and aren’t 100% confident that LTE isn’t reliable enough,"

Tango is BEYOND garbage quality when compared to facetime though... go ahead and run a test and see for yourself.

Wow. Pretty lame, when every other video chat app (skype, tango, fring, etc.) let you chat over 3G. Why would Apple limit this? Yes, it takes data, but it's YOUR data and LTE is faster than Wifi in some places.

No biggie to me... I got a jailbroken iPhone 4 (with Siri) and 3G unrestrictor so I can use FaceTime wherever on 3G or WiFi... And I can use it to tether the iPad to give it 3G and facetime wherever too....

Skype, Tango, Yahoo Messenger, and others. Who needs facetime? They all work over 3g or att's fake 4g. I don't get why they block it.