QBracelet wrist battery is stylish, gives you half a charge for $100


There's something to be said for convenience and fashion in one, though we might have to question just how convenient the battery-as-a-bracelet QBracelet really is. The band splits in the middle, with a hinge on one side and your choice of a microUSB plug or Apple Lightning connector on the other. Simply pop it off your wrist and plug into the charge port on your phone to juice up. But how much juice are you looking at? Not enough, especially not for the $99 asking price. It's not a smartwatch — it's just a battery, for your wrist.

Inside the curved metal shell of the Qbracelet you'll find 1160mAh of battery. That's good for a touch over half a charge on an iPhone 5s, and let's not mention the dent that'd hardly put in an iPad's battery, or the inevitably-larger battery of the iPhone 6. But hey, it comes in your choice of brushed silver, gold, and black, or matte black or white. And it measures 8mm thick and weights up to 1.6 oz (depending on the size you choose). That counts for something, right?

The QBracelet is up for pre-order now, and they're even offering a discount to $79.99 for those that do pre-order. The question is, even at that price, is the QBracelet something you really want dangling on your wrist when a much-larger-capacity battery can be had for much lower cost and just reside in your bag or pocket?

Source: QBracelet

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QBracelet wrist battery is stylish, gives you half a charge for $100


I guess for an early adopter it would be good and I think the concept is great. It aint for me but honestly I hope it sells well so they will continue to develop and put in more battery and expand to more types of jewelry. I don't wear watches/jewely but I do carry a back up battery and though it is light, it's still one more thing in my pocket. Something like this seams lighter and would be one less thing in my pockets.

stylish??? really iMore??? this thing looks like one side of a pair of handcuffs... I guess they are stylish if you are into that sorta thing...

Cool idea but should be able to charge up to 100%. I returned my lightning mophie key chain for the fact it only have me 50% charge

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