Beginner tip: How to quickly type domain suffixes on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever wondered how to quickly type a domain suffix on the iPhone or iPad? The iPhone and iPad keyboard are software, not hardware, so they can re-configure themselves to suit whatever task you're doing at the moment. When you're in Safari or Mail, that can often mean entering a website or email address such as "". To help make things faster, the keyboard gives you a special ".com" key so you can just tap it and save yourself a few precious moments. (Hey, they all add up!). But what if you don't want ".com" but a different domain suffix? What if you want ".net" instead? Simple:

  • Hold down the ".com" button
  • A popup will appear with ".net", ".edu" and ".org" buttons
  • Slide your finger to the one you want and let go
  • The proper domain suffix will be entered in for you

Bonus tip: If you live outside the US and have an international keyboard setup, you'll get your region's domain suffixes instead, i.e. ".ca", "", etc.

Let us know how it works for you and if you have any questions, ask in the comments!

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Reader comments

Beginner tip: How to quickly type domain suffixes on iPhone and iPad


Add more domains?
Hit: Settings-> General->Keyboard-> International Keyboards
Add as many keyboards as you want (French Canadian I think will give you .ca for example)

I find this no faster than typing out the letters. For 3 letter suffixes (3 letters + the period), I think a lot of people can type it out faster than waiting for the popup to appear. If it was a 5 letters, maybe.

Wow. This tip is soo 2 Years To late but it did remind me of another similar shortcut. If you are that type of person (no pun intended) who has multiple keyboards including emoji's and hate having to revert back to your native keyboard by having to cycle through hitting the "globe" icon. Just hold down that icon and select your keyboard from the popup menu, faster than hitting the button numerous times and wasting time. I've had iPhone since the original and just this week I have learned of this shortcut. It must be a recent software update that allowed this to happen.
So this is a similar one that couldve been a little more useful to change keyboards on the fly.

I actually really like this tip. I've been wondering for ages how to add a .ca shortcut. I only wish there were a dedicated English Canada keyboard so I could get rid of the useless French canada one

I'm with Wongnog....only the french canadian keyboard allows .ca...There's no option in English to use .ca...Also, for me, I am a grammar nut and prefer to use proper Canadian/British English, however, if I use the British English keyboard, I get British punctuation as primary (i.e. the pound symbol vs. the dollar sign).

Next quick tip. Hit the little plastic button on the bottom and it will take you to the home screen. Jeez, waste of a tip since it's so old.

One that's often overlooked: use two fingers to scroll through text boxes within web pages—like the forums!

I knew that already. But, I'm in Belgium, and I'm using the French keyboard with the Belgian regional format. The problem is that ".fr" shows up when I press ".com" and never ".be". Any idea on how to solve this little problem ?

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