RadioShack will sell iPad 2 starting tomorrow, march 29th

According to a tip over at MacRumors (which has since been confirmed by store representatives), RadioShack will begin offering the iPad 2 for sale across 500 US retail locations starting tomorrow.

We are thrilled that iPad 2 will be available at 500 RadioShack locations across the country starting March 29! Details have been sent to these stores.

With online orders still pushing 3-4 weeks and most Apple Stores selling out shortly after receiving shipments, taking your chances at a 3rd party physical location like RadioShack has its benefits. With Apple adding RadioShack as a sales channel this may help ease strain on local availability across retail outlets, making it easier to pick one up without ordering online.

Any readers planning on hitting up your local RadioShack tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!


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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

RadioShack will sell iPad 2 starting tomorrow, march 29th


With pretty much every other place sold out, I'd love to know where they're getting the inventory for these 500 new stores. Or at least how many might be available.

Funny, I was just at an apple store today and they had zero iPads... Getting a little frustrated with the situation.

called all three radio shacks within a half mile of my office. they're all going to have the iPad 2 when the store opens, but in very limited supply (which shouldn't surprise anyone), yet I'm still leaving home an hour early to see if I can grab one.

QVC sells iPad original, and iPod touch for easy pay. Only problem they add accessories you do not really need for toouch jacking up the price, but 4 easy payments may be the ticket if you are short. I am sure they will get the iPad 2 sooner, or later

The iPad 2 Locator at allows you to search both Target and Radio Shack locations to see if they have the iPad 2 in stock. You can see real time Target inventory broken down by model, and it will show only the Radio Shack locations confirmed to have inventory tomorrow morning.
People are still lining up at Apple stores at 4AM, but it's not hard to find an iPad 2 elsewhere if you know where to look. I got the priviledge to use the Xoom..Before you go out to buy this Ipad2 I encourage you to look beyond.. The xoom is amazing and very useful..I have an Touch so there is no need to buy an Ipad2...The xoom will take the place of your laptop..Try it out and is a wonder.

Thanks for the tip, however iPad 1 already replaced my laptop, and now iPad 2 has upped the ante even more. You said you own an iPod Touch, however you are off if you think an iPad is a iPod Touch on steroids. I use all iWork programs, Docs To Go for MS Word, Excel and PP. You cannot use the iWork suite of programs on a touch.
iPad 2 does everything I need to the point I do not use a laptop anymore. discovered a hidden page listing all stores that will carry the iPad 2.

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What a joke... I went to my Radio Shack in Manhattan and they had TWO (total!). I was the 2nd person on line (got there about 30 mins before they opened) and the guy in front of my got a 32gb black wi-fi and the other one they had was a 16gb wi-fi (which I did not buy).
Don't waste your time going... I'm sure if the Radio Shack in Manhattan was only delivered two then every Radio Shack was given two also...
The only good thing is they put my name first on the list for when the next shipment arrives and will hold a 32gb or 64gb for me... The manager said they were told they'd be receiving more this week, but who knows.
So it looks like Apple sold 1,000 total iPads to Radio Shack (2 each for the 500 stores that are getting it)

Go to B&H Photo in NYC, they had alot of ipad 2's yesterday. I snatched one up. I called them on the phone and they held it for me:)

I went to the one in San Diego late. they seemed to open earlier than listed on their site. anyway, I asked and they had FIVE ipads before they sold out.

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