Regarding the iPad 3 mark II

Regarding the iPad 3 mark II

Back in August iMore reported that Apple was planning to update all current iOS devices to the new Lightning connector. That included the new iPad (iPad 3) that went on sale last March. Today MacRumors reported a developer had started seeing iPad 3,6 show in his or her app analytics, and what's more, it appeared to be running an iPhone 5-class, ARM v7s-based, Apple A6 custom system-on-a-chip.

We talked about the "iPad 3 mark II" (or rev A, for lack of a better term) on last week's iMore show Sunday edition, but here's the gist -- Apple isn't merely updating the iPad 3 with the Lightning connector because they figure if they're going to update it at all they may as well take the opportunity to make it as good an update as they can. That could include the Apple A6 processor, and the updated Qualcomm LTE 4G chipset. Specifics aside, the goal would be to make the revised iPad 3 run better and cooler. And Apple's not going to want to have 30-pin Dock connectors on Apple Store shelves any longer than absolutely necessary, after all...

Because the iPad 3 was only launched in March, my guess remains that Apple won't make a big deal out of it so as not to cause any negative push-back from original iPad 3 customers. If anything, it'll simply be announced as the same iPad with the updated connector, for anyone who wants such a thing. Apple has performed minor internal updates on devices before, and even released an original iPhone with a higher storage option mid-cycle in 2008.

It's our understanding that Apple has the revised iPad 3 ready to go. In previous years, however, iMore and others have heard about Apple preparing new iPads before the holidays, only to have them ultimately hold back until the traditional spring launch window. For major new features like Retina display, and given the market, that made sense. Apple could easily sell a Lightning connector (plus) iPad 3 revision now, and still keep an iPad 4 on the product roadmap for 2013.

If Apple does choose to launch the revised iPad 3 this fall, it should be alongside the new iPad mini, which as of the iPhone 5-launch was still scheduled for an October debut and a $200 - $250 starting price point.

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Reader comments

Regarding the iPad 3 mark II


This is going to cause some big issues. If the Rev II iPads last longer, are lighter and faster it's going to cause a lot of anger.

I understand your frustration. It's unconscionable that Apple would actually improve a product before you're ready to buy it.

Why would you get upset? Is your iPad going to instantly combust and turn to ash?

It's called the advancement of technology. So just because you chose to be a first adopter in March, everyone after that should be forced to buy the same model, when Apple could provide a much better model for the same price until the new release of the iPad 4?

Let's say apple doesn't come out with this anytime soon, how would that make any difference to you? Your iPad will be the same, provide the same experience whether or not there is a better ipad released or not.

so, the 4" iPad (iPod touch) is $299 and the 7" iPad is going to be $200? Interesting...

Nope, it wont be $200!

They can definitely charge a premium for it being "an iPad" over the Nexus ( the brand is stronger and the software base is compelling.)

4" iPod Touch (I love the look of it!) has the same Retina Display as the iPhone, and 32GB of space. I really was hoping that they would sell a $249 16GB and $199 8GB version.

Essentially, the 8" iPad would have similar internals, and a lower quality screen, but a bigger battery. I could see an 8GB version of it for $249.

I don't know why people get upset at these kinds of updates. It happens with almost every product category. The difference being you don't hear or know about it unless you do some digging or are into it like people are into tech. If you're not happy with what you bought now, you won't be happy with it next March either which is just around the corner. Understand anything you buy is old even before it hits production.

I would like to add that I too just recently bought my New iPad and even if they do the refresh it I wont bat a negative eye as I am supremely happy with this iteration of the tablet. I upgraded from the 1st gen and the difference is (obviously) quite astonishing, especially where performance is concerned. Granted I do have the iPhone 5 and I can tell the processor in it is definitely more powerful when it comes to certain graphically intensive games but overall the new iPad is still an extremely capable machine and should easily last you till the 5th generation comes out in 2014 in my opinion.

I agree. I got the new iPad on launch day and am extremely happy. It's going to take hell of a spec boost for me to upgrade In 2013. Granted I upgraded from a 4s to a 5 but the bigger screen and LTE was worth it! All the other upgrades were icing on the cake.

We all know how techs rapidly get enhanced and the competition is very stiff. Tech businesses NEED to be very flexible and more responsive so as not to get outdone by their competitors, all looking for our hard earned cash.

In my opinion, Apple iPad still has greater potentials a bit far ahead and yet unreached. There is no need to be unhappy with whatever one has got, if it still meet your needs. More importantly, since successful businesses operate strategically to remain a success, consumer on the other hand need do the same. These devices are pricey and in order to have value for money, our investments need be future-proof at the time of purchase. This can only be done by following trends before parting with our money. Its like bankers and stock-brokers/investors, they constantly monitor market dynamics, knowing when and what to buy or not, sell or not, just to make that margin.

My advise, be very happy if you have got iPad 3 and wait for iPad 5 or better still, iPad 6. When the iPad gets a quad-core processor, alongside its quad-core graphics, then its beginning to approach maturity.

As we all know, Apple does not do multi-variations of the same product (unlike most others), they can only remain competitive by quickly adopting and implementing advanced and improved components in their products. This has been Apple's approach to doing multi-variations.

Consider the Macbook pros, there was early 2011 and late 2011 editions, but quickly adopted the latest processors from Intel early 2012 simply because of the SIGNIFICANT difference of the processor feature. So the overrider is if the leap in technology is significant, Apple will quickly implement these even in a rather advanced and better fashion.

Thank you.

It's important to note that the iPad 3 still doesn't have LTE outside of North America, so they'd probably like to have a world iPad that can hop onto European and Asian networks.

Iportant point: What the hell is an iPad 3? Apple relase the NEW iPad this Spring and dropped the number, breaking away from a reliably annual update to the device (evidence of this is the tick-tock #/#S iPhone naming/update schedule). In my humble estimation based on a lot of gut instinct is that Apple decided 6 months ago that they were going to update the iPad as much as they want, whenever they damn well please.

There is no iPad 3, or Mark II or Rev A. There is only the NEW new iPad.

And what's going to happen when a newer model is released???

Is is it going to be called the 'new' new iPad???
(Repairs for an onslaught of 'The New Seekers' references!!!!!!)