Review + giveaway: Spiderarm articulated stand for iPad

"From kitchen to office to bedroom, the Spiderarm holds your iPad in almost any position, at almost any angle, making it the perfect companion for reading, watching, and working."

The Spiderarm is an enormously cool articulated stand for the iPad. While it might look like something out of Terminator, this decidedly non-robotic stand is composed of several sections, combined together with a ball joints that is both easy to move and solid enough to stay in place.

I love the spiderarm and use it all the time. I even use it to keep track of the chat room during our live podcast shows. You can vary the amount of sections you use to change the length of the Spriderarm. You can also choose between clamping it somewhere convenient but non-permanent, or screwing it into a wall for the long term.

The ball joint connects to the frame that holds your iPad in place and offers pretty much 360 degrees of movement so not only can you get the arm itself positioned just the way you want, your can angle the iPad to avoid reflections and create the best reading or viewing angle possible. Just tighten the joint to hold it in place, loosen to get it moving again.

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Spiderarm stand for iPad 2


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The Good

  • Can be mounted in a multitudes of places
  • Ball joints are solid, move easily, and stay where you put them
  • Holds your iPad so you don't have to!

The Bad

  • Due to the length, it can shake when you move it
  • Because it clamps or screws in, moving it can be more involved.

The Conclusion

From kitchen to office to bedroom, the Spiderarm holds your iPad in almost any position, at almost any angle, making it the perfect companion for reading, watching, and working.

The giveaway

Leave a comment below to enter to win a FREE Spiderarm of your very own!

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Reader comments

Review + giveaway: Spiderarm articulated stand for iPad


I've been needing something like this for so long. Counter and desk space is at a premium for me, and due to a hand/wrist condition, I can only hold a tablet for a limited amount of time. Hoping to win my first giveaway here!!!

This is great! I tried making my own articulated arm iPad stand a few months ago with a poor result. Great to see that this market is growing! I'd love if it mine worked as well as this one.

Oh my, I loved this just from reading about it, but when I watched the video... now I have to have one! Please... :)

That is sick! It would go great on my desk for using my iPad for my school work. Hook me up Georgia peach!

This is the next thing I have been shopping for in my house with a few iPads. I'd love to have this by my bed side.

This looks like a great product! I would love to have one for the bedroom! Especially love the portability! Please pick me, I never win anything!

THIS would be perfect for my wife. We use the iPad to display IPcams in the kids rooms at night. I could mount this thing to the headboard! Would be so grateful to win one of these!

This looks like it'd be really handy in our kitchen, to hold the iPad in a good location out of reach of our toddler (who can now reach stuff on the counters).

I would love this in my kitchen and computer room. Would help me cut down on having to move everything out of the way to lay it down. I would love one.

I want hits fr reading in bed. I use the Kindle app to read before falling asleep. This will prevent me from nodding off and dropping my Pad2!

Hoping to win one. Love the concpet of having it hang over the kitchen, browsing recipes, music, or playing a video. Great entertainment for everyone.

The grandkids would love this for the bedroom. They can lay on the bed and read their ebooks. Gotta have this one, please.

This looks really cool. My wife uses her iPad on the bed and gets tired of holding it or looking down at it. She'd love something like this.

I have the perfect spot or this... I am a broom maker in a historic village type setting and I use square as my cash register. This would allow me to securely mount the iPad, but keep it out of the way until needed. Cool!

I'm an artist...I use my iPad for reference while painting. It's great as I can zoom into a particular area for detail. Please consider me :)
www. kurtlewis . com

This is the only TiPb giveaway I have ever entered. I WANT THIS BAD! Truth be told, I want three of them.

I read the Imoore web page on my ipad2 before I wake up. I be great to have a spider arm so I can attach it to my bed. Also Georgia that was a great video.

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This is a must get for at least three rooms in my house. Plus it will avoid any possibility that my iPad will get flagged like the book George took into the bathroom at Brentano's......

Would be awesome to use for my 2 young boys so they can see and not touch and my wife could use it for kitchen recipes sign me up for the giveaway.

This would be so awesome for me since I have a sit/stand center from Ergotron and this would allow me to easily keep the iPad at eye level!

This would make reading "There's a Monster at the End of This Book" to my daughter a lot more fun! I've seen similar advertised items but with much shorter and questionable arms.

Mount this on my son's bunk bed and we'll NEVER get him out of his room! Yet here I am, still asking for a free one anyway! ;)

Hmmm...I wonder if I can rig it to make the teleprompter software we use for filming even better. Thank you for the review and opportunity.

I've bought several types of stands, looking for the perfect hands-free FaceTime set up. This looks more promising than any I've found so far.

This would make reading the iMore blog so much easier while laying in bed! Please put me down for a chance to win one.

Hi Georgia, I'd like very much to submit my hands-free designer floor stand for iPad/tablets/eReaders, called the FLOTE™ for your review and giveaway opportunity (if you agree it's a great product of course). FLOTE was recently a successful Kickstarter project. Please send info to Thanks!

My wife has been looking for something like that in the kitchen for her iPad when she is using it to refer to her recipes

I love it - just perfect for my bedroom, kitchen and living room. I have tried a multitude of gizmos from pillow type to wierd stands to fold type. I think this would be perfect. Please enter me in your drawing.

This is a great system for the iPad2. I would like to understand how two places in the home to use it can be accomplished simply by disconnecting the iPad with its holder from one location and replacing it at another. What extra parts, if needed, are available?

With a spiderarm articulated stand for the iPad incorporated ,
my performance setup will be uncluttered giving me more artistic expression and visual stage presence.
Also ,being in the setting of entertainment,Would be exposed to the inquiring minds who come to look at my setup.
Get the picture.

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I think this would be great for my sister. She is wheelchair bound and I am looking for something to clamp onto her tray.