Review + giveaway: Griffin Woogie plush toy case for iPhone and iPod touch

The Woogie by Griffin is a soft, plush, huggable, toy that doubles as an iPhone or iPod touch case. It's meant for children, to give them something to hold up their iPod touch for easy game playing or video watching, or to protect your iPhone if you're letting them use it.

With big round body and five legs, the Woogie is easy to position whether it's on the floor, a table, in a car, or on a lap. It comes in either pink or blue and the big round body is soft and fuzzy/furry to the touch. Even on its own could be a fun toy for a young child but what makes it even better is the clear, capacitive window in the front that holds an iPod touch or iPhone. Kids can cuddle the toy and play with the device right through the window, and if they drop it or knock it or kick it, the plushie offers a lot of protection.

Review: Griffin Woogie plush toy case for iPhone and iPod touch

The good

  • Soft, cute, and cuddly
  • Weighted feet so stays in place
  • Makes an iPhone or iPod touch harder to lose
  • Hold up to the bumps and drops kids are likely to put it through.

The bad

The bottom line

The Woogie is great for young children, wether around the house or to take on a trip. It's huggable, luggable, and colorful for them, and easy to find and safer to keep an iPhone or iPod touch in for you. That's a really smart combination.

Review: Griffin Woogie plush toy case for iPhone and iPod touch

The giveaway

Leave a comment below telling us why you'd like a Woogie of you very own. Only one comment per person, please! Make sure you leave a real email address. We won't share it but we'll need it to contact you if you win! Contest starts now and ends Friday, January 13 at 12pm PT. Now hurry up and enter!

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There are 90 comments. Add yours.

fayek says:

this is almost as bad as that crocs iphone case....... almost.

JoziGrrl says:

It's adorable, forget my 4 year old, I'd keep it for myself for smiles during the day. I'd share (sometimes) but it's cute and when those younger nieces and nephews arrive I won't be so paranoid about my iPod Touch.

prewanabe says:

My daughter would probably like this.

Randy Rydeen says:

My daughter would love this.

cubanhoya says:

My daughter would love this!

Mark says:

Awesome! Would love to win this.

John Luke says:

I want one just cause it's weird...

maxiang says:

End of video is priceless :D

Kristy_Lyn says:

I have 5 and 7 year old boys that are always using the iPod, this would be a great case to keep it from getting lost, and great protection just have to keep it away from the dogs! LOL

placa5150 says:

My daughter would absolutely love this! says:

That is the cutest nerdiest stuffed animal i have ever seen. It's the kind of thing Erkel would carry around!

Sean Medina says:

Would make a great gift for my niece!

jake.orlan says:

I would use it to play with my cousins! They broke my last iPhone but there too cute to get mad at!

djayme7 says:

to cuddle with my phone

matthew23 says:

My 6 month old son Luca would love this! He already plays baby piano on my iPhone and this would make it even more fun! Plus, my wife has an android so this would sway him ever so close towards iOS!!!! (Not that he even knows what any of that means!!!(

julio says:

I'd like this for my friends kids. Him and his wife both have iPhones, and they got 4 kids, oldest is in kindergarten. They cry to use the iPhone but the wife already got water damage or her iPhone and they can't risk it happening again. I'd like to give this to them. Thanks iMore.

Justanotherjack says:

You've missed an opportunity for a terrible pun: The Good, the bad, and the cuddly.

Ginbill says:

Ha. I would love to have one of these. I'm a stuffed toy fanatic

Allie says:

My daughter has a folder of her own on my iPhone, with all the apps she likes in it. This would be perfect for when she's playing her games, and would help make me less paranoid about my iPhone getting damaged. Now that i know such a thing exists, I wonder if there are other plush characters being made for the iPhone.

soNburst says:

niece bday coming up in feb. perfect!

Tanker57 says:

New grandson on the way. This might be a good scary toy.

S evans says:

I would love to have this for my kids when they get my iPhone 4s I will know its safe


This would be perfect for my nieces

mlbaker says:

Would be nice for my 3 year old to hold when he gets his hands on my iPod.

Ducimus says:

Gotta have it for my daughter!

jfmorenom says:

I would love one of this for my son!!!

musikaaa says:

Cause it's just so damn cute!

psiclne says:

New iOS user here - would love to win this for my niece!

b-sahan says:

I love how everyone is saying they want it for their son/daughter/niece/grandson etc. Everyone just accept it you all want it for yourselves because its so damb cuddly :D I want it for myself!!

Dave says:

I am always afraid my niece will drop the touch while playing with it. This is perfect.

Peter Dunn says:

Would it be weird if I said I could take this to the office with me? Perhaps I should play it safe and say my 3 year old would love this.

checko says:

Would love one of the blue ones since my son loves his ipod but hasn't quite learned how to care for it yet!

Stephxieh says:

I would love one for iPad to snuggle up while watching videos, it would double as a stand and it's adorable!

Imahunnibunni says:

This is very cute & can be useful for parents with small children!

RichieHD#AC says:

This would make a great gift for my sister. I'd love to win it.

Cbay27 says:

This would be fantastic for my 2 year old son who relentlessly hassles me for "Temple Run"

Bryan says:

I don't want one for myself, I want one for my niece! She'd go nuts over it, espeically if it's pink!

John says:

My son would really enjoy this, and his birthday is January 13th!

dawards0628 says:

My 2 year old love his brother iPod touch 4g as well as my iPhone 4s. he likes to watch movies and play nick jr apps. we tend to let him play with these while shopping. he recently threw my older sons iPod in the local walmart and broke the screen. this cuddly case would not only have solved that but also would make for some really nice photo ops when she fell asleep watching movies!!!!!!

Daniel says:

I have a 2.5 month old baby who already has her eye on my iPhone. I need this. :-)

aarontng says:

I would love to have this. My 2 year old loves bugs and buttons and this would make it a lot easier to leave my grasp.

maddmaxx308 says:

My 2 year old daughter is always stealing my iPhone. This would be fantastic for her.
Thanks for the chance to win!

bnpdp says:

I need to wrap up my Ithings.

Berto Salgado says:

My kids would love this. They would be fighting over this. Especially if I put on a Sesame Street video on my phone. Forget about it. This would let me sleep at night! ;-)

Judith Scott says:

My 3y/o grandson has autism. He responds very well to an iPhone or iPod Touch. He is not verbal, but he can use the flash card apps. His therapist likes using it for rewards. I am always worried that he will drop it (or worse, throw it) This seems like a perfect solution

jessedholm says:

I would love one for my 7 year old. He loves playing on my iPhone and his older sisters touch but we are worried he might mishandle it like drop it or get it wet. This is a perfect solution!

Jeanie says:

I would love to win this plus toy case because it reminds me of an actual plushie I have at home, bright pink..cute..I would love to add to my collection of pink cuddlies

Apple_girl says:

I want to win this, it looks kinda cool.

kennerknecht says:

This would be great for my son! He uses my old iPhone 3G to watch videos and play with apps. A Woogie would make it even more fun. And safe too!

Katrina says:

I would absolutely love to have this (for my 3 year old that is). She would have a blast with it and it would protect her itouch or my iphone when she is playing with it. Super cute!

Mellissa Pottle says:

We have an iPod Touch for my little sister (she's 2), but we don't have a good case for her to play with it. This would be perfect and we could let her use it more without being so worried about it being broken.

Darrell Diaz says:

My 10 month daughter loves her gen. 1 iPhone. I looked for the Woogie @Toys R Us and Target around Christmas time but couldn't find it except online, so I wasn't able to get it for her. A pink Woogie would be awesome and help to protect her iPhone while she learns her numbers, animals, colors & shapes! (it would also keep her from snatching her parents' iPhones! Thanks!

mexman410 says:

My one year old is always taking my phone whenever it's unattended and putting it in danger of being broken. This would give me a piece of mind whenever he happened to get his little hands on it.

kk says:

with a child on the way, i need a way to keep my iPhone safe.

jhoove09#IM says:

This case looks awesome. My niece would love this. She plays cut the rope all the time and I wouldn't have to watch her as close if she had this case. And she would have an awesome toy when I wasn't there with the phone.

BeyondtheTech says:

How cute. Would be great in the office and on the train ride for work.

Kyle says:

I would love to surprise my daughter with one of these with an iPhone in it for her birthday next month. Plus pink is her favorite color!!!

Greg says:

I would love to win this for my son. We just got iPhones and ended up giving a iPod touch to him. Unfortunately it was my wife's and has a flower case on it! He is only 3 but he is a boy and needs a more manly case!!!! Poor kid!!!!!

sibebabe says:

My son would really enjoy this. I would love that he can't suck on my iPhone!

Ziltoid says:

I would like to have the one in blue. My son loves plush toys

blair says:

My kids would love this. Its the best of both worlds: a super cool ios device and a stuffie! Daddy also would feel more comfortable letting them play with the iphone or ipod touch. Cheers!

tacogy3 says:

My son would like a blue one

mozyme says:

This case would be great for when my kids are playing Angry Birds...on the iPhone and with the plush Angry Birds.

Billy says:

As an RA at George Mason University, I feel that this would be a great prize to give to one of my residents. Throughout the year they get prizes for participating in activities. The Ladies would really enjoy this adorable case.

peligon1 says:

This is all I ever wanted mommy, please please!! Ok I'll get one but don't your father

peligon1 says:

This is all I ever wanted mommy, please please!! Ok I'll get one but don't tell your father

clee666 says:

kids wants to play angry birds!

Sutasinee says:

My daughter's birthday is coming soon. This will be perfect birthday present for her since she has an iPhone. She can cuddle with Woogie while she watch movie or listen to the music on her iPhone.

pamaf says:

I bet my daughter will love this thing for her B-Day!

Carla says:

My 5 year-old has both an iPod Touch & my old iPhone. The Woogie would be perfect to hold either device when he's playing his educational games, especially a game that requires writing/tracing on the screen, or when he's watching a video. I'd love to win this item and would be willing to provide a review on its use.

damenace says:

Thats so cool!! My daughter would love one!!

Matt says:

My 1st daughter's Woogie came in the mail the same day she fell at daycare. She had to under go a CT scan, a transfer to a children's hospital and an over night stay. My wife grabbed the new Woggie as we were packing our bags to go to the ER. My daughter held and snuggled the Woggie all night at the hospital listening to lullabies.
I recommend the Woggie for anyone with kids and I would like one for my 2nd daughter to have.

I says:

This would be such a great add-on for bed-time-story time. Plus I could then, remove the device and allow my son to sleep with the Woogie.

Jason Anderson says:

My 5 month old son would love this! He already loves my iPhone and iPad and now I could let him use it without putting it in his mouth. A Stuffed toy and iPhone together is a babies dream come true.

Jon says:

I'd like to have one to make it easier for my 2-year-old and 5-year-old daughters to use our iPod Touch 4-gen. I think they'd really like it.

dhero says:

These are beautiful and snuggable, just like Georgia! But I'll need one of each color for my 5.5yo daughter and son, aka, the twins! :)

Joe says:

My daughter's undying affection for stuffed toys along with her broken iPod touch cover come together beautifully in one of these. She gets the soft snuggles as well as protects her iPod touch. Not only would this case never break but I doubt it will ever hit the floor she'd be clutching it everywhere she went! Brilliant!

ThaKrazyOne says:

I already got my daughter the original Woogie, and I'm sure she would love this new one in Pink. It is a great case and toy for little kids. It can take a beating while keeping your iPod or iPhone safe. Highly recommend the woogie.

Jie says:

I love it! it's so cute!!

Denise Conrad says:

Awesome! Who wouldn't love one of them?!? :)

Jilly says:

I know this has nothing to do with the Woogie (which is awesome by the way) but Georgia where did you get that cute Cut the Rope Om Nom TShirt? I just love it.

Kamol says:

My son would love it :)

Stan says:

Perfect for my five year old. Right now tries to prop her iPod up on anything on the table- salt shaker, plate, sugar container. Hope I win. :)

Cheznor says:

I want this so I can use it as an every day case for my iPhone. Maybe then people will stop sitting next to me on the bus.

EJ says:

This is adorable!
I think this would be great if your like laying down on your bed or something on your stomach and you want to play a game or watch a video without holding it. It's really interesting and new. This would also be good for like when my baby cousins and nieces and nephews want to play with it. I'd always be worried if they're gonna break it or something. So yeah! This would be soo awesome!

harinivaskumar says:

My daughter j would definitely LOVE this awesome plushy toy..