Rumor Expounded: More on Potential iPod touch Camera Delay

Yesterday we heard a rumor that Apple may be experiencing problems with the iPod's new camera feature, and those problems could cause a delay.

Today, Hardmac threw in some rumored details about the rumored problems:

The issue would be linked to the new camera module. We did not get any further details, but the problem has been spotted in the first dozen of thousands units produced. Those units have been put aside.

Again, even if true, this would likely only cause a delay in the release of the third generation iPod touch, not its announcement at tomorrow's "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" special music event. This has happened in the past when products weren't quite ready or had last minute spec changes necessitating a delay.

Still, we'll only know for sure when Apple hits the stage.

[via MacRumors]

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Rumor Expounded: More on Potential iPod touch Camera Delay


Probably costs them about $100 to make a thousand units so it's no skin off of their back ;) They will be fine come tomorrow.

Wow that's crazy. They have put out three iterations of the iPhone with no camera hangs that we know of and they mess it up on their fourth try at a device with a camera? I can't imagine this would cause too much of a delay though, they'll sort it out quickly.

Actually, there is not a whole lot of profit margin in the iPod market. They make most of their money off of music, apps, accessories, etc. Producing 1000 units probably cost them over $100,000.

i also believe (just what i think) that the reason why they are having so much trouble is because they are adding an internal camera along with an external and that way they are going to make an application that comes with the ipod called ichat mobile where you can actually talk to people on the ipod and it would be good quality

I think it's been pretty common knowledge that they don't make as much of the iPod Touch device, but basically use it as a sales tool for making money on music and apps at iTunes! They could almost give them away and make money!
Kick Butt

Vert true "kick butt applications"
that's half the reason they do give them out for free during the back to school specials. That and to finish off the old iPods and get ready for the new ones that we will se tomorrow!!!

Other way around. Apple makes margins on hardware like iPhone and iPod touch. Music, apps, etc. are sold at low margin to promote hardware sales. Always been that way AFAIK.

I still don't get why people think an iTablet will be coming. Cool if it does but people, it's an iPod event. Why would they release it an iPod event when they have a computer event in the spring usually?

March - mac and iPhone os upgrades
July - iPhone upgrade
September - iPod upgrades
January - tablet upgrades???
It's on a yearly cycle.

@PUHPUHPUHPENIS Ya that would be sweet if iChat was added in the 3.1 firmware. In fact this has rumored for quite sometime now. This is one of the best apps on Mac and it would be awesome if this was ported to iPhone and the new iPod now that they are going to put a camera in it. This might be something in 4.0 though since this would be huge.

thats bull im pretty sure the cameras were tested and inspected before they were manufactured espcially if they make them in large quantities

I read a while back that eventually we will be able to save the original video when editing. Any word on when this is coming? 3.1?