Rumor: iPad 3 announcement coming in a few weeks?

Rumor: iPad 3 announcement in a few weeks?

Japanese news site macotakara claims Apple will hold an iPad 3 launch event in early February. The report cites sources in the U.S. as well as within the Asian supply chain, and note a release will likely take place in early March.

This falls in line with what iMore has heard about Apple is gearing up for a March 2012 release. Since the iPad 3 seems likely to get a Retina display, designers and developers will need to produce 2x graphics (if they haven't started to already) and the more time they have, the better, especially for gaming companies.

Source: Macotakara

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Reader comments

Rumor: iPad 3 announcement coming in a few weeks?


This rumor is only being circulated so that in a few weeks there will be a blog posting about the "delayed iPad 3 announcement"...

But here's the thing with increasing the graphics... This means apps get bigger in size but we still have the same 16 Gb hard drive... There's a problem here...

I can't wait! I will be in line bright and early the day it comes out. No preording bs. That never works out. Just gonna go the to store at the crack of dawn if necessary. So ready to get rid of my slow ass "crap pad" (this is what we affectionately call my 1st gen iPad at home) Actually I will just be handing the crap pad down to my dear daughter. My husband has iPad 2 and i'm so damn jealous! Ready to turn the tables already!

It will be interesting if there will be any word if the IPad 3 will use Pixel Qi technology or a competing technology in order to allow users to switch between an LCD type screen and a E-Ink looking screen.

Held out for the iPad 2, did not like the camera, so its time for the iPad 3. Use the rear camera on the 4s to scan documents into Evernote. Got spoiled by a great camera. Need the bigger screen, also better display than 1,or 2. March sounds about right.

I've been earning extra money for an ipad and my wife ok'd the purchase. We decided to skip the ipad 2. I'll wait until early February, March or whatever. We don't need the ipad immediatelly and want to maximize our purchase dollars.
I want just one thing over the 2 really. A higher res screen. I'd use it to show photos to friends and family and all the detail really make them pop.
More capacity would be nice but isn't necessary. But given the iphone has a 64gb model from denser chips I bet we'll see at least a doubling of spaceoption.

So you were saying that the iPad Apps will have to be updated with 2x graphics to support iPad3's resolution... Does that mean their prices will be doubled or what?

lol sansumg made the a5 processor yet apple named them the copy cats of 2011 wtf with out sansumg the a5 chip would't have been made. but im a apple fan boy even i thought that was low of apple

An unheralded upgrade that makes sense for Apple is to up the storage capabilities of the iDevices to 32, 64, and 128MB. Put out a 7" or so iPad for $299 to compete with the Kindle Fire. Sure, the profit margins aren't great but Apple needs to get market share in the lower priced tablet arena. Apple once had an uber great machine called the Macintosh in the 1980s, but Apple went for profit margin instead of market share and almost faded into history because of it.

As a ltmgoine Mac guy and Apple fan, I had eagerly planned to buy an iPad. And then: No multitasking, no Flash, no webcam, no So where's the value added? Fuggedaboutit.