Saks Fifth Avenue using 64 iPads for its window display

Saks Fifth Avenue has found a rather innovative way to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out. Working with Stylelist and designer Gin Lane Media, it has produced an interactive window display using sixty four iPads in one window and nine 27-inch Apple Cinema Displays in the other two windows.

“The iPads are running a native iPad application specifically built for the installation,” said Dan Kenger, Digital Creative Director at Gin Lane Media. “Using a local network, which we setup, we are able to get all the iPads to talk to each other as well as perfect the timing to produce elegant fades and control what device should display what.”

The displays will feature images from Stylelist, tweets from around the world and even customer submitted photographs. If you want a chance to get your tweet or picture up on the display, just tag them with the hashtag #StylelistatSaks.

If anyone gets the chance to wander past the display, let us know what you think!

[The Loop]


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Reader comments

Saks Fifth Avenue using 64 iPads for its window display


love how the people in the picture done really give a sh*t. and are all just walking by lol

It's New York! That's what they always do there. Besides they guy in the middle is probably using a BlackBerry.

I've never been to New york but I do know its home to a ton of digital electric video signs. New Yorkers are use to that sort of thing.

Exactly. Plus its New York. they have a ton of video and electric signs... Nothing diferent here.