Samsonite buys case maker Speck for $85 million

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Speck, one of the biggest names in cases, has been purchased by Samsonite, one of the biggest names in luggage, for $85 million. Speck has been around since 2001 and makes cases for all kinds of electronic devices including phones, tablets, MacBooks and e-readers. They have various well-known lines of cases that include the CandyShell, FabShell and PixelSkin for phones as well as the SeeThru and SmartShell for MacBook.

Tom Korbas, Americas president for Samsonite, had this to say:

"The acquisition offers Samsonite the opportunity to participate in the large and growing smartphone-case market, which in the U.S. alone is estimated to be worth $2.3 billion, as well as in the tablet-case market, where Speck is also a leader,"

According to NPD, Speck is among the four largest smartphone accessory makers with the likes of Belkin, Otter and Incipio. While Samsonite does not currently make any smartphone cases, their products can typically be found alongside Speck products at airport stores and kiosks.

Source: re/code

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Samsonite buys case maker Speck for $85 million


I feel like no one will see much of a difference as long as customers don't feel that there is a quality downgrade. One the surface it would seem as if the companies operate in similar categories.

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If anything a big company like Samsonite will add value and design into Speck. I find many of their cases overpriced and ugly as sin. The candyshell cases scratch to hell in 5 minutes after to put it on.