Samsung switches to advertising the iPad, knocking their own displays

Samsung switches to advertising the iPad, knocking their own displays

Say what you want about Apple's ambitious Your Verse campaign for the iPad Air, but one thing you won't see in it is any device from any competitor. Like all of Apple's ads of late, it focuses exclusively on showing us what we can do with the technology in our hands, from the tops of mountains to the bottom of the sea. Samsung, on the other hand... well... where to begin?

I realize rewarding negative attention seeking just reaffirms that kind of marketing model, but I also realize media needs to not just be consumed but digested.

In the first ad, Samsung wants us to believe a baby will stop crying if only it can get a tiny thumbnail of a cartoon, with audio mixed and mashed up against sports commentary, and various widgets and keyboards popping up all over the place, on a Galaxy Tab. (Yes, like an animal.)

There's no way a real dad, in the real world, wouldn't just let his crying baby enjoy his entertainment full screen, full sound on the iPad while he catches up on his sports on the iPhone that's no doubt in his pocket.

Now, I'm not going to argue that multi-windowing isn't convenient in some use cases — Apple's rumored to be working on it for a future version of iOS — but torturing a baby certainly isn't one of them. (Also, according to the fine print, Samsung is only providing multi-windowing on "select apps", not system wide — the price of not controlling their own software stack.)

The second ad, the one on AMOLED vs. LCD/LED, is even more interesting. Time was AMOLED had tons of compromises, including goofy pentile subpixels on large displays, overblown saturation, and decreased lifespan of blue elements. The technology has come a long way since then. However, Apple obviously doesn't think it's come far enough to be deployed at iPad scale yet. Instead, they're sticking with in-plane switching LCD with LED backlight, a whopping 62% of which were reportedly manufactured by... wait for it...


Yeah. Awkward. But that pretty much sums up several of Samsung's recent anti-Apple ads. Instead of spending half of these commercials showing me an iPad, spend all of them showing me what a Galaxy Tab can do. Just please, pretty please, hire Pacific Helm or the Iconfactory to fix the interface first. Oh, and on getting better voice actors.

Then everyone will benefit.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Samsung switches to advertising the iPad, knocking their own displays


Thank you! If out of that entire article the only quibble is whether or a not a full screen video reduced to less than one quarter size is "tiny" vs. just "annoying small" then we're off to a good start indeed.

I could never watch, much less enjoy, a video amid that much interface noise. Just like I can't watch a video on an iPhone in the YouTube app in portrait mode.

Horrible experience.

I mean, I personally disagree with the notion that there's an "incorrect" method of advertisement. I think guerrilla warfare is Samsung's style; it's kinda what we expect from them now. And I think that's okay.

I DO however agree that at the end of the day, Samsung's product is what matters. I personally know a lot of people that are extremely satisfied with TouchWiz and its implementation of split screen type feature. That's anecdotal of course, but I'm sure its representative of a larger subset of people, otherwise Samsung probably wouldn't exist anymore.

I just think they're never gonna win the iPhone crowd over without building an elegant, end-to-end software and hardware product. And that segment is clearly what they (and everyone else) are after.

So yeah, basically I agree with you on some points, disagree on others.

You would rather have access to only one window vs two on a 12" tablet? Have you used snap on the surface? Or multi window on a galaxy tab? Both genuinely useful. That just smacks of sour grapes Rene.

Apple will do it right I suppose, years late to the party, and only their core apps supported initially. But it will be done right from a consistency perspective?

What's with these posts Rene? You're better than this shit.

This usually works better if you actually read what I write :)

I like the idea of multi-windowing, but like many things, the key the implementation. Microsoft's is system-wide, which I think is way better than Samsung's.

There are apps on iOS that split the screen between browser and note taker, which can be convenient, but since it's not system-wide, it's not likely to move any real utility needles.

"Years late to the party" is interesting. Pre-iOS 8 apps were fixed target (literally pixel perfect). That doesn't really allow for system-level multi-windowing.

That followed a deliberate philosophy of full-screen apps. Remember, the iPad wasn't designed for geeks but for mainstream people for whom traditional computers and their windowing systems were inaccessible, confusing, and off-putting.

If adaptive layout in iOS 8 ultimate results in multi-window apps (and yes, at a system-wide level) that'll be a concession towards a maturing market and, yes, geeks. Hopefully it'll be implemented in such a way that it doesn't harm accessibility (for everyone).

There's also priorities. No platform can do all things, all at once.

It's taking Google until Android L to get consistent, high performance interface animations into Android. Apple did that in iOS 1.0.

It'd be easy to make fun of Android for that, but having a rough inkling of how hard it is to go back and retrofit that kind of stuff — like how hard it was for Apple to implement Extensibility in iOS — all I want to say is 'thank you'.

Rene, I read it, twice. I listen to 100% of your stuff (particularly like Review/Ad Hoc - you should do The Breakfast Club). But I cannot agree here. The Surface/Win 8 implementation is easily the best, as it's conceptually aware, so opening a mail hyperlink shows the relevant split with IE11 - I've not seen better on any platform, but only now using a SP3 is the screen really big and dense enough to make it work for me. (On the available Win 8 tablets).

The Samsung version is way behind, but you still have the choice of opening the relevant app manually, which can be really useful, system wide or not. I would rather have it work on all/some/most than none or few. I'm not a huge Android fan, especially on tablets, but for this screen size and the OS I think they are making a decent fist of it vs iOS. I think you need a minimum screen size though, and 12" seems to be it (or relative size on a smartphone) vs text render.

Being able to split the screen between mail and real racing isn't useful, so it doesn't have to be system wide, it's best used with core apps such as mail/calendar/notes/tasks/maps/social/messaging/IM/browser. Things you would be using in relation to each other, or copying and pasting from one to the other. It doesn't really have to be every app to be genuinely effective.

" The Surface/Win 8 implementation is easily the best, as it's conceptually aware, so opening a mail hyperlink shows the relevant split with IE11 - I've not seen better on any platform, but only now using a SP3 is the screen really big and dense enough to make it work for me. (On the available Win 8 tablets)."

Oh dear, a Microsoft true believer. You sound like the guy who learning to water ski hold onto the rope after falling in the vague hope that he'll rise again. Instead of letting go and stating over.

Fixed target is not really relevant I believe, as everyone followed a policy with full screen did they not (as until recently the hardware didn't really support otherwise), but it has now for a time. At least in the mobile/mobile tablet space. (Web OS sort of an exception as it was so easy to move between two apps).

No platform promises to, but pushing the boundaries instead of waiting in the wings gets my vote every time. Hence a longtime Nokia fan, they led the way in innovation, not polish. I realize the counter argument, especially now they've been subsumed by MS, but waiting to see the next Nokia madness was a genuine thrill for me growing up.

Apple did give a slick interface in 1.0, but don't forget it was at the expense of any genuine/perceived functionality of the day, C&P, multitasking etch. Yes they won out, and added it in later, but I were to give you a choice of retro phones to accomplish a modern task with would you choose the original iPhone? I doubt it.

These ads are probably doing the opposite of what they were intended for, and contributing to the reduction in sales and revenues of Samsung's mobile products (except for the cheap low-end products).

Samsung seems to have a unique advertising strategy to insult their their prospective buyers (and also to insult their intelligence).

Like last year's ads (which included an ad depicting iPhone users as mindless line-waiting fools), this year's "wall huggers" (which depicts Apple iPhone users as mindless wall-hugging fools), and iPad users as parents who ignore their children to focus on something else, but who really should instead show fake interest in their children by continuing to focus on something else, but keep their kid quiet by putting a video on taking up half the tablet. Really???

It seems that Samsung hasn't heard of AirPlay (or they are vainly hoping that there is an iOS user who hasn't ;-)). With AirPlay the kid could be watching his movie on a full-sized TV instead of in a tiny half-sized portion of the Samsung tablet. And the iPad user gets to do what they want to do on the full-screen of the iPad... not reduced by 50% like on the Samsung tablet.

These brain-dead ads are probably contributing to the much greater migration of Samsung users to iPhone and iPad, than the other way around.

Seems to me you haven't heard of Chromecast... or the many other services that copy your beloved AirPlay. Plus, you don't see a commercial specifically for an iPad touting Appple TV, why would samsung have a tablet ad touting a service provided in conjunction with a seperate product...

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Stop moaning Rene. This is not a good look for a so called tech fan. The ad very clearly sends home the message that the Tab S is a better multitasking tablet than the iPad. End of. Not sure what all your unnecessary editorial is about to be honest.
The ordinary viewer will watch it and think wow.. I'd love to be doing stuff on it and also be able to answer a phone call without having to get up and go actually pick up the phone that's across the room. You guys seem to be focusing on the baby issue but funny enough.. small screen or not that actually drives home the message of multitasking even further.
Give it a rest man. It's increasingly very obvious from reading this and your last piece on Samsung ads that just like the last ad they released.. you actually do feel they have a better product and are somehow hurt that they're right on the ball with the message they're trying to convey.
The ad works.
Posted via iMore App on my z10

Just FYI: The ad narrator actually says.. "What's going on.. ah it looks like dads tablet can only DO one thing at a time" - i'm sure you are aware but doing more than one thing at a time IS multitasking. Multi-WIndowing is just another way of applying it. Other ways could be the Playbook way that showed them side by side and running when mimimized or the other windows keep running but are in the background with only one in the foreground at a time.

Come on mate.. do you really need to keep trying to over analyse every Samsung ad and look to pick holes in them just cos they're right? Everyone here can see you're doing too much. Chill.

I think it's pretty obvious that you are the one over-analysing here. The advert (despite the misquote) is about multi-windowing, not multi-tasking. That's plain as day. To take that one mis-statement (and it has to be a mis-statement or a lie, so the generous interpretation is that it's a mis-statement) and expand it to an argument that the advert was in fact about multi-tasking is a big stretch.

Strange that of all the possible scenarios in which Multi-Windows on a tablet would be helpful... Sammy chose the scenario that is least likely to happen, least realistic, and least helpful: sharing the screen with a crying baby to watch a movie and sporting event at once.

Exactly that. I'm no closer to seeing the value of multi-window now than when the ad started (save for a tiny insert of email I only noticed while scanning for the screenshot).

I used the Note 10.1 multi window feature and found it quite useful. Particularly when watching a video and wanting to look up something really quick. When I first saw the ad I didn't think anti-apple, but that might because I'm not a diehard fan.

Samsungs advertisements just got my wife to buy us each a Galaxy Tab S, and with the screen that's on there I'm not complaining.

She uses an iPhone and is a regular iMore reader, and she pretty much only sees Samsung ads when Rene slams them weekly, which I find hilariously ironic.

Within a few minutes of watching a commercial someone made a decision on something as important as a tablet, which should include a full comparison of all the specs, including quality of apps available?

That seems almost as likely as me "slamming Samsung ads weekly". (I've posted on them precisely twice in 2014...)

But don't confuse us with the facts, right? :)

I was just poking a little fun (and admittedly ignoring the facts), but the truth is the ads did exactly what they were intended to do and convinced my wife to go Samsung over anything else.

I haven't noticed an issue with the quality of apps in our day to day usage, but I understand that for some people there is still a gap. If Samsung keeps putting out hardware like this (ultra-thin, ultra-light, superb display) and other manufacturers start putting out tablets that are worth a damn this gap will continue to close.

I still recommend the iPad when I know it will be a good fit for someone, and to anyone over 40.

Anyone who is convinced to buy something simply by watching an advert is *literally* a fool.
Advertisements (whomever makes them), are almost always deliberate deceptions, specifically designed to fool you. If you just take an advertisement as fact and then make a decision on purchasing something with no further research ...

That is literally how now people choose what they buy. If your a normal person goes and researches all this your wrong. Plain and simple wrong. Advertisements, friends, family, and maybe some pushing by the sales rep. End of story.

Your posts sound more and more fanboyish. I'm currently using an iPad Air and iPhone 5s and just being honest there are legitimate limitations and concerns with iOS and Apple products. To be fair, a number of issues are supposedly addressed in iOS 8, but there are many things I miss about my previous android devices.

They stuck with one instance, however outlandish, to make a quirky commercial. There's no way they could show everything you can do with the S Tab that you can't do with an iPad in one minute.

Samsung is not poking fun at the *manufacture* of the displays, but their suitability in tablet situations - Apple's design choice. So no, it's not awkward. Well, it is, but not because of that, just because most Samsung ads are awkward.

If the first guy was watching the film on a LCD (Samsung) TV and not on a LCD tablet, would the comparison be any different?

Cost Rene. For their tabs they want the best display possible at a good price. LED is better than LCD. It's not an opinion. It's a fact. But cost come into play. LCF is cheaper to produce. Not everyone can afford a huge LED TV but LCD's can be much much cheaper. Producing TV's with both displays does not mean that Samsung thinks LCD is as good as LED, they are covering the whole market. These comparisons are not the same. For the price of a Galaxy Tab, you get great specs and an awesome screen. That is all that was said in that commercial.

Actually that isn't true. Samsung just cancelled their plasma tv's NOT because it wasn't
"suitable" but because it wasn't selling. See the difference is Apple, not Samsung chooses what panel goes into any of Apple's products.

Like many, he seems to believe that the sheer volume of people attacking you means that they are "right" or have "won" or hold the truth or some similar nonsense.

The teardowns show that LG is supplier for every current iPad model and those displays are pretty outdated. Apple should be called out for this.

As for the ad, it's ok. It will probably drive Apple crazy like all the other Samsung ads.

According to the report I linked to above, as of May 2014 Samsung is supplying 62% of full-sized Retina iPad panels, primarily iPad Air.

AMOLED isn't necessarily a better technology at that size and at iPad scale. That's a pretty nuanced discussion though, and ill-suited to a 30 second ad.

So it does. Odd that none of the tear down sites have an iPad with a Samsung display. Maybe they are only used for for overseas products?

Why is it that half the readers from Android Central have to come over here to put in their two cents about every imore post that legitimately critiques Samsung. Insecure much?

Probably because on Android Central they don't repeatedly post articles having a go at Apple so we have to go somewhere to get our bitter fanboy fix, and where better than commenting on articles written by the bitterest fanboy of them all

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I have a simpler explanation. Too much free time. You don't normally see crackberry or windows phone central members trolling the other communities article comments either. Then again we also don't have time to ROM and tweak our phones to get them to function as they should. Go figure.

Still running that stupid line around here are we?

Posted via my BlackBerry? Strange I heard those don't exist anymore.

I own a BlackBerry and I look at all the Mobile Nations sites except for Windows Central(which I really should catch up on). I enjoy tech. It isn't trolling. It called Mobile NATIONS! Plural. Not knowing about or caring about and assuming about other phones and tech makes you uneducated and reeks of immaturity. That's why I look at the comments too. To find out what the user thinks of these products. Not just what happy joy joy article can be written about a product for which the author obviously has a boner for. The community often has the same view but sometimes you see those people that don't feel the need to make excuses for Apple or Google or whatever tech company is being written about. And it's nice to see.

I enjoy Rene's writing but I often feel there isn't really much criticism of Apple. And there should be. There's a lot that apple products have/do. There are also lots they don't. I don't need to see someone point out what is missing but then make some excuse like the tech isn't really ready for mainstream or how Apple will implement it when it is perfect.

Which brings me to my next point. You say Apple users don't have the time to install custom ROMs but many sure seem to find the time to jailbreak to add customization and functionality Apple users apparently don't need. Apple just works right?

Like Android Central and their pants pissing over BlackBerry users side loading Android apps. So what? I've never side loaded a paid app for free. And now that I have the Amazon store I have actually paid for a couple of apps.

Don't let your OPINION on something become your "truth".

I go to all the sites. You must have a little time if your going to complain. I guess with the lack of time you have limits your knowledge. The people your complaining about actually are better informed because we read all the sites here @ mobile nations. The time you spend complaining you could have learned that Blackberry is releasing a new phone called the passport and that Microsoft had a big conference or ....

It wasn't a complaint so much as a question. Time limits everyones knowledge as no one can learn it all; I just don't find trolling other communities a productive use of my time. While the people you refer to may know more than I do about android I highly doubt they know as much as I do about Apple or the IT industry in general. My confidence stems from all the time I save by not being a counterproductive member of a community. Also just because I don't follow the other groups here doesn't mean I'm oblivious to broader tech events. It just indicates that I don't get all my news from Mobile Nations. Something I recommend you look into if you really are as behind the times as commenting on a four day old post suggests.

Actually I don't. I didn't want to have to type out that I drive 2 hrs a day to work listening to podcasts and 1 hr on my lunch. I listen to Market Place from APN, Tech News Today, Macbreak Weekly, This week in Google, This week in Windows, Android Central Podcast, Imore Podcast, PC Perspective podcast, vector, Iterate, Debug, What the tech, Pocketnow weekly podcast, Crackberry podcasts if they ever do them so I basically know whats going on.

Agreed. And can we stop using the word fanboy? It's an easy way to call someone stupid without providing context.

Sent from the iMore App

Anyone who uses the term is basically owning up to not having any kind of a real argument and can be safely ignored. If I ran a forum I'd have an automatic delete feature for any post that contained the word.

I mean if you think about it, it's just the same as any other bigoted label like the N-word, etc. When you use it you're just grouping everyone together who uses the product and slapping a silly label on them. It's the last recourse of the mentally deficient IMO.

So first you've taken the context of a commercial literally, using the tablet as a way to calm a crying baby, and bashed that, while completely ignoring the technology that Samsung is displaying in the ad. And now you want to have a discussion about technology? Good one...

As a parent of two toddlers in a 6-iPad household, I dont typically ned to compromise like this, but a kid that young would probably be fine with only seeing the video in half the screen. He would be more upset that he couldnt hold the device, but a 2-ft person doesnt really care that much about screen size

It's more the visual clutter, but you probably wouldn't want a baby holding your tablet, even if it was Samsung and an insurance claim could be made and redeemed for an iPad :)

(Kidding! Jokes!)

Before I had a chance to use multi-windowing on a Samsung tablet, as an iPad owner, I thought “that seems like it could be useful.“ ... Then I recently played with a new Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the implementation of the feature as it exists today is not great: the interface to bring up another app is rough-looking, and resizing the window produces interface lag and visual stuttering.

Also, as pointed out in this post, watching two videos at the same time would NOT be a typical activity for most users, it certainly wouldn't be pleasant. I could see multi-windowing being helpful for keeping a browser window open to research something while writing an email or note. However, I think the upcoming extensibility and continuity features in iOS 8 (quick reply, file access with iCloud Drive, app extensions system-wide) will better address real user needs, in contrast to Samsung pushing gimmicky features front and center.

Negative ads work in elections. It's for short term stuff. In this case, sales. Samsung needs to sell their crappy tablets. For long term it does little for branding or loyalty. This is the problem for Samsung and android makers. There's little stickiness to the oem.

After reading through all the comments I now feel that I am the only one comfortable with flicking back and forth with four fingers while using two or more apps at the same time on my iPad Air. I similarly have a dual-monitor desktop with multiple Spaces and know where everything is in windows of optimal size for their use.

I don't think split screen is a useful form of multitasking on a tablet at all. Extensibility seems like a better alternative. Getting more done from within the same app without needing to manage multiple resizable windows seems like a more seamless and frictionless means of working.

Maybe Apple is working on the same feature as well, but it's not one I am waiting for with bated breath.

Sent from the iMore App

Multi Window on Samsung Tablets goes allot further than just "a few selected apps". Much further. I own the iPad mini and a Samsung tablet. There are so many things different and so many the same on both. I can use so many extras on my Android tablet that I can't on my iPad. One thing that bugs the hell out of me is not being able to use a mouse on my iPad without jail breaking it. Both great tablets and as far as the Multi Window, it works fantastic on the Samsung Tablet. Works on way more than just a few apps.

Sent from the iMore App

Using a mouse and keyboard with a tablet defeats the purpose of having a tablet in the first place.

Pointing out negatives, to me, is only okay if each company emphasizes a certain point in their product. For example, the Samsung ads where they show the Galaxy Tab Pro vs. iPad. They say that the iPad has a retina display, and that the Tab Pro has more pixels. This was okay because Apple advertised their display as the best, but Samsung proved them wrong.

Posted via iMore App

Rene, thanks for breaking it down in your way of thinking, I see it different, I own the ipad mini with retina display and love it. Saying that the Samsung with super Amoled Display is IMO the better display. The colors are much brighter, the blacks are so much deeper and overall clearity is fantastic. I think the Super Amoled Display is a killer. Just because Samsung also builds the display on the iPad how do you take that as Samsung knocking their own displays, they obviously don't use it on their products, maybe they like the Super Amoled better, many people do. I find your articles always looking to hate on Samsung, you obviously have a deep issue going on. I own both products, many products from Apple and Samsung. I just think the way you write contributes to the childish fanboyism that goes on back and forth. Maybe that creates more readers and visitiors to your site, I don't enjoy it and that is why I have posted on this twice. I am also a member of Android Central and I never see them writing articles promoting the distain for the Apple products, just the opposite. I find Samsung's advertising funny as hell, you have to lighten the hell up, Samsung thinks it's funny, I think it's funny and many many others do as well. Their way of advertising must be working or they would change their style, I hope they don't, I find it entertaining and very funny. Come on Rene, I know you are laughing when you are watching it, aren't you, I know it kills you to admit it.

Ha ha every time I'm reading Renee Ritchie's articles, I can't stop thinking about his anti-samsung obsessions and rants.

Like, who cares about apple or samsung ads ?
Get a life dude...

Sent from the iMore App

Samsung may be somewhat bashing their own screens... but CrApple is the one who keeps buying and using them... I might not like eating a poo sandwich, but if someone is going to keep eating them, I'll keep supplying them.

Interestingly, outside the USA comparative advertising is not permitted in many countries due to the fact that it does not serve the customer - ads are there to talk to features and assist the buyer. For me, an iPad has always been a middle device. The idea of using a mouse on an iPad as one commenter said is ludicrous. The entire interface is geared for touch. I would find split screening useful for productivity tasks, and look forward to Apple's implementation thereof. My primary gripe with Samsung is their copying tactics - and whilst I feel they make great hardware I think there software is lacking and punts gimmicky features rather than real utility. Switching between apps with the 4 finger gesture can be cumbersome, and is a compromise. But I find I use the iPad for single-window tasks like note taking, reading email, surfing the web, watching a movie or reading a document. I do find Samsung's ad tactics a bit juvenile by constantly bashing the competitin rather than having the courage and conviction in the benefits of its features to just market them clearly on their own rather than one-upping the current competitor implementation. Innovation isn't about one-upping, it's about creating something unique and powerful in and of itself.

In Response, I purchased the iPad mini with retina display, 128gb of int memory, wasn't cheap, I would like the option to be able to use a lousy mouse with a keyboard. Im far from being the only iPad owner that would like that option, also own the 5S with 64gb of int storage, love them both. I also own several Samsung devices, also great devices, use my Note 3 every day, basicly run my construction business off of it. AS far as inovation, S-Pen, if anyone ever used the S-Pen to it's full experience they would also think like me it's the best feature added to any hand held device. The S-Pen IMO is something once you finaly understand the power it brings to the Note 3 and the Samsung Tablet you will never want to go without it. I am still looking very much forward for the iPhone 6, going to jump on that new device. I enjoy all new tech, I think Rene could do alot more for the followers of this website, writing articles that obviously are negative Samsung over what I and many others feel is just funny shit is just helping this fanboyism crap that goes back and forth. Maybe that is what he is trying to create, I don't like it. I'm just a guy who enjoys all great tech and Samsung and Apple both put out the best stuff. That damn S-Pen is my favorite new feature on any device.

As a person who hesitated for so long to buy an apple product because of the fanboyism associated with brand I cringe when I read an article like this. Yes Samsung user negative smear advertising campaigns but who cares. Stop trying to act like apple products are so elite, it makes you come across as a douche. From personal experience Samsung products are rubbish anyway but don't let that fool you into thinking that Android or Windows phone are bad. On the right device by the right manufacturer they offer just as good an experience if not better than an ios device depending on your needs.

I'm not sure why you bother doing these critiques/rants Renee. Either there is nothing newsworthy to report or you really have personal issues with Samsung. Why do these ads get to you so much?

Most people watch them and forget about them. A 30 second TV spot is not the deciding factor for me on whether to buy a Samsung or Apple product.

Correct me if wrong but I don't usually see these types of articles on the other Mobile Nation sites?

Yet another story written defending Apple and knocking competition.
Get tired of the same old apple fanboy stories.
Let me guess when apple change to the better display that Samsung and others already use, then of course they will magically be superior.
When Apple finally allow multitasking and running more than one thing at a time, then of course that will be superior.
When apple get any item that is already available on most other devices then they all of a sudden go from novelty to superior simply because apple use it.
When theres little in apple that can truly be said to be better than its opposition, then all the fanboys do is simply knock the opposition. (And then complain if samsung does the same.)
The real reason apple don't use modern technology is they want to use older and cheaper tech, to maintain their profits. Hold back to force upgrades and obtain more money from the cult members.
Thats what the bite out of the apple is. Never giver the customer 100%

I agree with you 100 %. Because Apple doesn't choose to use the tech Samsung can't make a commercial showing how AMOLED is better than LCD. Heck, if it's better just for watching movies who cares. More people consume content than need perfect color reproduction. None of these commercials even said the word iPad. Rene, please look at the comments and see how many people agree and how many disagree with your opinion. Doesn't the vast amount of people disagreeing with you tell you maybe your off the mark here? Especially being that most the people here love Apple products.

"Also, according to the fine print, Samsung is only providing multi-windowing on "select apps", not system wide — the price of not controlling their own software stack."

As much as I dislike Samsung, that statement isn't really factual. I have a rooted S4 (maybe an iPhone 6 soon), and I installed an XPosed Module that lets *any* app MultiWindow. So, I think the issue isn't a technical one, but actually Samsung wanting more control. Just my two cents.

Come on give it a rest, it's advertising and let Samsung ads how they want. You really feel the need to defend apple whenever possible and you clearly don't like Samsung, the amount of unnecessary articles you right about Samsung on a apple site is funny.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I don't think he doesn't like Samsung. Rene constatanly defends Samsung when people say their unfocused and through a bunch of crap out to see what sticks. To me it seems like for some reason he can't take his own advice. Kind of like a gambler who tells you not to gamble. I've heard Rene say you don't owe these companies anything and once all companies get to a certain size they can do evil things but it seems especially with these articles he gets offended almost like it's his family. I don't know. There is nothing in either of these 2 is anything more than marking plain and simple.

It's just like his taking these ads personally for no good reason and bashing them for who apples sake? The ad basically just said it has a better screen and can display multiple apps at the same time. It's not false and is showing what it can do over the competition. Yet somehow he sees it as something more.
Posted via the Android iMore App!

Okay now every Android central user please go back.
And wait, isn't the Galaxy tab plastic...oh wait..isnt the iPad aluminum.
Owh wait...i strongly believe that iPad has the best display...but that's my own user experience.
And wait...doesn't the iPad has a 64 bit processor, so wait, if multitasking and not MULTIWINDOWING wad implemented on it would run better?
And can sumsung please show what its tab can to rather than showing the iPad? Owh mayb the tab can't do anything :D

One can have a Android device as well as a ios device. Doesn't have to be just everything of the same stuff. I have a Android phone and a ipad in the house which I use and like to keep up with everything in the tech world not just live in a bubble of 1 company.

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oh you actually have a clue what 64bit means?
oh wait..the ipad does not even have more than 3Gb of ram..this is where 64bit helps..addressing more memory apace.

oh wait..having 64bit on a 1Gb machine actually reduces the totally usable ram?

oh pro tablet's screen is actually 1600 x 2560 pixels at 8.4 inches (~359 ppi pixel density)

shall I continue?

educate yourselves..don't just believe what somebody is telling.

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And wait.. 64 bit is needed for multitasking and since there is less than 4 gb of ram it won't make a difference. Just look at the top 64 bit apps for iOS
owh wait... Apple has the best display in my opinion yet I haven't even used the Galaxy T S.
I mean why do I have to use something to say it's not better than something else.
And wait.. the aluminum the iPad is made of means it's the best.

pls take your android anger management clases more serious.. really now...where did you spot widgets and "keyboards" popping up everywhere in that video?

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I feel like Samsung continuing to use Apple products in its commercials kind of have an opposite effect. I think people see that Apple is the "king" that needs to be toppled (whether that's true or not). Same with the Amazon commercial. The best Samsung commercials are the ones that tell us more about device features as opposed to who's better or worse, even if they are using quotes from ;)

Wow. Once again, I've only read the first paragraph of your drivel. You're really going to bash Samsung for showing off their multi-window function by using it to stop a baby from crying?? That's all you got? No one would ever do that in the real world. That's what you took away from that ad?

Clearly, Samsung was just showing the multi-window feature of their device, while showing that Apple is no longer on the forefront of innovation. That's the message, if you really needed it explained to you, which I honestly think you did.

I mean, how is that ad any different than one that shows someone using an iPad at the bottom of the ocean?? That's not something that a normal person would do in the real world. Pretty sure the pressure down there would crush an iPad anyway.

I wish there was a way to filter out your articles on this site. You're way to drunk on the Kool-Aid...