Shiny Plastic? Clicky Wheels? Cue the iPad Knock-Offs!


What you're gaping at above are shiny white and black, click-wheel sporting iPag knock-offs set to launch in China for $290... on April 3.

Not to get all Nickinson about it but:

Just. No.

[Redmond Pie, thanks Taimur for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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excaliburca says:

Betcha, however, that it'll sell more units just in China than the iPad in general for the first few month. :)

Limegrntaln says:

I lived in Korea for a year. Those people could clone your mom and you couldn't tell the difference. It's insane. But this is just funny right here.

Rob says:

Isnt this just an old photo from when you search iPad, like did they seriously search iPad and copy first image !

Dave01568 says:

It looks like an ipad but when you get it it's garbage. Just like their transformers knockoffs

Limegrntaln says:

What the hell are you going to do with 4GB of storage anyway?

Matt(sZ) says:

Gregg, it's China, with all the restrictions and government control you'd be lucky to even be able to access 4 gigs of media in the first place...

Jessica says:

I still want a stylus on the real iPad.

Anderson says:

It will be funny typing with stylus. Agree with me? Unless you are willing to actually keep stylus, then type, then take out stylus, press, put back stylus, type again, so on and on.

fastlane says:

Someone should make a little stylus tip that slips onto the end of one finger (like guitar finger picks). Then you can keep that finger off the glass when you don't need it, and type/swipe/drag/pinch with the others.

Modnar says:

@ Jessica
True the iPad and the iPhone do not need a stylus. But you use a stylus with them, if get a soft tip conductive type. They range from 5-15 dollars.

Mitchell says:

Like a touchscreen mac, look at the screen

Matt(sZ) says:

Those screens are just renders, it will run some unholy touchscreen variation of oPhone OS more than likely or Windows if they're really feeling froggy

weehooherod says:

I can't believe they are actually making this product, that picture of the "iPad" has been around over a year before the actual iPad was even announced.

fastlane says:


True the iPad and the iPhone do not need a stylus.

What if there are eventually vector drawing programs, or mid-level photo editing apps for the iPad? A finger would be in the way blocking one's view (which is not currently blocked by a cursor or stylus tip), and the soft tips (Pogos) would also block viewing just as a finger would. Precise drawing and painting would be impossible without a stylus having a tiny, hard Wacom-style tip.
But unless these apps ever materialize, I'll agree with you for now.

TumnusMr says:

While finger input is fine for iPhone I think the iPad's tablet form factor cries out for stylus input as a secondary input. If it came with stylus out of the box then it would probably inspire a lot of graphics and note taking apps.
However, since the iPad does not have built in stylus support it cannot tell the difference between a capacitive stylus and a finger or other part of the hand so using a stylus with the iPad will probably be tiresome since you won't be able to lean your hand against the screen while writing/drawing/etc. or else you will get unintentional taps or swipes.