Don't leave your gorgeous new Apple Watch to charge out on the table. Get it up and charging with these great stands.

Whenever a new Apple product comes out, accessories are sure to follow. Many of us are going to want to display or set out the Apple Watch for charging. Here are our favorite stands to help show it off more elegantly.

Most of these are coming within a few weeks of the Apple Watch's rollout; everyone expects to ship their stand in May. If you're like me and you're stuck waiting for yours until June, you've got plenty of time to pick out what you'd like and it'll be shipping by the time your Apple Watch is delivered.

1. Magnetic Charging Cable

I'd also recommend buying a spare Apple Watch magnetic charging cable if you get any of these; they don't include them and you'll probably want a spare to take with you or put in another part of the home or office.

2. NightStand

Elevation Labs' compact silicone NightStand comes in three colors - blue, red and black. There's simple, quick guidance for the magnetic charging cable, making the NightStand a good companion if you want to bring it with you wherever you go. Optional adhesive makes it mountable on vertical surfaces too. Look for it in late May.

3. Luxury Pocket Stand

Pad & Quill makes durable, gorgeous leather cases and bags for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, so it's no surprise at all that they're offering an Apple Watch accessory too. Just as thoughtfully appointed as Pad & Quill's other products, the Luxury Pocket Stand comes in your choice of hardwood, either mahogany or cherry. A delicately carved inlet rests the Apple Watch's magnetic charging cable.

4. Dodocase

Dodocase's Apple Watch Charging Stand is made of walnut with carved wire routing to keep the magnetic charging cable useful but less visible. Weight in the base keeps the stand in place as you remove and replace the Apple Watch.

5. HiRise

Looking for more techno, less woodsy? Have a gander at Twelve South's brushed metal HiRise for Apple Watch, in colors to complement the Apple Watch design itself. Carrying the same clever design principles as the HiRise for iPhone and iPad, the HiRise snakes the magnetic charging cable cable securely out of view, displaying the watch at an angle to make it easy to view from nightstand or desk surface. Silicone accents and a leather landing pad break up the hard surface.

6. Stand

The Nomad Stand is available in Space Gray or Silver made from aluminum. Rubber footing for the watch, cable routing for the magnetic charging cable, and a cable guide out the back. Simple, sophisticated and very minimalist.

7. Fuz Dock

Fuz Designs, makers of the EverDock and EverDock Duo for iPhone, is offering an Apple Watch dock too. You can pre-order it for $19.99 before the price goes up. The Dock works on its own, but if you already have an EverDock or EverDock Duo, it sits on the back to form one integrated system. Molded in black to match the silicon bumpers on the EverDock itself, also available in blue or white.

8. Aluminum Cradle

Spigen's long made quality, inexpensive iPhone cases, so it's no surprise they'll be quick out of the gate with Apple Watch accessories too. The Aluminum Cradle is just as it's named — crafted of brushed aluminum, with a cutout for the magnetic charging cable. Watch is set at a 45 degree angle to the table surface. A rubberized head piece cushions the watch when it's set in place.

9. Watch Dock

Many of us are already familiar with Mophie's battery cases for iPhone. If they're a brand you trust, check out the Watch Dock, an aluminum stand with striking black leather accents. The magnetic charging cable is completely out of the way until it emerges from the back.

$59.95 - Preorder now

10. WatchStand

You can orient your Apple Watch horizontally or vertically on the WatchStand, which provides interior cable management. The WatchStand sports a base with a raised lip at the front, so you can rest your iPhone there while your watch is charging. Non-slip base keeps the WatchStand in place.

11. Timeless Moment

CalypsoCrystal makes lux cases for Apple products, and their stand for the Apple Watch reflects their European designer sensibility. The Timeless Moment is a handcrafted Italian leather arc that comes in orange, black, white or a rich bordeaux red. A hidden channel underneath manages the charger cable.

12. More stands!

If you've found an Apple Watch stand that you thinks stands out from the crowd, let us know about it in the comments. And make sure to check back as we update this list with more Apple Watch stands.