SiriPrefs adds even more functionality to Siri [jailbreak]

If you [jailbreak]( you may soon be able to add even more functionality to Siri via SiriPrefs. While [A5 devices aren't jailbreakable yet](, [jailbroken A4 devices]( have the ability to run Siri via the [Spire port](

It appears that SiriPrefs is utilizing Bing as the search function. Saying commands like Bing About will bring up the About page under Settings. SiriPrefs is still in its developmental stages and doesn't yet have an ETA for release. I'm not personally crazy about how it has to launch Safari in order to navigate to Settings but it's necessary. It's very similar to how Jeff Broderick accomplished shortcuts but through the use of Siri instead of homescreen shortcuts. One cool thing to point out is that iPhone 4S users shouldn't even have to be jailbroken to utilize SiriPrefs once it's released.

If we hear about a release, we'll let you guys know. In the mean time, check out the demonstration video above.

Source: iPhoneIL

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SiriPrefs adds even more functionality to Siri [jailbreak]


the inability to jailbreak has me waiting on buying an Iphone 4S.
I'm having too much fun with my JB 4.

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