Sony announce two tablets to take on the iPad [the competition]

Sony has just unveiled two tablets to take on the iPad 2. The two models will be known as the Sony S1 and Sony S2; both will run Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The S1 is aimed squarely at the iPad form factor and comes with a 9.4-inch screen. It will feature a Tegra 2 processor and will have 3G/4G cellular data and WiFi. An IR (infra-red) port is included as standard, to control Sony’s line of Bravia televisions. Sony’s Playstation Network will also be accessible.

The S2 is the interesting model as the form factor is totally different to anything we have seen before. It has two folding 5.5-inch screens that can work together or independently.

Not many more details are available at this stage as Sony say specifications are subject to change. The two models are slated for a release in the fall of this year.

Take a look at the short promo video after the break, then pop back here and let us know what your think of Sony’s tablets in the comments!

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Reader comments

Sony announce two tablets to take on the iPad [the competition]


The S2 looks like a mini ps3 when closed. I get my iPad 2 on Thursday,yay, but to all those non apple supporting people, hopefully Sony will get the tablet right for you guys. At least apple got it right on the first try

The S2, it has really bad design and looks inspired by the PS3 Slim and DS. How do you want to put a case on it?

The iPad name has been out for over a year now and the jokes burned off as soon as the device actually came out. You trolls are boring now. Im too lazy to go onto an android or blackberry...or now a Sony site to troll on, so congrats on having nothing better to do

As an iPad 2/Droid Incredible owner, I am open minded to all mobile tech and I am excited to see two tablets that stray from the typical slab form factor. Props to Sony for switching it up, now let's just hope they can deliver. Yay for competition! Boo for fanboyism :)

It's good to see Sony finally getting into the Tablet market. The S1 is very similar to other tablets looking to compete against the iPad and iPad 2, so nothing too new here, but the S2 has definitely got my attention. Interested to see what type of applications are created for the dual screens, hopefully it's more than just games

Looks sweet! Expecially the integration with the new playstation network this should be a beast of a tablet!

Let's not gush over this new "iPad killer" just yet. The same anti- Apple trolls were swooning over the Samsung Galaxy Tab before it was released. I am in a airport roughly 8-10 times a month and the next Tab I see will be the first.
Also, it is interesting the competition ( and fans of ) call Apple fanatics sheep because they follow and buy into whatever Apple produces.
Think about it. Eighteen months ago do you think the likes of Motorola, Samsung, Sony and RIM were actually developing a tablet computer? Or did they simply rush the process of getting a product to market because of the success of iPad ? If that is true, wouldn't you then deem these companies as, let's call them, "sheep"?
Duh, winning!

Thats about as dumb as saying Apple was acting sheepish for getting into the smartphone business, following the likes of Palm, Microsoft, HP, HTC, RIM, etc. No one said anything about "killer" but you.

You missed his point totally. The word "sheep" gets thrown around the same way Republicans label anything not in their agenda as "liberal". If you throw labels at someone, look in the mirror first....jackass!

@Eric. Wasn't it Motorola who put that lame commercial out with all of the drones wearing white iPhone earbuds and are then enlightened by this great new device that will crush the iPad? Seems like the word "killer" gets bantered about quite a bit, and I'm sure by the time we get close to the launch of this device we will be hearing the same thing. I guess you don't read all that much beyond the comics.

I'm sorry that s2 has to go. It doesn't look good at all. I can the 2 screens coming in handy sometimes, but the majority of the time it would just be annoying.

Sorry to say - but they are VERY interesting looking devices.... shame Sony is too proprietary for my liking ... (I know, almost an ironic statement)...

I have used just about every tablet out there, including the iPad 2, and the Tablet S is the most innovative of the bunch! I like this way better than the iPad 2 and it is much more refined than any other Android Tablet on the Market!