Sprint compatible iPad may already be ready for launch

Apple and Sprint may have already completed work on a Sprint compatible iPad. 9to5Mac claims that the Sprint iteration of the iPad will join the rest of the current iPad line-up (GSM models and Verizon) before the holiday season. Given we've also heard confirmations of Sprint getting the iPhone 5, it would only make sense they'd eventually carry the iPad as well.

Sprint is the only carrier in the United States that still offers truly unlimited data plans. This may be a big draw for data hungry consumers that aren't currently happy with their tier happy carriers. 9to5Mac didn't seem to be able to confirm whether or not the Sprint variation of the iPad will support their 4G WiMAX network. The fact that Apple has made a separate version to run on Sprint instead of using the existing Verizon CDMA model may have something to do with 4G but at this point it's still unclear.

If Sprint ends up carrying the iPhone 5 and/or iPad this Fall, would you switch to have truly unlimited data again?


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Wade Chestnut says:

Quite possible! I have the EVO 4G on Sprint and iPad 2 WiFi now, but if both have 4G and the new iPhone is a 5 with a new design (versus 4), then I'd think seriously about selling both and getting them.

Cpowers103 says:

Yes, I would. I would drop AT&T so fast and pick up an iPhone at sprint while smiling walking out the door talking about limitless :-)

DeLeon Hughes says:

Idk, how fast is their network?

Nick Powers says:

I'd be stoked if Apple bit the bullet and went with WiMAX for the Sprint version. We don't have 4G here where I'm at, but I travel a bunch and it'd be fantastic.

Mraclj says:

love my Ipad 1 that I use on EVO 4g hot spot. Only will go to Iphone if the screen is 4", otherwise they can keep it. I am waiting for the Ipad 3 before I upgrade the pad.

Fiyrene3 says:

I would switch in a minute for unlimited data and text.

Hezekiah Hicks says:

I'm already on sprint, so it's a done deal!