Staying up to pre-order an iPad mini? Jump into the iMore slumber party and win prizes!

Staying up to pre-order an iPad mini? Jump into the iMore slumber party and win prizes!

iPad mini pre-orders start tomorrow, which we're going to assume is soon after midnight PT unless we hear otherwise. If you are going to brave the web tonight, make sure you join our iPad mini pre-order pajama party. We'll be hanging out with the staff and readers, having fun, and giving away cool prizes to the people posting.

Rene Ritchie

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BeyondtheTech says:

I doubt most Apple fans will look like that during a preorder slumber party unless it's someone like iJustine and her gang of friends.

icebox93 says:

I want in on that slumber party in the picture. Quite risqué for this site.

SheilaKay says:

Am I in the right section to enter the contest? I got lost....;P

chevydriver2003 says:

Will it be available to order midnight all time zones for the mini?

dloveprod says:

I'm not sure, I'm upgrading my pc's to windows 8 so I'll be up for a minute.

S.Mulji says:

that's cool. I'm thinking of upgrading my desktop to Win8. How do you find using Win8 on a traditional pc?

dloveprod says:

I liked it on my laptop. Not sure what its gonna be like on a desktop. I can't wait to get a and use it with one of those.

zeagus says:

This pic made me think of Xander and the Potentials on Buffy. Awesome!

chevydriver2003 says:

And the apple store app is down now.

dragon_night says:

im here the ipad mini will sell out correct?

playbook_007 says:

im gonna get it hopefully, if it isn't sold out!

Trialnterror says:

Do you think there is going to be another iPad refresh in the spring time! Heck I bought my iPad 3 gen a few months ago 829 plus tax plus 99.99 for apple care plus+ heck that isn't cheap I was thinking on buying iPad 4 gen and a iPad mini ????? Unless there is a iPad in the spring time! Arrggggg

NovoaJr says:

This is really really dumb question but If I pre order they will not SHIP the ipad mini until Friday?? That means I will not get it until Monday/Tuesday? Meaning I can get it sooner at the store on Friday?

doubleb5 says:

No they will ship it so that it will arrive at your destination of choice, on Friday

Damitol says:

That was way too easy. Black 32 on its way!

3spur says:

Is the site up yet, Has anyone ordered



iPad Reviewed says:

Lol I Wanna Go To That iPad Mini Slumber Party!!!! Ladies Come On Over To This iPad Slumber Party
Feel Free To Stay As Long As You Like hahaha

igagan_ says:

Well what i think is that the ipad mini might just become apple's fastest selling tablet yet.