Stephen Colbert Shows off iPad at the Grammy Awards!


Our caption: Stephen Colbert is iPad at the Grammy Awards and so can't you. What's yours?

Engadget has the video up. Enjoy!

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Stephen Colbert Shows off iPad at the Grammy Awards!


one more annoyance. Let's hope you reach your threshold soon And stop posting so we all don't have to keep reading your passive aggressive ninnying.

Kanye West: I will let you finish, but I just wanted to say that Steve Jobs has one of the best products of all time.

I believe that we just got a preview on the 27th. That device is gonna do way more than they showed us. He just showed us a few cards. Then most people showed their whole hand with disappointed and when it has 4.0 he will show us the straight flush.

I ipad will take off the way iPhone did or even better alot of people are breaking free away from Microsoft based pc/software right into apples hands

The iPad won't impact the micropc market as much as everyone thinks it will. It can't do flash and has no inputs, unless you buy expensive adapters you have to swap out.
Can the thing even output video?
It would be GREAT for a AV remote :)