Supposed iPad 2 case images pulled

TiPb iPad 2 Concept

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that those supposed cases for iPad 2, which show off a more iPod touch 4-like design, a camera cut-out, larger speaker, and possible USB port, have been pulled from by parties unidentified (but easily speculated.

9to5Mac has also pulled their case mold images after similar, albeit "not so nice" demands.

Apple has had images removed from the web before, including the infamous iPod "fatty" nano leak, but in recent years hadn't bothered (or hadn't wanted a legal demand to prove the veracity of the pictures), even for the iPhone 4 leak. Is the tablet market about to become competitive enough that Apple doesn't want to take any chances, is this a third party getting involved, or is it something else?

(The image above is a concept design by, rendered before the latest round of rumors, coincidentally showing a more tapered, iPod touch-like design...)

Video of one of the cases after the break (unless and until YouTube is required to pull it).

[Wall Street Journal, 9to5Mac, via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

Supposed iPad 2 case images pulled


Thanks for confirming the images' authenticity, Apple.
I honesty don't get why they demand these takedowns, since all it does is prove the rumors. For competitive reasons? Anyone who knows how to use Google can find them after they've been taken down, so why couldn't their competitors?
Without the takedown, there'd be at least a token of doubt up until the announcement.