Swedish magicians prove the iPad really is magical

Swedish magicians prove the iPad really is magical

Okay, I admit it -- the iPad really is magical. At least it is when it's put into the incredibly talented hands of Charlie Caper and iMore reader Erik Rosales. The performance by Step2 Communication at MIPIM in Cannes, which Erik said required 7 iPads and one of Sweden's best magicians, was on behalf of the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

I can't even imagine how much practice must have gone into making this work. Amazing.

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Swedish magicians prove the iPad really is magical


I think iMore just advertising Apple product , it sound like they trying too hard to proof that you need the new ipad, or let's say shoveling down your throat.
You should be giving tips, advice, new tricks and JB news.
All what I get in Twitter how good the iPad how awesome the iPad Apple TV is great and other crab.

It was a awesome vid... The same could be done with any tab and tons of talent so I don't see how it's iMore advertising apple products... Maybe they love Sweden! Anyway, please leave and take your crabs with u, no one here needs your freaky std.

Apple is the Mercedes , Bmw, and lamborghini of the Tablet technology. If anyone is bias against apple because
the company has a penchant for creating products that are so damn good and the competitors fail to compete, who do you think is at fault for the ipads dominance.

Ewwww you get "crabs"....lol Hahahahahaha learn how to write first to at least justify when your comment doesn't make sense.

I really don't give a rat ass what u think u fruit Apple fanboy,
This section is for comments, don't have to be positive all the time.

Its never about the product or the technology - its what your creativity enables you to do with them. These two chaps have proved the point well. An excellent presentation which is informative and fun to watch....what more could we ask for? Great.

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