Swell Apple Store manager extends return period for remorseful iPad third-gen buyers

One San Francisco Apple store has extended the return period from 14 days to 30 days for those that are kicking themselves for buying a third-generation iPad so close to Apple's announcement of the iPad 4. Apparently this policy change is on a store-by-store basis however, so don't get your hopes up too high for some Apple-wide policy change for the launch of the new iPad. The Stockton Street Apple Store manager also said that the usual 14-day return stretch would stay in place if there was significant wear and tear, but seriously, how badly could you bang up an iPad 3 in under a month?

I checked in with a few Apple stores in my area. In Ottawa, it didn't sound like they were budging on the two-week return period, while the Toronto store said that they're flexible about this kind of thing at launch time, though they have made any solid changes just yet. If you do end up calling your local Apple Store, leave a comment and let us know what's up. Any third-gen iPad owners in this boat? Would you otherwise go out of your way to upgrade, or are the differences with the last iPad too slight?


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Swell Apple Store manager extends return period for remorseful iPad third-gen buyers


I always buy from BestBuy.com. 60 day return period if you are a rewards member. I'm sticking with my iPad 3 though, and I'm out of my return window anyway.

Just call the Grand Central Station Store and they are exchanging my tomorrow for a store gift card. Have to wait until November but I'm happy.

Bought 3rd gen October 6th. Called my Apple store in Square One Mall. Was told to come by the store after work. 10 mins there, and was fully refunded for the Ipad "3" as well as the camera adapter I bought on the 6th. Very happy with their customer service. Definitely leaps beyond other retailers I've dealt with.

Just return my at the Grand Central Station store in NYC got my store credit. Ordering the new one first thing Friday morning. This store is taking returns brought within 30 days. If you got one from this store call them.

I understand the average consumer of apple products probably doesn't pay attention to product rumors and news, but I'm curious why anyone who reads this site would have purchased an iPad in the past few months considering all the "refresh" rumors.