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Archos VR Glasses are cheap and will work with all iPhones

Archos is getting into the busy virtual reality hardware business in November with the just announced Archos VR glasses, which will have a rock bottom price of $29.99.

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Archos launches a connected weather station, light bulbs and beanies that will play your tunes

In addition to today's announcement of new Android phones and tablets and new Windows Phones from Archos, the company is expanding their connected home line with a new home weather station. The spherical pair of devices, due to be announced at IFA 2014 is designed to work with both Android and iOS devices.

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Archos introduces Smart Home with weather tags, motion sensors and cameras galore!

Archos today has announced the availability of their Smart Home system — a selection of devices for monitoring and controlling your connected home. We had a chance to check out the Smart Home system back at CES in January and it looks like an awesome connected home system.

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ARCHOS to launch iOS compatible connected home devices, smartwatches at CES

Connected devices are an ever growing space, but an unlikely source is set to announce a raft of devices at CES next week that will integrate with iOS devices. ARCHOS, known for its media players and Android devices of late, is set to announce a whole 'Connected Home' range of products in Las Vegas:

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Archos moves into iPad accessories with the Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard

Archos is very well known for its tablets and was one of the first to hit the market with a dedicated personal media player. Now after years of average success with its own products, it is branching out by making accessories for other devices. First out of the gate is the Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad.

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