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Cut And Paste

Pastebot Brings Robotic Clipboard Awesomeness to iPhone Cut, Copy, Paste

[Vimeo Video link]

Pastebot [$1.99 - iTunes link], the delicious-looking new clipboard manager from Tapbots brings their flare for fantastic, and fantastically original user interface to iPhone and iPod touch cut, copy, and paste. (And, yes, insert -- it took Apple 2 years and a 3.0 to give iPhone users the much-requested clipboard function to begin with -- sarcasm here).

The usage case is simple and elegant -- anything you've copied or cut to the iPhone clipboard is automatically added to Pastebot when you launch the app. Up to 99 such clippings can be stored at any one time, and inside Pastebot you can title them, organize them into folders (for example, keep email boilerplate handy), copy them back to the clipboard, share them (including via embedded email, which makes that boilerplate incredibly functional), search them (on Google), and even run some automated actions on them like changing case, decoding and encoding HTML, find and replace, quote, etc. Images can also be brightened, converted to B&W, inverted, etc. And Mac users can get the free desktop companion for sync'y goodness as well.

TiPb was able to try it out for a few days already, and I liked it enough to run out and buy it on launch (disclosure -- I'm an easy mark for great design and functionality).

Like Weightbot and Convertbot before it, Pastebot is a powerhouse in a delightful robot candy shell. By the same token, some may argue Tapbots trades speed-of-use for joy-to-use and that's certainly valid. If you didn't appreciate the robotic gimmick of their previous fare, you likely won't enjoy it here either. However, if you're serious about your clipboard and love you some innovative interface, check out Pastebot and let us know what you think.

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PCalc 1.6 Now Live in App Store -- As iPhone 3.0 "Universal Binary"?

PCalc developer James Thomson is one of our favorites because he not only makes great apps, but he seems to love doing it, and always figures out new, positive, and productive ways to get our attention.

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iPhone 3.0: Paste Long Passwords into Wi-Fi Settings?

Back before the iPhone, I was using one of's long, pseudo-random passwords for my WPA-protected Wi-Fi network. Typing it into iPhone 1.x, even iPhone 2.x was a non-starter, however, so I shrank it down considerably.

Similar security-conscious folks have lamented not only the lack of copy and paste on the iPhone, but especially the lack of "paste-into-password field" to support just those kinds of super-secure strings.

Well, it looks like we might be getting them -- along with the previously discussed copy and paste features, in iPhone 3.0.

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Sprint Palm Pre Leak Shows why iPhone Users May Not Want Multitasking?!

Our sibling site has gotten their mobile accomplishers on yet another (rumored to be) leaked internal document. This one supposedly comes from Sprint and details what, to, are some interesting factoids. To us, however, they represent some far more interesting questions:

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Apple Announces Copy and Paste for iPhone 3.0

As widely rumored (yep, Kevin Rose was right!), Apple announced Copy and Paste today for iPhone OS 3.0, with "cut" relegated to apps that support it (?).

It works differently in different apps, this is what we can figure out:

Mail & Notes (and 3rd party?): double tap to begin. Drag small delineator icons to start and end of text string you want to copy.

Safari (and embedded browsers): Tap and hold to begin. Selects blocks of text.

Photos: Tap the action button to begin. Select multiple photos to paste into email. (Unknown if Apple will scale or compress before sending?)

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New SpringBoard! Cut and Paste! Push Notification! Compass! More iPhone 3.0 Rumors!

Prior to Macworld 2009, Daring Fireball mused openly about how neat it would be for the iPod Shuffle to get voice functionality, and on Wednesday last it did. Now Gruber is reminding us that his "wish-list" for iPhone OS 3.0 includes:

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DocsToGo Demo'd on the iPhone!

What's that? iPhone news at MWC09? It's true. I just got back from a meeting with DocsToGo and they showed off an early version of their app. So far Word document editing is a go, Spreadsheet editing is definitely in the plan but not quite up and running yet. They're tossing in document viewing for both plus PDFs as well -- which means you can have all of your documents in one spot.

Read on to find out how it all works, where the iPhone kinks are (since Apple limits what developers can do easily), and how we're loving their implementation of (in-app) Cut and Paste!

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