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Element Case

Giveaway: Element Case Vapor COMP Epiphany for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

The fine folks at Element Case have offered to give away a couple of their super sweet new Vapor Comp Epiphany cases to our very own members of the TiPb Nation. The Vapor Comp Epiphany is the latest in their line of stunning looking, high-end aluminum and poly carbonate iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S bumper cases, and this one does look especially good.

What say we take them up on that giveaway then? All you have to do to win is:

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Element Case Ion 4 and Formula 4 for iPhone 4

Element Case's claim to fame is solid, screw-bound aluminum bumpers for iPhone in hot hypercar-inspired design. Well, with Ion 4 and Formula 4 for iPhone 4, they've switched the metal bumper for high quality plastic cases but kept the Reventon design aesthetic in place. How do their new polymer and polycarbonate cases measure up? We take them for a few laps, after the break!

[Element Case Forumla 4, Element Case Ion 4]

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Element Case revs up Formula and Ion for iPhone 4 [Give away]

Element Case has just announced their sweet new Formula and Ion cases for iPhone 4 and they can't wait to give one away to the TiPb Nation! We'll get to the give away in a minute but here are the details. Both the Formula and the Ion fit both the AT&T/GSM and Verizon iPhone 4 (and white iPhone 4!), and once again they have that hyper car look, and genuine carbon fiber beauty.

The Ion case, retailing at $49.95, features include:

  • Slim, compact design
  • High-shock absorption polymer construction
  • Carbon fiber reinforced back plate
  • Non-slip ergonomic design
  • Easy removal for docking

The Formula 4 case, retalining at $59.95, features include:

  • Dockable (removable bottom cap)
  • Hi-impact polycarbonate
  • Rubber tone finish for a satin look and a soft feel
  • Ultra-thin ergonomic shape
  • Full back protection
  • Aerospace grade carbon fiber back plate
  • Rubber logo side grip

GIVE AWAY: Just head on over to ElementCase.com, check them out, and leave a comment below telling us which one you like most!

We'll pick a winner, and you'll get your pick of a Formula or Ion case! (Make sure you leave a valid email address. We won't show it, but we need it to email you if you win!)

Contest starts now and runs until Friday, June 3, 12pm PDT. So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

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Element Case Vapor Pro for iPhone 4

The Element Case Vapor Pro is the Lamborghini Reventon of iPhone 4 cases -- cold carbon-colored aluminum chassis over space-aged, antenna insulation. And this year is works as good as it looks; on my review unit I didn't drop a bar in over a week of constant testing. Not one, not ever. So while it may still look like a hypercar, it performs even better.

There have been other improvements to the limited edition as well. The bottom has been cut wider to allow for a greater range of dock connectors. An extra portly Monster Cable still might not fit but I had no problems with any recent car or A/V connector I threw at it.

The special edition comes in a box that includes the bumper, a carbon-fiber printed adhesive back protector, 2 extra screws (very welcome), a certificate of authenticity, and a newly re-designed key for screwing the case on and off. Now, instead of a simple bent bar you get a very nice keychain that twists open to reveal the tool. Since it takes a tool to put the Vapor Pro on or take it off, having it handy is paramount should you want to switch to a charge case, put it in a car or A/V mount, or just clean it.

But the Vapor Pro has never been about convenience any more than it's been about economics. Like the Reventon, it's purely about possession. If you want a Vapor Pro, you know it.

[Element Case]

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Element Case unleashes Joule Chroma stand for iPad 2 [give away]

Element Case's popular Joule stand for iPad has been spiced up and now comes in multiple Chroma colors, fitting both iPad and iPad 2. Still CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum, the new anodized colors are red, orange, pink, blue, gray and black with matching Ultrasuede lining. Like the original Joule, you can angle it in three positions courtesy of the magnetic stand.

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Element Case Vapor Pro give away!

Element Case is upping the ante on their iPhone 4 offerings with the Vapor Pro, with more clearance for dock connectors and headphones and a new aerospace polymer to better insulate the antenna from interference. Here are the full specs:

  • Wider access ports on top and bottom for compatibility with a wide range of headphones, earbuds and third party charging cables
  • A special, aerospace polymer section built over the antenna contact points to eliminate "death-grip" issues and improve wi-fi, GPS and 3G
  • A unique, diagonally-attached design with bolts now positioned at opposite corners of the phone
  • A beautiful, perforated SIM card slot with accents on the broad side opposite silence and volume controls
  • A unique finish in beautiful titanium alloy finishes
  • A special hex key tool for removal and installation that can now be carried on your key ring for easy accessibility

The first, collectors edition with a zippered carrying case and keyring for the hex key will retail for $149.9, with more colors and a Verizon iPhone specific model coming later.

But you know the deal TiPb readers -- Element Case is giving you the chance to win one right now, for FREE!

Just head on over to the contest thread on the iPhone Forum and tell us you want one!

[Element Case]

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Element Case introduces Formula and Ion Case (plus Vapor Case winners!)

Formula and Ion cases are the latest additions to the Element Case line:

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Vapor case for iPhone 4 give-away!

The fine folks over at Element Case are offering up four (4) of their brand new iPhone 4 Vapor cases for TiPb readers. Machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized in brilliant color, Vapor is about the only thing that can make your iPhone 4 look even more like something out of a sci-fi flick.

The frames come in silver or black, the caps in black, silver, blue, yellow, red, and pink. If you're picked for the give-away, you get your choice of color combo.

But wait, there's more!

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Element Case shows off Vapor for iPhone 4

TiPb readers will remember Element Case for their original Liquid case for iPhone and the Joule stand for iPad, and you just had to know they wouldn't sit out something as sexy as iPhone 4, right? Enter Vapor:

Available in a wide array of custom color options and custom features, the Vapor consists of a solid, CNCd aluminum frame made from aircraft grade metals lined with a new, shock-absorbent liner material to protect and stylize.

And yes, it'll also insulate the iPhone 4 antenna band to prevent any attenuation-related issues.

We'll be getting our geeky little hands on some soon, and thanks to their usual awesomeness, doing a give away just for you. In the meantime, in joy the pics!

UPDATE; Element Case just sent us one more pic, an exclusive look at the cutouts. Check it out below.

[Element Case]

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Give-away: Joule stand for iPad by Element Case

We've already pointed you towards Element Case's Joule stand for iPad but now we've had some hands-on time with both the polished aluminum (with custom TiPb logo!) and anodized black versions and we can tell you ourselves -- they're stunners.

If you're looking for a high-end way to show off your new iPad, portrait or landscape, high for watching or low for typing, the Joule just might be it.

You can see the fancy retail packaging in the video below (online orders come in more practical mailers), but no matter how it arrives it includes the velvet lined base with cut-out for the iPad speakers and three position mounts for the support leg -- and a microfiber cleaning cloth (since Apple forgot to include it with the iPad).

Starting at $129 and with customizable options, it's not the cheapest solution but if you want something with high-quality material and workmanship to really show off your iPad, you get what you pay for.

Or, hey, if you want one for free Element Case has graciously offered to give a few away to our awesome TiPb readers. We're debuting our new iPad Live! podcast this Sunday night at 5pm PT/8pm ET and during the show we'll be giving away the Joule stands. So tune in Sunday, or head over to elementcase.com and order anytime!

Pics and video after the break!

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