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Fund This: Dash wireless fitness-tracking headphones

A ridiculously impressive project hit Kickstarter last week called Dash. Not only are these earbuds truly wireless, but they also track your fitness with a tiny infrared LED, including motion, heart rate, and body temperature. One headphone talks to the other over Bluetooth, then the second talks to your iPhone over Bluetooth, though the headphones can play audio independently thanks to 4 GB of included storage. A capacitive touch sensor on the outside of each earbud lets you control audio, take calls, and adjust tracking.

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Bluetooth-enabled 94Fifty basketball helps you bring your A-game at #CESlive

94Fifty was at CES 2014 demonstrating their recently-launched Bluetooth-enabled basketball, and it’s pretty impressive even if you’re not into sports. This baby charges wirelessly, communicates detailed information to your mobile device, such as spin and shot angle, and connects to the wider world through social challenges. Serious basketball players can run through a wide variety of drills, which include handling, shooting, and everything in between.

Not only is the sensor accuracy on the basketball itself is really solid, but the app is highly polished, providing real-time feedback as you’re training. There’s even audio feedback that sounds like a real coach that barks at you to make corrections mid-drill.

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Head-on with Spree fitness headband at #CESlive

Spree was showing off their fitness headband at CES 2014, which offers the full range of mobile monitoring that you’d come to usually expect from wristbands. Within the headband is a removeable module which you charge over USB and connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth Smart. Once paired, it picks up motion and heat data to make sure you’re meeting your fitness goals while not working yourself too hard.

The headband is designed so that the module is insulated and taking a proper reading of your temperature, rather than the outside environment. Through the app, you can set a wide range of fitness regimens, including running, working out at the gym, and cycling.

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Bluetooth-enabled H20-Pal makes sure you get enough water each day at #CESlive

Okay, so H20-Pal isn’t exactly a Bluetooth-enabled water bottle per se. This simple but smart little gadget we found at CES 2014 is actually a small wireless scale that attaches to the bottom of your favorite existing water bottle, and based on the weight, determines how much water (or, in theory, any other liquid) you’ve been drinking. This information is shot over periodically to your smartphone, which will buzz you if you haven’t had enough water in a day.

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Sensoria Bluetooth-enabled socks are a runner's best friend at #CESlive

At CES 2014, we checked out Heapsylon, who are working on a lineup of Bluetooth-enabled clothes that are perfect for runners. First up are the socks, which have pressure sensors throughout to determine the efficiency of your strides, as well as an ankle unit to help monitor speed, heart rate, and more. On top of that, Sensoria has a bra and t-shirt with embedded sensors. Though you’ll need to buy a proper monitor to plug into the shirt in order to monitor the data, it’s still all fed back to the Sensoria app on your iOS device.

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Fitbit Force is a new wearable fitness tracker, with a hint of a watch for good measure

Fitbit needs little introduction to anyone familiar with fitness trackers, and today we're introduced to the Force, the latest wearable from the company. It looks a lot like the Flex, Fitbit's first efforts at a wristband tracker, but the Force adds a small LED display, and some additional features that comes with it.

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Strava Run updates to use the M7 motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5s

Exercise apps are set to go to a new level with Apple's new M7 motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5s, and Strava Run is one of the first out of the gate to do so. The latest update to the app brings not only a swish looking new iOS 7 design, but also support for the M7 that promises better accuracy and better battery consumption on your runs:

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iWatch rumors get fleshed out, focus on sensors, health

Apple's rumored iWatch may be a fitness-oriented device, as Apple has begun assembling a team of people with expertise in fitness and body sensor hardware and software. Additionally, multiple teams within Apple have been examining existing wearables like the Nike FuelBand, which CEO Tim Cook is known to wear, and the Jawbone Up

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Fitbit Flex now shipping for $99.95, syncs with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

Fitbit needs little introduction, and the latest in their line of wearable fitness devices, the Fitbit Flex, is now shipping for $99.95. First seen back at CES in January, the Flex has been a little while coming to market but now it's here.

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RunKeeper receives a major update, right on time for those New Year fitness resolutions

RunKeeper, the hugely popular personal training and fitness tracking app has received a major update. The timing couldn't be any better, straight after the holiday periods antics of over eating and drinking and the time when those New Year resolutions of weight loss and getting fit start to become a reality.

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