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How Google had to 'start over' on Android the day the iPhone was announced

Back when the very first iPhone was announced in 2007, it took many of us by surprise, including Google. What Steve Jobs held in his hand on stage that day was unlike any smartphone we'd seen to that date, and it set the precedent for what we see today not only from Apple. In a piece on The Atlantic, excerpts from Fred Vogelstein’s Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution, illustrate what happened next:

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Google Search goes iOS 7, gets better integration with Google Maps

Google today updated its Search app for iOS, adding another one to the iOS 7 optimized stable and bringing with it a few full screen browsing experience. The touches are subtle, but it's an iOS 7 app alright, and besides the added razzle dazzle Google is also promising "smarter integration with Google Maps."

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MyGlass for iOS available in the App Store, again

After it's brief appearance in the App Store a few days ago, MyGlass for iOS has once again returned. The app apparently needed Google Glass to receive an update first before it would work. That update has been released and MyGlass is now available in the App Store again.

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Google buying a robot-zombie army is terrifyingly cool

Google has just bought Boston Dynamics, the company that makes those incredibly disturbing robots that walk like something between a dog, centipede, and zombie. Since Android-founder Andy Rubin is now running the mecha division at Google, maybe this will now fall under his purview (Androids running Android). Either way, it's an interesting play. John Markoff for the New York Times:

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Gmail changing how it handles images, will start displaying them automatically

Google today announced that the – oh so annoying to some – "show images" message you see at the top of any email you currently receive in Gmail is going to go away. Gmail will now start to automatically display images in your emails, and is initially rolling out on the web clients with mobile apps will follow in early 2014.

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Google Maps for iOS will now show you your flight, hotel and restaurant reservations

Google has bumped Google Maps for iOS up to version 2.5.0 and with it brought some neat new additions for folks in selected locations. Maps will now pull information from your Gmail account and show you your flight, hotel and restaurant reservation information. When you search for your related airport, hotel or restaurant, Maps will auto-populate the location information with your own details.

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Google Chrome app launcher and desktop apps now available to Mac users

Google has today made some big changes to its Chrome browser for Mac with support for desktop apps and the addition of the Chrome App Launcher. Now, when you install a new Chrome app, the Chrome App Launcher will automatically add itself to your OS X dock so you don't need to open the browser window to get at your web apps.

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Google Drive adds sort, find and replace, more

Google has updated its Google Drive app, used to access files stored in an online repository accessible as a Google service. 15 GB of storage is included free with your Google account - more is available as an in-app purchase.

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Google adds new apps to the Chromecast family including Plex, VEVO and Songza

Google has today announced a raft of new apps with support for its $35 TV dongle, Chromecast, that suddenly makes it a whole lot more useful and appealing. While a public SDK still eludes us, the latest apps with support for Chromecast includes such popular names as Plex, Songza and VEVO.

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Google Play Music All Access now available in Germany

Good news for Google using folks and music fans in Germany, Mountain View has finally made Google Play Music All Access available there. While the iPhone version may have only just joined us, Germany has been waiting about four months since the service first landed on European shores.

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