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Ipad Mini

iPhone 5 launching in China on December 14, iPad 4 and iPad mini Wi-Fi on December 7

The iPhone 5, along with the Wi-Fi only versions of the iPad 4 and iPad mini would go on sale in China within the next few weeks. According to Apple, the iPhone 5 will debut on Friday, December 14, and the iPads will debut on Friday, December 7.

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Where are the international iPad minis with LTE?

Literally seconds after Apple opened pre-orders for the iPad mini I bought a 32GB model in white. That was on October 26. A month ago. Not only hasn't it arrived yet, it hasn't even shipped yet. U.S. iPad minis + LTE began arriving weeks ago but international iPad minis + LTE aren't being treated equally. That's nothing new. Apple famously (or infamously) delayed the release of the original iPad and iPad 2 almost a month outside the U.S. But with the iPad mini, the international Wi-Fi only versions were available for delivery and purchase day and date with U.S. versions. It's only the LTE (or cellular, if your carrier doesn't support LTE) versions that seem to be MIA.

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Gifts for iPad lovers: 2012 holiday guide

If the special someone(s) on your holiday gift list already have iPads, and love them, and are looking to get even more out of them, you're all in luck. There's an embarrassment of great apps, accessories, and content that make the iPad ever so much more functional, and more fun. Here are some of our favorites.

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iPad and alternative tablet gifts: 2012 holiday guide

If you're looking at getting someone a tablet this year, chances are you're looking to get them an iPad. For most people, most of the time, the iPad remains the best combination of hardware, experience, and content on the market. But which iPad should you get, the latest, greatest iPad 4 or the thinner, lighter, iPad mini? Should you consider an iPod touch instead? What if Apple isn't the right answer, should you look at a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10, or an Amazon Kindle Fire HD or a Microsoft Surface instead? The black and white choices of the past have become increasingly, confusingly gray-scaled. Do you want maximum power or maximum portability? Do you want something that's more mobile or more computer? Do you want a way to easily consume your content or create it as well? With all these choices, which tablet should you get?

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Police apprehend suspect in $1.9 million iPad mini theft at JFK

A couple of days ago some heisted almost two million dollars worth of iPad minis from JFK airport. Turns out, however, the culprit was more would-be-wiseguy than actually good goofella. Once again proving that no amount of law enforcement or manpower can equal suspects being less than clever, John Paczkowski of AllThingsD reports:

The suspect, Renel Rene Richardson, blew his cover by asking his co-workers for details about the iPad shipment and where to find a forklift a few days before the theft.

And yeah, no relation.

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Recent studies on iPad mini and Windows 8 are both bullish for Apple

Now that the iPad mini has been available for a while, we’re starting to see some interesting industry research headlines pop up, based on consumer surveys. Earlier this week, Cowen and Co. made headlines with one particular study that I wanted to bring up for discussion.

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Cellular (LTE) iPad 4 and iPad mini start arriving... in the U.S. at least

We’re getting multiple reports that the cellular/LTE enabled iPad 4 and iPad mini are arriving at the homes of US customers, while also making their way to local Apple Stores. No word yet on when the store will have them up for sale, but it could be literally any time now.

International customers don't appear to be anywhere nearly as lucky, with those who placed pre-orders the instant they were available still not seeing shipping notifications, or anything other than mid-to-late November availability.

Did you order a cellular iPad 4 or iPad mini? Have you recieved it yet?

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Belkin announces a portable keyboard case for the iPad mini

Well known accessory manufacturer Belkin has wasted no time in getting a portable keyboard case ready for the just released iPad mini. The new keyboard case not only offers great protection for your iPad mini but also gives it a well spaced removable Bluetooth keyboard for the times when the on screen keyboard is just not good enough for your needs.

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iPad mini not cannibalizing demand for larger iPad

Turns out the iPad mini isn't cannibalizing demand for its larger sibling, the iPad 4 to the degree some analysts expected. While some predicted the 7.9-inch iPad would cut into sales of the 9.7-inch iPad by as much as 50%, that hasn’t been happening. Instead, any cannibalization that is happening is being more than offset by the amount of new customers Apple is gaining. That's according to a new study of 1225 U.S. adults by Cowen and Co. that says 52% of people who were planning on buying an iPad mini in the next 18 months are buying their first tablet.

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So what do you think of your iPad mini? [Poll]

So what do you think of your iPad mini?

It's been just over a week now since Apple launched the iPad mini and while many of us are still waiting for our cellular iPad mini's to ship, others have had a chance to really give Apple's newest, smallest tablet a go. So what do you think?

Does the lack of Retina display bother you? Is it a deal-breaker? Do the things you do on your iPad mini make no Retina a non-issue, or a constant source of consternation? Is the smaller screen size a portability boost or a usability loss? Can you still read easily? Can you still tap easily? Does the smaller size mean you're carrying the iPad mini around a lot, in pockets or purses? Or does it just make it harder to get more serious work done?

We've given you our full iPad mini review write-up and iPad mini review podcast, and now we want to hear from you! Vote in the poll up top and tell me how you really feel in the comments below. Is the iPad mini for you, and why or why not?

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