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Mobile Computing

Can the iPhone Replace Your Laptop?

Daring Fireball's John Gruber posted the following last night:

A decade ago, my first PowerBook was a secondary machine to the desktop anchored at my desk. Now, my main machine is my MacBook Pro, but it feels a bit like an anchor now. My mobile secondary computer is my iPhone

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iPhone 2G vs. Blackberry Bold(ish) Browser "Battle"

The iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Bold will certainly be pitted against each other in the days to come, so when we saw a so-called Browser battle between the two, we promptly grabbed our popcorn and got ready to watch the rumble...

...Only to find out it was an original iPhone 2G vs. what looks like a pre-release, buggy-ROM'd, poorly connected Bold. Talk about going from showdown to letdown!

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