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Dear Facebook -- Please Fix Facebook 3.1.1 for iPhone and Soon

Facebook 3.1 brought the much-in-demand push notification service to the iPhone's most popular social networking app, but no good deed goes unpunished, and along with broken push, it also brought a host of problems. Now, not everyone is having the same problem, but a lot of you have told us about one or more of the following:

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Facebook 3.1 with Push Notifications for iPhone Now Available

Facebook for iPhone just received an update that contains one of the most sought after missing features, push notifications. It has been a long time coming as most of us hoped for this feature when Facebook 3.0 was released. The only other difference noted in 3.1 is very Android-like, the ability to sync your friends with your address book.

Now all we need is for Apple to step up to the plate with iPhone 4.0 and give us a better to handle our notifications. At least we can all dream right?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Quick App: ESPN ScoreCenter

One of Phil Schiller's favorite iPhone apps, ESPN ScoreCenter, [iTunes Link] just got that much better with the addition of push notifications. Even better you get the ESPN SportsCenter jingle as your notification sound.

With ESPN ScoreCenter you get real-time scores, live game details, game summaries and stats for 9 major sports including the following: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, NCAA Football and Basketball, NASCAR, Golf, and Tennis.

The only major sport that I wish was included is mixed martial arts coverage. That would make this app absolutely unreal. Life goes on and at the end of the day, with push notifications, this is the best sports app to get your up to the minute sports information and best yet, it's free!

One more image after the break!

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From the Forums: Push Apps, GPS Apps, Native iPhone Apps/Features, Data Usage

Welcome to From the Forums. If you are curious as to what all of the hot topics are on the TiPb forums, this is the place to be. In order to create any new threads of your own or reply to any of the following threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is a simple process that will only take a few minutes out of your day, so if you haven’t already, head on over and register now.

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AIM Push Problems - Hacktivated iPhones to Blame?

Crunchgear is reporting that Till Schadde of Equinux has been noticing some weirdness with his AIM app and push notifications. Namely, Schadde has been seeing his AIM messages go to random recipients. He discovered this by being notified that a message he had sent to his iPhone version of AIM was redirected to a random stranger. That stranger then contacted Schaddle to let him know and to supply him with a screen shot of his message.

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More Than One New iPhone Next Year? Spotlight Search, Push Apps, and iPhone Help -- From the TiPb Forums

It’s that time again — time for us to pick out some of the hot topics on TiPb’s forums. In order for you to reply to any of the following threads please be sure to register. It’s a painless process that will only take a moment of your time.

Forum regular, Duvi, started an interesting poll recently, does anyone believe there will be more than one iPhone next year? My personal feeling is we will be seeing a similar situation as we did this past June 19th. One new iPhone with the 3GS possibly sticking around at a lower price. Thoughts?

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Walkthrough: Exchange ActiveSync On Your iPhone 2.0

If MobileMe is Apple's "Exchange for the rest of us", then ActiveSync is Microsoft's "Exchange for the most of them". After Windows and Office, it's arguably the 3rd pillar of Microsoft's business domination. Blackberry's can (and almost de facto do) connect to them, Windows Mobiles certainly connect to them. Even the aging Palm OS Treo's have ActiveSync support. And with the 2.0 software, the iPhone does as well.

Caveat: Microsoft loves them some monopoly power and proprietary solutions (in this case, for example, using their own MAPI rather than the IMAP IDLE standard for "push" email). They may be becoming increasingly open in the face of Web-based competition, but their crown jewels are still closely guarded. So, while Outlook connects directly to Exchange for -- according to them -- the "richest experience", and Windows Mobile probably follows a close second, iPhone like other ActiveSync licensees connects via something called Outlook Web Access, the same way a web browser might.

How does this experience stack up in richness? Read on to find out!

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Gizmodo Says iPhone MobileMe Kills Crackberry Dead!

Ouch! Was that the sound of Crackberry Kevin Hulking Up for another NERD FIGHT, or RIM CEO Mike Lazeridis smashing the desks over at R&D?

Seems like Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz has just put Apple's new MobileMe push Email, Contacts, and Calendars service through it's iPhone paces and their verdict?

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.Mac: By Any Other Name Would Sync More Sweetly?

Ah, .Mac, the poor abandoned stepchild in Apple's 360 degrees of spherical integration. It's the online service Google, Yahoo, and even Microsoft Live kick sand at on the playground.

Sure, Back-to-my-Mac can rock, and syncing can be oh-so-sweet, but c'mon, what have you done for us lately?

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Apple to RIM: You Been Served!

During the iPhone SDK Roadmap event today, Apple strolled up to RIM, slipped out a glove, dropped a brick into it, and slapped out one "boom" of a challenge.

Blackberry is an email monster, no doubt about it. Intoxicating "push" delivery and back-end IT administration have made it the darling of the enterprise world. But it isn't without problems: due to the centralized server-model RIM utilizes (where all mail is collected by RIM prior to being pushed out to end-users), there's a single point of failure for all Blackberry users everywhere (as seen in two recent, service-wide outages) -- and a single point of exploit as well (where an attack on RIM's server could compromise the privacy and security of the entire user base).

Read on for more!

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