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Samsung launches next-generation SmartThings smart home automation hub

Samsung unveiled the second-generation SmartThings Hub, which features a faster processor that can handle video monitoring.

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Galaxy Note 5 and 'inserting it wrong'

Earlier today on MacBreak Weekly, the long-running podcast hosted by Leo Laporte, Leo was joking about the stories involving Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S-Pens getting stuck backwards in their slots when—you guessed it!—his S-Pen got stuck backwards in the slot. You can see it happen in the video below at around the 49:40 mark.

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Samsung offering iPhone owners a Galaxy Note 5 to 'Test Drive' for 30 days [Update]

With in-store sales of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ kicking off, Samsung has launched a new promotion called the "Ultimate Test Drive" aimed at getting iPhone owners to switch over to a Galaxy phone.

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Samsung wants to take its patent fight with Apple to the Supreme Court

Samsung plans to take its ongoing fight with Apple over alleged patent infringements to the Supreme Court, according to recently filed court documents.

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US court repels Samsung's appeal against Apple over patent infringements

A US appeals court has rejected Samsung's appeal against an earlier court ruling that South Korean company infringed on multiple Apple patents. This comes after Samsung received support from top tech companies, including Facebook and Google.

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Samsung tries to get out ahead of iPhone 6s Plus with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus... er... +

Samsung held one of their legendary Unpacked events today so they could showcase the bigger Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and better Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So, what's new about the new devices, and what does it mean for Apple and the upcoming iPhones 6S?

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Facebook, Google and other tech giants back Samsung in patent court battle against Apple

Facebook and Google join other Silicon Valley tech giants to stand up with Samsung against Apple in court. The companies have petitioned against the court decision to fine Samsung.

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Apple and Samsung said to be nearing a deal to join the electronic SIM launch

Apple and Samsung are said to be in negotiations with mobile carriers around the world over the launch of an embedded e-SIM card, which would allow users to easily switch carriers.

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I finally figured out why Samsung makes anti-iPhone ads...

Samsung keeps making commercials that, instead of highlighting features potential customers might find compelling, spend most of their time showing off iPhones, and trying to make iPhone owners look pained, beleaguered, and just plain stupid. It never made sense to me as an acquisition strategy, though. iPhone owners aren't going to appreciate being called stupid and switch to Samsung, they're going to call Samsung stupid right back. But with this latest commercial, where Samsung misrepresents the differences in charging methods, I finally understood what was going on. Samsung isn't trying to win over iPhone owners—they're desperate to keep Galaxy owners.

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Apple vs. Samsung commercials, June 2015 edition

Both Apple and Samsung just released new ads for their flagship phones, the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.

Apple's commercials, an extension of the #shotoniphone6 campaign the company launched a couple of months ago, focus on how everyone from professionals to enthusiasts can capture, edit, and share amazing videos with nothing more than their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

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