How to tether your iPad to your BlackBerry

how to tether your ipad to your blackberry

Have a BlackBerry and an iPad and want to tether? Bla1ze over at found himself in just that situation, and so he put together a quick how-to:

The process requires you to download a cydia app called iBluever and a BlackBerry application called PDANet. After a few setting adjustments you technically should be up and running using your BlackBerry data plan with your WiFi enabled iPad. That said, you should keep in mind that anytime something is interacting with your carrier data, you could incur extra charges. if you decide to set this up, you do so at your own risk.

Have you tried tethering your iPad to your BlackBerry? If so, let us know how it worked for you.


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How to tether your iPad to your BlackBerry


Sounds interesting. Is that also capable with an iPod touch?? Back before I potted my line to Att I had both a berry and a touch and wished I could have tethered to my touch. I guess it was better I couldn't figure it out cause I ditched the berry and got me an all in one GREAT iPhone!

the title mislead me to think that it was actually de iPad giving a data connection to the blackberry

You're welcome,, for showing you this.
I tried it and after toying with it for a few mins, it worked! I tethered my Blackberry Tour from Verizon. Things I ran into:
1. On your iPad, make sure your Bluetooth is off when starting iBluever. The JB app will do it for you and won't work if Bluetooth is already switched on.
2. After making the changes to your phone according to the guide, you also have to set Bluetooth to stay on and stay in discovery mode. Some phones are set to only stay in discovery mode for 2 mins.
Everything else I went by "the book" and it works! So pleased. I hope you can get it to work as well.

I am still confused as to why people don't jailbreak. The worst possible scenario is that you restore the phone and load everything back on. For the myriad of reasons to, laziness and fear seem to be the only reason not to.

I've jbroken, and I could see wny people don't. Maybe it's for work? What a pain in the ass, if it were to f up. No doubt.

You can do this, out of the box, with the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon. Both of those handsets have a Mobile Hotspot app that comes with the phone and does not incur additional data cost (unless you go over the 5GB/month limit).
My daughter LOVES being to surf on her iPad in the back seat of the car during a long family trip.
Also works with iPod Touch, any other wi-fi enabled device.
Very cool.

Hello people, I'm new to the iPhone and bit of a newb. So I'm interested in buying an iPhone as well as an iPad in the near future, but my decision hinges on a couple of things. Will I be able to tether my iPad with my iPhone?
Can someone please let me know.

you can definitely use your iPhone as a hotspot for the iPad - super simple!! I have mine set up so if I'm not home in my wifi environment, I can use my iPhone as I have 6gbs on my data plan.
iPhone - settings>Personal Hotspot> turn on
iPad - settings>wifi>turn on> wait for avail networks to auto populate and locate your phone. Tap on it and then you will see a blue bar at the top of your iPhone screen once connected. This works on laptops for wifi as well. So so easy - not like trying to use a Blackberry and an iPad!!

Don't do it I did it with my blackberry and pc. Because I was on the blackberry server Internet is NORMALLY free with the unlimited bundle you get BUT as soon as I tethered my berry to pc it changed to the 02 network and I got a 700 pound bill. Don't go there

OK so I have a Verizon Blackberry Tour and a wi-fi ipad....if I tether it will Verizon charge me more per month? I dont think my blackberry has the option to make itself a hotspot so I wouldn't image my bill going up....Has anyone tried it with a tour??

T-Mobile does not charge for tethering so long as you have a dataplan. Other carries do charge to tether, so if tethering with your blackberry is essential, check out T-Mobile.

T-mobile rocks. Those Germans have class not to charge unlike the stupid American their 40 percent cheaper...the other carriers just use marketing gimmicks mostly all fall for...

I am trying this tethering process, I did jailbreak my Ipad, I downloaded the two apps...where do I go from here. Do I start with the IBluever, it's not picking up my Storm 2 as a device and the PDANet is scanning but nothing is happenining. I am not that savvy, need some elementary instructions.

Any word on verizon charging extra on this? I have the unlimited data plan and have tethered the iPad to my verizon service using pdanet on the blackberry and bluever on the iPad. But I'm concerned about the possibility of the extra charges that article refers to. Anyone gotten a bill from verizon after using is method for a few months? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I have a blackberry 3.2MP and thinking about geting an ipad 32GB with 3G. Should I bother and if so why and what are the benefits. I am a bit technophobic!!

Hey everyone
I assume I can use the same process to tether my data from my iPhone to my blackberry? I have PDA net on my iPhone can somebody walk me through it?
Also, their both Rogers so it doesn't matter I can switch where the data comes from by changing sim cards

Can this app be configured to use the BIS data. By this I mean browsing through and not wap or other data connection?
Reason being I have an unlimited blackberry data plan worldwide. I can surf from blackberry free of charge world wide and being able to tether the iPad to the bb in times that I can't find a free wifi would be very advantageous and save me money.
Thanks in advance

when i try to connect it to ibluever it justa says @a connection could not be establishedto the ppp sever'