Thieves steal iPad, take man's finger with it


In the category of no good deed goes unpunished, a man went to get a iPad for a friend and not only had the iPad stolen from him but also lost his pinkie finger.

He had been asked by a co-worker in Canada to pick him up a iPad. As he was leaving the store with the new iPad, two thieves grabbed for the iPad bag and began to yank. Unfortunately, though the man tried to let go, the thick Apple bag's cord stayed stuck around his fingers and would not release.

Gore alert: the cord ended up shearing the flesh and tendons from the 59 year old victim's finger. The only thing that remained was the bone which had to be amputated later at the hospital. The whole incident was captured on surveillance but as of writing this, no arrests have been made.

The victim did have a few choice words for the thieves, however, saying that they had changed his life forever for a piece of technology which will be junk in a couple of years.

Sadly, the victim had moved from New Jersey to Colorado to get away from a crime that had been committed 15 years ago.

[Engadget via CBS4Denver]

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Thieves steal iPad, take man's finger with it


Thieves have been targeting apple store customers for a while now. They also go for the wallets because the people who shop there are more financially stable so their identities are worth more. So watch your backs when shopping at Apple stores.

"Sadly, the victim had moved from New Jersey to Colorado to get away from a crime that had been committed 15 years ago."
Man that's a horrible story I hope they catch the bast**ds and cut their pinky finger off eye for an eye. How ever this guy sounds like he has incredible bad luck. I wonder if Apple gave him a free Ipad for feeling bad for the guy.

This reminds me to buy at an Apple store at the mall, Im thinking less of a chance for someone to run all the way through the mall with a bag. I would have swung the bag at someone. Definitely taking my 9mm when I go to get my 3G iPad.

As far as protecting your self and your purchase from thugs outside the Apple store... there should be an app for that.

Sad. I went into an AT&T store today to look at the iPhone and noticed there were none on display. I asked the sales rep if they had any models to play around with, she told me that they were stolen over night.

this is bad, sorry to read this.
thye should loose their pinkies too, in fact why stop there they should have their winkies chopped too, then raped

I'm always careful when I pull out my iPhone some people have the wow that's an iPhone look others have the I want your iPhone look so I always check my surroundings first before I take it out it's pretty sad that he was trying to give it up so he didn't get hurt and ended up getting hurt bad when ever I buy something from the apple store I always rap the cords around my hands or arms not anymore when they catch them I hope they make them cell with bubba

J/K, that poor guy. I wonder how his friend feels?
I hope they cut the nuts off of those punks.

How dare Apple make bags with high quality strong cords! Apple should learn from this and go with plastic bags with oval cutouts like other mall stores!
Kidding aside, I feel bad for the man...Next time I buy something from apple, I'll bring a taser. Or maybe just buy online. I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often.

@Big John
Gosh! How did you even graduate high school(if you did) without using at least 1 puntuaction mark when typing? It makes me shudder to imagine adults who actually type like that and hit the submit without proofreading it(I hope you really didn't).
You're kidding right? Please explain to me how a 9mm would have changed this man's position to be any better?

@ Tom: Seneka knows what he/she talks about. He/she is an illegitimate offspring of a hooker. Talk about careless...

really sorry, man. i hope you get better soon and that your heart remains unchanged by this unfathomable and senseless crime.

Poor man. Apple should now be scrambling to redesign that bag, I mean if Apple can put so much thought into every bit of details to its products, shouldn't that philosophy trickle down to what materials are those bags made of or how they were designed to avoid tangling, baby suffocation, and why not make every bit of plastic from Mac to packaging materials be BPA-free? Isn't that too much to ask? Shouldn't that be part of Apple's philosophy?

Move to Canada!!! These kind of things do not happen here. These ppl better be caught and jailed for a very long time!!!!

Would that iPad be traceable, if turned on ? Not that the thieves would tell the person they sell it to that it was stolen. But I guessing it's possible.

@Big John
Ok kiddo. Stick to hooked-on-phonics. Because coming down to Memphis and slapping a firefighter is the only thing worse than your English. Kids....

I'm sorry to inform you, but all of your posts here are riddled with errors. :roll:
I agree with Gregg. People need to carry guns to blow scum away.

Logic like yours is EXACTLY the reason why we are having a hard time keeping guns in the hands of rightful, law abiding citizens. Loose cannons like yourself that justify taking peoples lives over personal property(let alone a damn iPad) need to be restricted to the jungles. strongly suggest you take a read on this site. Read all of it, beforeyour ignorant advice winds you and someone else in jail as a murderer. Idiot...
And before you label me a hard swinging lefty, I own 7 guns, 3 of which just has no purpose than to cause something/someone a quick horrible death.

Shooting someone who's robbing me makes me a loose cannon? :lol:
It doesn't concern me what way you, or anyone else here, swings. But even as the far left, extreme liberal that I am, i won't hesitate to blow away anyone who ever tries to rob me (so much for your labels and assumptions, eh?). Your uselessness is your business. Good luck with that.
And I'm not interested in your links, but thanks anyway. ;)

I'm all for self defense and proper use of deadly force, trust me, but it really erks me when people make references to guns and their use in such a irresponsible fashion...
...and it all goes to waste when some guys walks out of an Apple Store and "blows away" some unarmed 16 year old dressed in all black trying to "rob" them of their $500 toy.
I not for killing kids, but its not me who the politicians are going to have a heart for when they ban guns, it's the mother and her friends of that 16 year old. Then when NEED a gun, you can't have one because you walked around shooting everyone lol.

And next time your house catches on fire and a fireman drags you out from in front of your iMac, thank him for his uselessness:-)

It's not about the iPad, it's about being assaulted and having your finger being ripped off. The perp is a felon and likely to cause further harm to others.

Lawsuit... Apple shouldn't have had the strings on the bags if those wernt there he would have never lost his finger. This is America he will win.