TidyTilt is a Smart Cover, kickstand, mount and earbud wrap for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

TidyTilt is a new Kickstarter project with a multi-functioning, innovative case/cover that aims to keep your iPhone earbuds in check.

TidyTilt is an earbud cord wrap, multi-position kickstand, and mount for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. TidyTilt takes up less space than any one of these devices - yet does all three things - without adding something extra to carry.

With TidyTilt, you can wrap your earbud cords the same way you normally do, while also keeping everything nicely organized and always within reach. The case takes cues from Apple's own Smart Cover for the iPad 2, only instead of on the front, it protects the rear glass of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

You can even apply it to existing cases you already use, then turn around and mount it to a magnetic strip if you're so inclined.

Their goal has already been met and exceeded at nearly $37,000 from a $10,000 initial funding requirement, and you can have your very own by pledging as little as $19.

Source: TidyTilt via Kickstarter

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Reader comments

TidyTilt is a Smart Cover, kickstand, mount and earbud wrap for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S


Seems cool. I wonder if it messed with the flash like a lot of cases seem to? Though it may not matter as much as you can just put it into kickstand mode and voila, camera area is uncovered.

No one is stgnesuigg that one should buy this kit from scratch just to make videos you blithering retard. But many people ALREADY own an iphone and ipad, and this video is a proof of concept showing these items can be used as a complete end to end video production workflow. Goddamnit, how dumb are you? HERP-DERP-hurrrrrrr

I've been waiting on Apple to make a smart cover for iPhone. ;)
This is not bad. However, I just place my headphones in a belt point. Having it stored with the phone seems inconvenient.

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