TiPb in line for the iPad! What about you?

Rene iPad line

Here we are -- I'm in line at the Albany, NY Apple Store, Dieter is waiting at a Florida Best Buy, Chad is somewhere in the middle of nowhere (swinging by on his way to vacation), and Leanna is blazing a trail in Colorado. Jeremy is waiting on UPS, and Georgia on the Canadian launch.

The Apple Stores are blacked out, are employees training on the demo units? They have docks, VGA adapters, Apple and third party cases in stock, and are serving vitamin water and, soon, coffee. Customer service, I tell you!

Where are you? How are the lines? UPS on the road yet? Give us your sitch and if you have photos to share, post them on our official waiting for iPad thread in the forums!

Rene Ritchie

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Chris says:

I am home, watching my iPad's UPS tracking! An hour ago it was an hour from my area, now I see it has reached my local distribution hub. I told my kids that today unless the house was on fire, and even then, I would NOT be leaving the house until UPS delivered my iPad!

Chas58 says:

Waiting for mine. Mine is in Newark, hope it gets out safe.

Tenor146 says:

Mine is currently 10 miles away! =] I'm upset cuz I have to work a 12-5 shift today, but hoping it gets here before that!

Victimsofgravity says:

I'm in seekonk Massachusetts ( outside of providence). Best buy officials say they have not recieved any ipads. They are handing out tickets and we can come back later this afternoon or tomorrow. Bogus!!!!
I'm hearing that apple stores are giving some sort of gift to campers. Has anyone heard any of this??

Dieter says:

Been at the Best Buy here since 2am - which was stupid, as the only other people to show came around 7. Store opens at 10 and they sorta kinda promised to give us tickets so we could wander off between now and opening ....but so far no dice.
...And now there are three of us. Of course, the other two refuse to leave their cars and engage in real human interaction. Soon they will have iPads and their ability to avoid fleshy humans will be enhanced exponentially.

VagrantHarmonist says:

Sitting here...in front of my Mac...stalking all the people getting iPads today...including you Rene. :P

cybertyspn says:

Waiting at home for UPS.

Kathy Goodman says:

In line here in Santa Barbara, Ca. 10 in the line. Apple has their windows blacked out. It's cold at 50 degrees.

Jason G. says:

2nd in line here in front of best buy in Tennessee. Was just told they'll have 60 of each model. Feeling kind of silly now being here since 5

61Butte says:

Fixing some coffee for my UPS guy.
Maybe a tip too if the box isn't smashed!

cybertyspn says:

Wonder if best buy has any accessories for the ipad today?

Todd says:

I live in Utah and as of 6:45am UPS still shows my iPad in Colorado on their tracking site. It's driving me nuts. I'm so excited.

Leanna Lofte says:

In line at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, CO!

P2hero says:

It's 9am here I am going to the apple store in Annapolis MD at 12 noon to get mine the line should be short by then, and I have mine on reserved woot.

Xanadeath says:

My store opens at 9 in Modesto ca here lol and I should get to my store around 745-ish

Jhunt4231 says:

2 in line at Best Buy in Allen, Tx we were told that due to a flood in Kentucky they are not here yet.

Frank5o says:

Outside the Best Buy in El Paso. Im seventh in line. It's 7:27am here. Been here for an hour. I stopped by yesterday and they said they migth not have the iPads until later in the afternoon but you could buy a voucher early and come back and pick it up.

Victimsofgravity says:

Best buy in Seekonk Massachusetts (just outside Providence Rhode island) has distributed tickets to everyone in line ( I'm number 3!). I still have a reservation at the apple store should I buy it and throw it on eBay??
I heard Boston apple store is giving coffee And snack to everyone waiting outside. I guess that was the gift apple was talking about.
By the way demo units are live in best buy

Dinah says:

Tracking UPS. It just arrived at the airport at 6 am.

Jez says:

Still waiting in uk for an official release date for us :-(

Sidberto says:

In line at the Apple Store in Tucson, AZ. Only about 20 people in the non-pre-order line. Only 2 hours and 10 min until iPad time.

Cy says:

Best buy in platsburg NY isn't carrying them. Crossed customs for nothing. :(

Guinness0514 says:

I still have to wait another 30 days for my 3G I preorder... Color me jealous......

Tim says:

Just missed UPS...I was in the shower! Linda, the lovely UPS driver, knew what she was delivering and left her cell. She's promised to return before noon. Phew...that was a close one. And...UPS rocks!

GinoDotCom says:

Waitng on UPS here in the Bronx. A few blocks from Yankee Stadium.
I'm surprised how many people are buying their iPads at BestBuy.

Limegrntaln says:

I'll run to best buy to check it out. Even for living in the SF bay area. The closest apple store is like 40 miles away. Best Buy is across the street. I'll repost if I buy one. Probably won't though.

Victimsofgravity says:

Thanks to best buy for the free donuts!
So I'm at home now syncing my ipad 32gb and to restore it to my iPhone 3gs 32 gb is going to take 1 hour and 15 minutes

cybertyspn says:

Just got my ipad delivered by UPS @945am in northern Iowa. UPS guy said he never heard of the ipad until just a few days ago when they were briefed on delivery and security measures. Just connected to iTunes and going through the registration process. Then I'm going to sync all the apps I purchased yesterday. Saturday is good!

Chris says:

Mine arrived UPS at 10 AM EST. It's been on iTunes since then as I downloaded over 8000 digital camera pictures and now it's loading about 100 apps. Next, music and video!

Neo says:

Waiting for my ipad, tracking system says it's about ten miles from me.... Can't wait!!!

Carolinamic says:

Waiting on June 22nd also.

Al says:

I'm still not 100% sold on the iPad, if I were to get one, it would be the 3G version. I waited in line all night for the iPhone 3G but I'm just not quite sold yet on the iPad when I have an MB Pro and scores of new tablet computers will come out this year in response to the iPad. Who knows, maybe the iPhone 4.0 features will sell me on a new iPad.

desjones4ever says:

Used one of the iPads at Best Buy I will admit it's is a very nice device. I will get one sometime this year. Sooner more than later! I really hope that the iPhones email app upgrades to this on 3.2. Even if we just get that in the upgrade it's worth it totally.

tomuky says:

Got my iPad!!!!!! Typing on it now!

Lucas says:

I am on the "iPhone Blog" to read about news regarding iPhone... not the iPad.
I don't care about the iPad.

cybertyspn says:

@Lucas - The iPhone Blog has been expanded to include the iPad. Live with it.

Lucas says:

Uh. No.
I won't "live with it."
I am over it... reading TiPB no more.
A few people at work are done reading it as well. It looks like the iPhone Freakz Blog from now on.

Glenn#IM says:

BrianA love the comment UPS breifing about security. They delivered a $2,500.00 Gretsch guitar to the wrong house. Just left it at the door. My buddy called, and they said it's been delivered. He later saw a UPS truck driving up and down the street trying to remember where the guitar was left. He finally got his guitar.
Good luck to all waiting.

cybertyspn says:

@Glenn - He also said that he delivered 16 units to one person in a town close to mine. He said the guy used multiple addresses in his apartment complex. Can't figure that one out either. I know we were limited to 2 per household but couldnt Apple tell by purchase method it was one guy?

wordup says:

Photo and video editing apps on the iPad should be impressive.

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