TiPb TV 14: iPad 2 rumor boogaloo

The iPad 2 is almost certainly coming this spring and the rumors just won't stop! Will it or won't it have a Retina Display, will there be a Verizon model or a combo model, will it have a bunch of new ports? And most importantly -- will it be smaller and lighter with less bezel?! Those are the questions we're getting asked the most often these days and they're the topic for today's episode of TiPb TV!

We cover the pros of staying 1x with 1024x768, going for it at 2x with 2048x1536 and the cons of trying to do anything in between. We wonder if that new Qualcomm GSM/CDMA chipset could join a super sweet Apple A5 processor inside iPad 2. We talk about Apple taking their Camera Kit and VGA adapter and whether they'd ever really build them into SD card, USB and MiniDisplay ports that some users may just never use.

And then I tell Rene he's wrong about there being no changes coming to the iPad bezel. (Apple better back me up on that!)

Check out the video above and then let us know what you want from Apple in iPad 2 -- and what you absolutely don't want!

TiPb TV 14: iPad 2 rumor boogaloo

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TiPb TV 14: iPad 2 rumor boogaloo


They won't have an iPad (old resolution) and an iPad HD (Retina). Sure, Macs come in all sorts of resolutions, but that is a different OS, with resizable windows and a mouse interface. Everything runs fullscreen in iOS, and the size of touch points is very critical. If they go higher resolution, that will be the new standard. They won't manufacture new devices with an outdated resolution.

That's not to say they won't still sell the original iPad (last year's model) if they have the stock, as they're doing with the iPhone 3GS now. But they won't come out with an iPad 2 (dual cameras, more memory, processor upgrade, etc.) at two different resolutions.

Agree with webvex. I thought Apple could have a 2-tier iPad lineup, but it really seems like too much trouble for everyone. It would only be a temporary solution anyway, since hi-rez screen costs will eventually come down enough for even the low-end iPad.
As for the bezel, I doubt it will shrink much more than 1 or 2 mm. Sorry Georgia, but I think the bezel needs to be wide enough for easy one-handed holding. Without your thumb touching the screen. So it has to be at least as wide as 3/4 the length of the average thumb from the last knuckle to the tip.

Yes, the one-handed issue is why the bezel can't be smaller. When you're holding an iPad by both sides, you don't need much bezel. But if you hold it by one side, you need to get a good clamp on it. Also, if they're throwing in a faster processor, maybe higher resolution, and making the case thinner, they're going to need plenty of space for battery.

Preach on webvex.
I think it will have the dual qualcomm chipsets. As the next iPhone should have too. There will be a change in the resolution to get rid of the annoying 2x screen resize. I don't like using apps that had to use that.

Even as Steve said no 7 inch iPad, the rumors are out again there will be one with retnia display. The major rumors reference the regular iPad, is no retina display. Some even say same display as original. My guess, they would like to do it, because iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4 has it, but it's just not possible yet at a cost apple would like. The 7 inch is possible, but Steve Jobs was so against it. I just do not see apple releasing a 10" iPad 2 with may be better display, and a 7" with retina display at the same time.

Apple has strived to avoid fragmentation and having two options for screen resolution could easily result in fragmentation. Plus developers might be driven crazy with three different screen resolution (earlier iPhones and iPod Touches, retina display and an iPad HD screen). But time will tell...