TiPb TV 17: iPad 2 tourist

We're back from flu enforced hiatus with an all new episode of TiPb TV featuring Apple's all new iPad 2! There's so much to cover we're going to be breaking it up over several shows and fair warning -- we're going to be having fun with it. (If you want a more traditional look, go read our iPad 2 review.)

This time around Rene and I take a look at iPad 2's Apple A5 chipset and iOS 4.3's JavaScript Nitro engine to see just how fast games like Infinity Blade can launch and websites like TiPb.com can render. Then we take FaceTime and the iPad 2's "cameras" on the road for a full on tourist test at the local mall. And oh man your eyes may never recover!

(In case you're curious, we used iPhone 4's Wi-Fi personal hotspot to connect iPad 2 to FaceTime over 3G which makes no sense but worked well.)

Watch along with us above and then let us know what you think -- is the web and app speed worth the upgrade? Are the cameras good enough to use in a pinch?

Daily Tip: How to connect your iPad to iPhone personal hotspot


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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Ilovegeorgia says:

great video, i was really entertained lol

Scooter says:

Ahh, such an awesome episode.

FLskydiver says:

Did you use an unjailbroken vanilla iPhone 4 and iPad 2 to connect the FaceTime call over 3G with AT&T's or Verizon's personal hotspot feature?
If so, that is interesting.

FLskydiver says:

^ That is the gist of what I read but I just wanted to be sure. Why do you suppose they (meaning Apple, AT&T, Verizon) either allow this or just didn't think of people doing this?

andsoitgoes says:

Holy crap I have such a crush on Georgia now. You, my little lady, are adorable. /swoon

EngineerGA says:

I was thinking the same thing. I am a noob to the site here, and I had to look at the bio pics two or three times to be sure that's Georgia. She looks more beautiful than in her bio pic. I'll watch the YouTube segments just to see her. LOL (don't tell my wife I said that)

Jeff Higgins says:

It's worth pointing out that, as well as Georgia being a complete and total smoking hot tech babe, she's also a very good writer and host. She does really contribute a huge amount to the site. And for that, I salute her!

Colton says:

That was the BEST tipb tv so far!! Good job!

Jean says:

Hey! Looks like you shote the mall video in France!? Are you currently there?.. maybe just in holidays?
Anyway, you just brought one of the first iPad 2 in the country.
Thank's for the vid!

Jean says:

OOps, i meant "shot" obviously!

Jean says:

Haha! I did not see the "Rogers" ad in the video, you're in Canada obvioulsy!
Shame on me!

larman2001 says:

Nice clear video of Fairview :)

Cliff says:

Nice report...awesome shirt!

Chipper says:

As you keep saying about the tablet market... "iPad makes it about experience, not specs". You two should go walkabout more and bring us some more 'experiences' - very funny, best so far :-)

Selena says:

Ahahaha... Hilarious!! Can't wait to see what you two come up with next :D

iPh0neme says:

Great video!
Rene, did you not learn from the lady who "walked" into the water fountain? 2:57 was hilarious, and the shirt was just right. As you can tell I am an iPhone man, but I seriously enjoy your videos and sense of humor. Big ups on your work!

west3man says:

Geat stuff.
Better every time.

macharborguy says:

My mother and I both have iPhone 4's. I have a Mifi so i can do FaceTime anywhere. She wanted me to go to a crafting store when I was out of town and look for some materials for her. While I was in a FaceTime call with her i was told by an employee there that i could not video tape or take photos. I showed her that I was actually on a video call with someone wanting to buy their items. I was again told i could not do that (there were NO signs stating that I could not do this), due to the potential that some competing company could steal their fabric designs. The woman actually compared it to Slugworth from WillyWonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I then made the remark that Slugworth was actually worked for WillyWonka.

John deer says:

Dude why does your eyebrow have such High contrast

felface says:

LOL YOU TWO now thats how tipb tv should be done look at Georgia OMG SO PENG but also rene just before the ipad 2 title he just sits back in chair looking so cool look at me i have a peng women a load of tech and about to show you the most funny ipad 2 camera video to date i love my life.

Glenn#IM says:

Excellent. Makes up for the blender post. Really like the intro music. You have restored my faith in TiPb. Glad to see you have duct tape in Canada, you are as cutting edge in technology as the US.

SteveC says:

Is the next give away the shirt? Great job, very entertaining!

normanj says:

This episode was really fun to watch ... thanks!

dloveprod says:

I'm in my hotel room looking over downtown watchin tipb videos, I'm such a dweeb!

SockRolid says:

Just one more: Rene doing a special TiPb TV with Georgia in the shower. (She just finished testing yet another waterproof iPad case, no doubt.) http://bit.ly/fLO4ah (Don't worry Georgia. I didn't tweet this one.)

SockRolid says:

Oops. Wrong blog. I'll post it in the iPad Tourist blog...

SockRolid says:

Great video, as always you guys! Rene demonstrated the one big problem you run into when walking around with something the size of an iPad. When you need to use both hands for something else, you need to put it down. Can't drop it into a pocket. Or purse.
No, it's not a brand new problem for humans to solve. Any time we walk around with a book or shopping bag or laptop or whatever, we need to do the same thing. But that extra moment of awkwardness makes iPad just slightly less "mobile" than iPhone etc. Just a thought.