TiPb TV 2: Should you get an iPad for the holidays or wait for iPad 2?

Should you buy and iPad now for the holidays or should you wait until early next year for iPad 2? That's an important question as gift giving season is upon us, and it's the topic for the second episode of our new, conversational video podcast, TiPb TV.

Rene and I discuss when we think iPad 2 will come out, what extra features it might have, if iPad 1 will stick around at a reduced price, and what value you'll get out of the current iPad for the next few months while you wait.

It's instant gratification vs. more later with a dose of Android Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry Playbook thrown in for good measure. So if you've been trying to decide between getting an iPad now -- for yourself or for that special someone -- or waiting for a -- maybe FaceTime equipped -- iPad 2 next year, check out TiPb TV and we'll help you make the best choice possible.

TiPb TV 2: Should you get an iPad for the holidays or wait for iPad 2?

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Reader comments

TiPb TV 2: Should you get an iPad for the holidays or wait for iPad 2?


@paulpenny Agreed. I watched it through the skyfire flash app. But for the people who have not bought the app from the app store. Yes please make it ios friendly. Thanks

Definitely you should offer a galaxy tab as a gift, better size, has a video camera and supports FLASH !!!!

This really sucks. I cant watch this video on my ipad.... And it doesnt seem to work with skyfire on my phone either.... Please fix and make your video ipad/iphone friendly. Thanks!

Sting, are you serious? And RG, try resetting the phone. 80% of problems with the iPhone and iPad are the fact that people never restart, hard reset or restore their device.

This Tipb TV was a little to gimmicky and look way to scripted.
One thing you could do to spruce it up a bit is going into tutorials, but test out the waters see if you can find the niche for TV.

@Gregg, yes I am. Why would an iPhone enthusiast site put up a flash video? I am well aware the iPhone does not support flash.

I really enjoyed this and the previous episode. These episodes have actually covered the questions I've been asking myself.

I would agree if you could put it in ios format so we can view on our idevices. But this is exactly what i was looking for love the tipb tv idea so far keep em coming.

I find it ironic that you posted a flash video, yet bash flash all the time. I really love your blog but the fact that we can't watch the media from our iDevices is a big fail.
And it doesn't even work in Skyfire. Rebooting, respringing, or restoring your devices will not play the video, so stop preaching Gregg.

A Flash video? Seriously? On "The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog"? Genius.
You should not wait for an iPad2, you should buy a less complicated device.

Loved the Seinfeld reference and Georgia of course! I really would like to see a TiPb TV episode based around jailbreaking. A debate of sorts. Would definitely be a perfect topic.

Posting video for an iPhone/iPad blog in Flash format is beyond lame. But then, they've been doing their Live sessions in Flash too. I don't know what the disconnect is, but you might clue your readers in on what the problem is. As for the iPad buying decision, go for it now unless you're strapped for cash. You'll still get a lot of use out of it for several months. In fact, I probably won't upgrade mine until the summer anyway. I'm not one of the fools who waits in line to be a beta tester. I always wait a few months for any bugs or problems (e.g. the iPhone 4) to get worked out and for the apps to catch up. If you just have the patience to delay your buying cycle, there's always plenty of stock, accessories are available and have been reviewed, and the apps are stable.

Guys, I love you, but you do need a better set and better lighting!! I'm not saying TV standards, but a little bit of effort into the look of the podcast would be great. It really contrasts with the professionalism of the website. It makes it look cheap...
Don't shoot the messanger,

It says I need to update my Adobe Flash player. Would you please post one of your tips on how to do that on my iPad and iPhone?

Hey, here's a suggestion. Why don't you shoot it with something like, say, an iPhone? Do you think you could lay your hands on one of those? Gosh, you could even edit it in iMovie and then post it right from the device. That might say something about the capabilities of the devices you're actually covering.

I was waiting for the iPad 2 when the first one came out. This is a iPhone blog (idevices), I would think you wold be able to see all the content on your Idevice

The hard part of giving these as a gift is making the 3G and extra memory decision for someone other than yourself. Of course, you can give the basic WiFi version making sure the recipient knows that he or she has 14 days from Dec 25th to return it for the upgrade version of choice (10% restocking fee IF opened), or give a $500 Apple gift card for the recipient to use for a basic version, use it toward an upgrade version, or save it for a the new model (April 2011?).
Of course, seeing the utter joy on the face of someone receiving one of these is something I'd definitely want to experience. It's just not the same giving a gift card, or giving an iPad that mustn't be opened (don't want to pay that 10% restocking fee).

As for the presentation, I liked it, but maybe next time it might be worth listing talking points, then allowing one minute (or whatever) for each of those points (helps keep you from being redundant, keeps the impatient types from abandoning the presentation, and addresses everybody's ever shortening attention span problem).

Wow. I had some time to kill, so I watched their first episode (which is viewable). If this one is anything like that one, they're doing us a favor by making it unviewable. They need a lot of help with video production. It's tragic, really tragic.

I'm loving the idea of this short videos, but you should consult someone who works with film to clean up the shots. I realize it's only the 2nd one and for that it's good. However, you're shooting in a room with yellow/red walls and lighting with yellow light. This is very bad, it washes you out and makes everyone look bad. Also, you're not using a key light which is making the shot very flat. If you using regular lights, go buy some blue white blubs and some defusing gels (or tissue paper if you're going for cheap) and clean up the lighting. The video will look a thousand times better for less than $20.

I am huge fan of this site and all the people involved with it and the live shows ! But I have to say how lame and ironic that it is very difficult or near impossible to view this on an iPhone or an iPad ! Could not agree more with Webvex ! Please explain to us why you would not shoot this video on the an iPhone 4 ??????

I am "busy waiting around" for iPad 2.0 since I couldn't quite justify the original one. I'm all Mac-ed and iPhone-d out, so an iPad would really truly be a toy for me. Then again, I am a Mac developer so it's time to start programming on iOS, so maybe that's the justification...

Hey Rene, I like that version of the Tipb shirt. Any chance that the store will be selling that version?

We even posted this one in the new H.264 embed!!
Seriously people, YouTube has been on the iPhone since 2007! If it shows up as Flash, that's YouTube frakking up, not us. It plays fine on my iPhone and iPad.
All our videos are YouTube format. They all play on iPhone and iPad.

could please make the iTunes podcast a video and a different feed
ps I love it watch the first one only so fare want to watch this one latter.

Gotcha now Sting. By your post I thought you meant "why is it asking me to download flash". Like you didn't know it wasn't capable. Makes sense now.

Noticed last night trying to watch guitar videos on YouTube, would not load the first time. Even got error message. Second, or third time would load, and play fine. YouTube goofy at times. Back to the subject, I will wait for an iPad 2, but reading blogs, it does not look like it will be something major except fir face time, and better memory. Liked the presentation on the video. Getting better.

OK, now that we can actually watch the video, here are a few suggestions. First, the white balance/lighting, seriously. Straighten the frame and lose the microphone in the shot. Make it shorter and cover the points more quickly—you're rambling. Look at the camera more. You should only look at the other person when you're answering a direct question from them. Georgia, don't make silly faces or put your hand on your face (episode one). Also, the Ken Burns effect is not good for stuff like web pages. We can't read small text that's moving, and it makes us dizzy. I do like the concept, but tighten it up, focus more, and fix the technical problems.

Guys, Rene clearly said that Tipb TV is an experiment right now and they are testing it out to see how people like it. It's only the second episode, so enough with the production critiquing in the comments.
If you have some serious constructive criticism or tips (and you know what you're talking about) you could try sending them directly to Rene.
The whining and moaning about tipb in the comments is really getting old. If you don't like it, start your own blog, which I'm sure would be perfect.

I like all those comments on how to make the videos more professional looking. Another way to get more people to watch is for Georgia to do it topless. I bet we'll get the android crowd in here as well.

Webvex is spot on. It's not moaning, it's constructive feedback to help it improve. Experiment or not, this is basic camera best practice. The results will be 100 times better if you take them on board.

I've been holding out for the last few months thinking I'd wait for iPad 2 But decided to sell my old 3G & 3GS and had more than enough to buy the iPad , if the next iPad has a camera and double the ram ill sell this one for iPad 2. I'm kinda disappointed with the performance of the iPad so far you can tell it's lacking proper amount of ram to run properly, maybe 4.2 will help that.

I sold my ipad 2 months ago because i used my iphone much more. I don't really miss it either. I wasn't impressed with the lack of ram. it was annoying when the webpages always had to refresh. Although iOS 4.2 would really make it better. hard to believe they put such little ram in a big device such as an ipad. but it's apple and that's part o their stategy. I'll be buying an ipad 2

History has shown that the next greatest thing is always right around the corner. So why wait? Depends on how much money you have and how you want to spend it.

I was going to wait but couldn't. I sold my iPhone 3G for $200 (basically what I paid for it) a few months ago. I won't get what I paid for the iPad when the iPad 2 comes out but I have found that Apple products really hold their value. I figure I'll lose a couple of bucks selling it but I got 6 months of use out of it as well.

My problem with these TiPB TV episodes is that they're barely a step above rambling.
Good video (just like good reporting) is creating content that's edited down to salient points. It's about giving viewers (readers) clear and concise information.
I'm not saying it has to be devoid of personality. To the contrary, if these videos were produced better they would let Georgia's and Rene's personalities come out more. As it stands now, it's quite a bit like watching two people just banter back and forth.
If you're gonna go TiPB TV, then really invest the time to produce something valuable, interesting, and informative for your viewers/readers.
I mean, I know Georgia's hot and we could all just watch her read the phonebook, but that's a whole other subject. GeorgiaTV.com
Good luck you two for the future episodes.

Well the authorised distributer of Apple products in South Africa is The Core Group (http://www.core.co.za) and they haven't even launch the iPad 1 in South Africa yet! The useless bunch can't be relied on for anything, i.e. service sucks, inflated prices.
If we buy Apple products from somewhere else in the world, they won't even honour Apple's guarantees, etc.
I'll be surprised if we every see it here, and the iPad 2 is launched 6 months after the rest of the world.
Steve Jobs, South Africa needs you.

I don't care about the cameras but if it has more memory I could really use it or whatever it takes the safari tabs from reloading. Hope 4.2 helps with that like I heard.

Lol, of course it's a given that the only options even being considered are "buy an iPad now" and "buy and even whizzier iPad later". Not that there's anything so wrong with iPads... if I traveled more I'd probably get one. But for now, you can count me in the neglected "don't buy one at all" camp.
And you forgot some other demographics no doubt common around here: "I already own an iPad but I'm buying a new iPad 2 anyway" and "I don't own an iPad right now (I'm sorry!) but I'm going out to buy one right now AND I'll buy the new iPad 2 as soon as it comes out! Honest!"
Sorry to poke fun. It's just that the universe of choices here: "buy it now or buy it later" says something about the writer's thinking.

Ok, I'm prepared to be banned for saying this... but Renee, you have a great voice. But you just do not have the facial expressions to be doing video. It ruins the enjoyment of the listening experience. And no, I'm not saying you're too ugly for video. I'm just saying you don't make a video personality.

I already told all my "gift givers" this year that I do not want any gift just give me money. And that money would be saved for the iPad2, whenever it will comes out.

The Playbook is coming out soon and this is creating A LOT of pressure on Apple. Playbook from Rim is a sweet awesome powerful beast which can blow away the iPad.
Imagine Dual Processor! Plays flash etc.
Look for the iPad 2 to come out sooner rather than later, Apple wants to keep the competition in check.

Thank you guys for doing this; I thought it was great. I have been wondering that my self; I have a 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad and with the holiday's coming, my wife was considering getting me a 32GB 3G version (I need much more memory; originally thought if iTunes went to the cloud, 16GB would be plenty) and 3G would be nice. I am now thinking it makes sense to wait at this point; retina on the iPad would be phenomenal and more memory would be nice. I could care less about camera's, but I would be curious to know if the 3G will be included in all of the iPad 2's (say Verizon or AT&T) rather than have a Wi-Fi version and a 3G version. Apple doesn't like choices.

Great job you guys. I've actually been debating this as a gift for the mrs. Takes some balls to put yourself on video display, and Georgia is really a natural.

I guess I'm not much of a critic because the videos seem fine to me. The point of these spots is the content not the production value and the lighting. I have an iPod touch, Droid X and a Dell Laptop. None of the current crop of tablets have swayed new into buying one. The price for what they do just isn't there for me. I was able to watch the video using the flash on my Droid X.

All apple product users are a specific type. For example Iphone users will pull out there phone for no apparent reason and do a menu scroll hoping someone notices and asks about it so there head can grow a little larger. Bottom line is here with the ipad yeah its great but with other tablet devices offering a full browser experience why would you not get that device. it basically turns in into a laptop but way cooler. and for the argument oh but that device wont have the 5 billion apps apple has, true but the thousands of apps they have will actually be good apps. half of the apps in the app store are pointless and in the end do not do anything to better help the end user experience on the device.

I am a Photographer/Audio Video Engineer and an iPhone 4 user. I have been debating whether or not to buy an iPad now or wait. I would think it would be a great tool for showing my work to clients ie. displaying my photos and videos in meetings etc. Instead of lugging around a laptop and waiting for it to boot up. But with the iPad 2 lurking around the corner my heart says buy now but my head says wait. With my profession being very technology based I have to spend alot of money keeping up with the latest and greatest so I don't have a lot of spare cash to throw around. So to be honest I think I may wait for the next gen as the rumoured specs would be alot more suitable than what the current gen iPad has.
On the production value of your videos that others are discussing my advice would be when you are processing and editing your videos in post use the White balance tool in whatever software you are using to loose the orange/yellow colour cast that's present. It will make the videos light look more natural and will be more pleasing on your viewers eyes.

Its hard to believe I watched to two people stating the obvious over and over and over and over again and again and again, much like this run on sentence. The title of the article stated almost everything that was stated in the video. There is a choice, to buy or not to buy, and buy now or buy later. Was that not obvious? Another one, if you have the money and don't have to watch your pennies, and you want it now, buy it now, and since money doesn't matter to you then buy another one later. Seriously? Seriously? I knew that before watching your video. Are there any readers who did not know the universe of choices? Seriously?

Would love an IPAD 2. Just makes sense if it had an anti glare screen. The Ipad would be killer on the other tablets as it already does more then all of them combined and if a 7 inch screen it already emulates all the other e-readers, ie Nook, Kindle, etc. Needs more ram, camera, faster processor.

I don't think I"ll ever buy an iPad. Maybe they'll make it an actual tablet at some point, but I highly doubt that. Right now, I see the iPad as just a giant iPod Touch. The PlayBook absolutely dominates this thing in every aspect other than screen size. I think that the iPad is too big in that respect anyway.