TiPb TV 7: Gifts for iPhone and iPad Geeks

What do you get for the iPhone and iPad geek who has everything? Well, first you make sure that they have an iPhone and iPad (of course!). Then you need to get them some awesome accessories and super sweet peripherals.

Rene and I give some examples drawn from deep within our own inner geek:

If you have any great gift ideas for iPhone and iPad geeks (like me!) leave them in the comments!

TiPb TV 3: Gifts for iPhone and iPad Geeks

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TiPb TV 7: Gifts for iPhone and iPad Geeks


Well, wow. I was going to say something along the same lines as BLiNK, but perhaps in a more...civil....respectful way? Anyway, a girl that looks like you that's into Apple products is definitely...incredible?
Is that the word I'm looking for? Maybe not....I fear my comment isn't any better than BLiNK's.

One thing i would suggest is stay away from this lady!! Look at how she keeps jumping in to the guys sentences and trying to be important. Lady learn your manners, when someone speaks wait until they finish.... The poor guy just looks at her, like a puppy haha

The Phillips USB car & home charger DLM2264/17, is nice also. The Griffin power duo is another good product.

Am loving the tipb tv guys! However, rene really needs to sort out his wardrobe, and his hair!!!
Keep up the goodwork!

Just picked up two new cases for my iDevices:
iPhone: Barely There 2 case (Carbon Fiber back): A real nice improvement over the Barely There 1 case. Classy looking and comes with a couple of different back covers (Carbon Fiber, Leather, etc). CaseMate currently has a coupon code (giftguide1) for 30% off select cases.
iPad: My Apple case is looking kinda ratty after several months, even with my best efforts at keeping it clean (it IS an effort). I love the very slim, and multi-function form factor. I have tried some other cases like the Yoobao and CyberAcoustics but found those portfolio style cases similar to the Ec-Vue, which is a bit too thick for my tastes. I went with the Incase Magazine, which looks like best functional and slim-line case available to replace the Apple case.
Thanks for that link to the Monolith! My G**, it's full of stars!!!

I'm hoping for an apple tv. And if I don't get it I'm gonna go buy it. So I'm a winner either way.

I was trying to pay attention to what was going on but I kept getting distracted by Georgia's feet. No socks, no shoes just feet.

I strongly recommend the Tom Binh Ristretto. It makes carrying my iPad, cell, pen and pencil, iPod and canalbuds, and small camera easy. It also can and has held a portable keyboard, checkbook, passports, etc.
For men (and others) who don't carry anything (like a briefcase) around with them, it makes it easy to keep your iPad handy for all the things it makes easier.

Ok, I have to point out that the particular frame that the YouTube is on before you start the video is pretty d*mn funny...Rene is a Zen master and Georgia got some laughing iGuess.

There are a few things that I think that you could add.
1 arm pocket for those who have the otter box defender for their iphone and want to use it with an arm band. Great fit and the customer service top notch.
2 e-volve e-holster, I think this is an awesome alternative to a wallet and looks cool as well. But the only drawback here is the lack of space with a phone with a case on it. You have to have a very slim phone.
3 ipocketwallet is a good wallet case for the iphone 4 that you can use with a slim case on it.
Thats all I can think of at the moment.
Jason :)